Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 30, 2010 - Update!

Well.. goodbye to the month of November. Wow.. what an incredible month!

Still no court date... still waiting.
It's 6:40 pm on Tuesday evening here. The coldest day we've had yet... around -27 C. (around 7 F)... the wind was blowing probably around 30 mph..(this is our guess.. no idea.. maybe harder).. It was/is BITTER COLD... it's snowed overnight about 2-4 inches. The snow was blowing all over the place... due to the wind. It was miserable to walk anywhere. Phil and I both think it's the coldest we've ever felt! Symbat and the staff say this is just the beginning. We can hardly wait... however it will prove for great stories to tell our grand kids one day... ;)

Faith was with the nurse when we arrived, so we took Grace with us to the PE room to play. The caregiver gave her Faith's little jacket which she CLUNG to for dear life. It was obvious that something was wrong with Grace as we were walking to the room, but she wouldn't say anything. Phil realized when we were about to the door that she was dragging Faith's jacket on the floor. He took the jacket from her and folded it nicely so she could hold it without dragging it. She starts to whimper and next thing you know she's REALLY upset. Of course Papa picks her up and takes advantage of the moment to love on her... she starts crying (ONE single tear went down her left cheek!!!).... she tells Symbat that she wants Faith to come with us too. :) AWE... they do love each other... ha ha! Symbat is explaining that she is coming in a minute and all is better when Faith arrives. It was a great moment.. and I was never so happy to see her cry too. (the other time it's only been Faith) Grace CLUNG to Papa and whimpered... yeah for small things!
There's nothing much else to share... we are hanging in there. Thanks for the sweet comments, FB messages, prayers and emails.. We love every single one of you.

The look on Papa's face here is priceless.. no idea what Grace had done.. but, you just never know with these two!


Wil and Jen said...

Hi Lanetta,
Thanks for the blog invite. I am Mom to Matthew (Age 3 1/2 from Taraz in 2007). Your girls ae beautiful! God is good indeed, and even though I know the story, I still look forward to reading it over again! I'm sending my prayers your way, and hopefully, you will get that court date very soon!
Jen Thompson

Jessica and Chris said...

I like the clean shave Phil :)!! Hang in there guys. In the grand scheme it is just a little bit longer.

Jessica and Chris said...
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Friends and Family said...

This was the verse from my local radio station. "He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother (and father) sheep with their young." Isaiah 40:11
He'll get you though this!
Kathy Boshart

kitzkazventure said...

We were in the very middle of Kazakhstan in Zhezkazgan and I can certainly say it was the coldest weather that we have ever felt.....and my hubs is from Northern Wisconsin! It took our breath away some days....I completely feel for you! But the stories are fabulous! ;) So sorry that you still have not heard anything. Will continue to pray...soon, soon! I have been praying for several other friends in country that God would move the hearts and minds of the people and nation to benefit these children to get thru the process. Will do the same for you! :)

Friends and Family said...

After seeing the picture posted on here I sent you and of the girls . . . I thought how come I haven't sent more pics of the girls, cody, nana, the place etc. Me not thinking things through I guess. I'll try and capture more moments and send additional pics. Praying continuously . . .

Christy Mills

Friends and Family said...

I am believing by faith that God is moving in the court system right now and before the week is over you will have a court date and a quick one! God is in control and I pray he strengthens you and Phil and all the girls! I love you and my prayers are always with you. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is make a cup of coffee and then I read your blog! I am also praying that you all are home before Christmas! Love you
Shannon Poole-Alexander

Friends and Family said...

For those Frank Peretti fans, I'm picturing angels protecting your court date request. With their huge wings, full armor, and swords drawn, they are watching over your paperwork, taking it from desk to desk, clerk to clerk, making sure it makes it to the right people. You'll get the court date you need. In the meantime, enjoy your time with the girls, and I'll keep praying for the caregivers, doctors, and the director of the BabyHouse. It's amazing how many lives you are touching, and how many are seeing Jesus in your smile!
Kathy Boshart

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