Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bonding Day 8!

We went to the babyhouse from 10-12 today. As we walked in the front door the Dr was standing right in the hallway that we have to walk down to get to the girls room. She just looked at us as we walked by... I smiled really big at her and nodded... Phil said he didn't make eye contact! (He said he was just being Kazak! LOL!) We head up to the girls group. They came out of the door into the 'dressing area' with huge smiles and start pulling their clothes off. I had asked before if I could help them with changing clothes, etc... since they can't reach the top shelf of their cubbys... and they just struggle with getting panties the correct way, etc... THEY ARE 3 YEARS OLD... however, to be 3 they do great at the fine motor tasks involved in dressing... from buttons to snaps to zippers.... they have it mastered... sadly, it's because the caregivers don't have the time or take the time to help.. and they've had to develop these skills to survive. :( I want to help them... I am their Mama after all... so with the caregivers permissions days ago... I had started helping them (just a little)... I knew that this was an important thing to the caregivers (that the girls dress/undress themselves), so I was treading VERY lightly... :) I was helping a little.. with the harder portions... when one of the caregivers appears and asks Symbat to tell me to NOT help them dress at all.. They were getting spoiled to this. Symbat said she was VERY kind.. and she was smiling and nodding at me. I felt very ok with her. I asked Symbat to tell her that I was sorry.. that the other caregivers had said it was ok... and that we do not want to do anything that they don't want us to do.. :( I also asked her to PLEASE tell her thank you for taking such great care of the girls.... and if she could tell us anything about them.. that would be so awesome! She again told us they love to sing... and that Faith is rotten! She has no idea how that is only about to get worse... they've NEVER seen rotten! (Rotten with so much love... is that really rotten? ;)) The girls are sort of getting dressed while we're talking with the caregiver... and Faith doesn't like it that I'm now not helping her at all. She sticks out her lip and refuses to get dressed. About the time we realize that she's laying on the floor, refusing... guess who walks in the door... YEP, THE DR.!!!! She looks at Faith on the ground and at us... I then don't know if she'll think I should help her or not..... URG!!! Following your 'mama' gut here is NOT successful... and it leaves you in a turmoil about what to do.... SO STINKING FRUSTRATING!!! I look at Symbat... like what do I do?? Symbat says.... go ahead and help her a little to me in English... so that's what I do. The Dr. doesn't look at any of us or even acknowledge us.. the only time she said something was when Grace attempted to get in her 'stuff' on the desk. We get out of there and head to the music room! We are just getting a couple toys out to start playing and in walks a man and a baby boy. We have NO idea what was up with this.. but, we then shared the room with this man and boy for the first 1 1/2 hour. The man had a sack of toys as well... and they all made noise and were MUCH more interesting that what Mama and Papa tried to entertain them with. It was a HARD day. They tested us... it was obvious, but mixed in with the testing, fits, and tantrums.... we had moments like below: (I sometimes think I should share a few of the 200 pics per day that don't appear perfect.. LOL... please know that it's NOT perfect... We are bonding with 2 little girls who have lived an institutionalized life from 3 months of age. They have NO idea what is happening... and we are emotional wrecks! What a great mess! LOL! Thank goodness that our Lord is right smack dab in the middle of it... otherwise we'd be really stressed!)
Here are some pics from today! Here we are coloring... this is the first time we've taken crayons or coloring sheets, but decided to try it. Yes, they tried to taste them quite a bit, but after they realized they tasted gross and you could color with them.... it was lots of fun!
Grace and Papa are still coloring. We are about 100% sure poor Grace needs glasses. She gets SO close to everything. Faith and I had decided to blow and pop some bubbles!

While we were playing, I asked Faith for a kiss... and this happened! YES! Her lips are puckered and she is kissing back! Both girls say KISS (in English) and actually kiss back.. Not bad for 8 days! I can even say..."Go Kiss Papa" and they will follow my command. They also will hug and know when I say... "hug Mama, hug Papa" and they come running (most of the time.. ;))!

Along with the crayons we took a sheet of stickers today... I had thought that they'd like sticking them on their papers... What was I thinking? It's much more fun to stick them all over yourself as well as Mama and Papa... they just laughed and grinning and played with us and these stickers! It was a GREAT distraction and fun time! I will be finding MORE stickers around here! :)

Oh Faith... isn't this precious??

Papa was CRACKING up at Grace... she stuck one right over her eye... and was CRACKING up at herself... so cute!

Faith decided Papa needed some on his face as well...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! You can see the love on our faces as we look at both of them... and they are grinning! LOVE IT!! Gotta love those adorable noses as well... covered in stickers! :)

I had just fixed Faith's hair (she loves it sticking straight up!).... and she was looking at herself in the mirror saying, "pretty"... Grace was playing ball with Papa.. "READY, SET, GO!"

Thanks for all the prayers for Faith. She appeared to feel much better today. PTL!
After we got back to the apartment, we decided to walk around for a while. We walked to Krendals for lunch, and ran into Svetlana. It's always nice to accidentally run into someone you know... LOL! That is the 2nd time we've ran into her in public... not planned! We walked around for a while.. but, headed back quicker than I really wanted.. because of Phil's back. He is feeling LOTS better, but trying to take it really easy to hopefully really let it heal.
Praise Report Number 1 and 2: 1) Faith is better! 2) We get to bond on Monday and Tuesday.... remember I asked for prayers specifically for this... Nov 15 and 16 are holidays here and we didn't know if we'd get to bond or not. We found out today that we do get to bond. They are just 'financial holidays' and it won't affect us!!! PTL!!! We will complete bonding one week from today! YEAH!
PLEASE keep praying for the quickest court date in Kaz. history! God can orchestrate it... someone can cancel... or somehow/someway there can be a court date available VERY quickly! PLEASE pray for God's will and that we'll go before the judge at the perfect timing... for his heart and our favor!!!
We don't go to the babyhouse tomorrow.. on Sunday.. so we plan to explore some more around town... and just have a slow day. Honestly on the days that we go... I then spend quite a bit of time uploading pics and writing on the blog... as well as responding to emails, etc.
PLEASE know that we are loving all the support and love... and if we're not responding... please know we will... and we are trying. The internet sometimes continues to throw us off unexpectedly... so sometimes I just give up and walk away. PLEASE keep sending emails, FB messages, and comments!! We love and reread EVERY SINGLE one several times!! :) It's become a fun game to see how many messages we have when we get up every morning.. starts our day with love and prayers... and we feel them!! THANKS SO MUCH!
We are going to decide on bedroom stuff for girls.. and maybe register online if that's available tomorrow.. I'll post details of that tomorrow!
Oh.. one more thing... I traced the girls feet on paper then measured them here at the apartment.
Faith's is 5.11 inches
Grace's is 5.51 inches
We only had a cm ruler... so we converted that into inches! Can someone measure their kids /shoes and let me know what US sizes they think they will need?
Have a GREAT Saturday.. and know that we love everyone of you!


Friends and Family said...

I just measured Liz's feet (she is 4) and her feet are 5.75 inches. She wears a size 9 or 10, depending on the brand. I love the new photos. Chad and I were talking, and noticed that the girls are much calmer. I think you are less of a novelty and more of a reality. That is AWESOME!!!!
Kathy Boshart

Friends and Family said...

I almost forgot, we can now empathize with your weather. We got to drive in 2 inches of snow last night. Winter is here! I'm not ready for it! It's COLD! Hang in there. I know it will be warmer when you get home. Just think warm thoughts.
Kathy B

Friends and Family said...

Hey Lanetta I am just wanted to let you and Phil that you are always in my prayers and I love you guys! I measured my kids feet and got the following results. Kelsie (is 1) and her foot is 4.5 in and she wears a 3, my son Bryson is 3 and his foot is 6 in. and he wears a 9! I think the girls would probably wear at 7 or 8. Hope this helps!! :)

Love~ Shannon Alexander

Friends and Family said...

Sorry I can't measure my girls feet and compare....LOL! Praying for Phil's back continue to heal and for the court date. I told my girls about the coloring....the couldn't believe that they didn't know what they were.....opened up a great discussion. We are SOOOO blessed! Check your blog every morning and evening... pray for you often. Love you guys. I can't decide who is learning more each day....your girls, You & Phil, or all of us that benefit from the knowledge and awareness your blog brings. The prayers of the saints are moving on behalf of all those children in American and around the world who need loving, Godly families. We are in Indianapolis for a National Band Competition.... I can't help but think how blessed beyond measure we are for all these experiences and opportunities our children learn from and we get to support! God continue to be a lamp to your feet and a light to your path as you rest under the shadow of the almighty. May your day of rest be truly that! Love, Shari F.

Friends and Family said...

Love waking up each morning and knowing I get to read about your day!! Grace and Faith are just such complete dolls!! I love seeing the pics and hearing what you guys are doing each day!
I have to tell you what Zhenya said yesterday. Alyosha heard me talking to Grace about "meanie pants doctor" and A asked why she was mean and I said what I told you guys about her needing hugs. Last night when putting the kids to bed Zhen prayed "please help the mean doctor to get some hugs" We didn't know she was listening!
Thought that was so precious! Your smile was a hug to her Lanetta...keep smiling! love your enemies!
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! (we were sooooo happy to hear about Faith feeling better and Phil's back being better!! thank you Lord) Truman Tribe hugs!!!

Starr said...

Love the pic of Faith admiring herself in the mirror. Too cute!

Friends and Family said...

I LOVE it that they had so much fun with the stickers!!! You and Phil are such good sports!! The kissing picture is just PRECIOUS!! If she only knew that is one of the first of MANY kisses to come!! :)

Friends and Family said...

You are such amazing people. And that doctor just burns me up! Sending prayers your way.

Jennifer Robinson

Friends and Family said...

It is such joy to read all about what is being done. T place will be a better place just because yo are/were there. Many prayer goingup. Love you both/all 6. Paulla

Friends and Family said...

Your blog has allowed us all to be a part of this miraculous journey!! These girls are beautiful and so very blessed to have parents like you!! Can't wait to meet them in person!!

Kelly and Sne said...

I just realized that I DO have access to your blog and am so grateful. I just caught up on the details of your story (I've been following along on fb and hopefully helped the cause!). I am so very happy for you that you have met your daughters! What a totally unexpected but yet wonderful surprise! They are beautiful and seem to be happy and bonding with you very well. I can't wait to follow along for the rest of the journey!

Jessica and Chris said...

Hey! Ok, Adler is 5.5 inches and she wears a 7. So that is your size! Atleast in theory - you know how that goes :) We are just now getting into 3T clothing so that sounds like they are Adler's size overall. I hope your Sunday is nice and relaxing. We did enjoy the time we got to explore and didn't go to the babyhouse, taking in our kids culture :)

Kari J said...

Hi to you both,
I measured Masha's foot, and it is 6 inches long. She wears size 9 and moving into 10's (still a little big). I saw the post above and agree size 7 would be your size. Mash wore size 3t clothes and size 7 shoe at the same time. I have a few pair of size 7 I will send. I wish I had matching pairs, lol.
I think the "nice" Dr. is just trying to intimidate you. Just keep smiling. Give here a nice greeting in Russian, maybe she will back off.
Enjoy your quiet day to yourselves and have fun exploring.
I am glad Phils back is feeling better and you get to visit on Mon and Tue. Thanks again for the terrific pics and updates.

Kari J said...

Oh, I forgot our funny sticker story.
We are in church- first row in front of pulpit- I am trying hard to listen to sermin- being constantly distracted by 2 kids who barely speak English- and I look at Mash and she has one silly "eye" sticker over each closed eye just sitting there looking ahead. the look is absolutey hilarious and I fight very hard to not completely loose it as tears are rolling down my face and Dave sees whats going on and he has to turn his head and cover his face and then I notice that paster has noticed and he just smiled at us and totally kept it together. Must have been years of being prepared for anything. Not to mention he just adores our kids and when I asked him later if we should sit in the back he said "don't you dare".

Kim said...

Great to hear of your answered prayers! Lindsay is asleep so I can't measure but she wears 3 T clothes and size 7 shoes.

That doctor's heart may never soften but just keep being respectful and thankful to everyone who has cared for the girls. That will go a long way!

Your love for them is very evident in all your pictures! Oh we often shared the visitation room with other parents while we bonded. No worries! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Karen and Glenn said...

The pics of the girls and the stickers are adorable -- I also love the picture of you both looking at your girls. Lanetta, we are so proud of you and so inspired -- we know you miss your daughters at home so much, and we are in awe of your commitment to the process (including the craziness of being yelled at!) in Kaz. We are praying for a very quick court date and that alot of people will be lined up calling in favors to get those passports quickly! We cannot wait until you are home with all 4 of your daughters!

Susan said...

as always-love the updates, the pictures, to watch the wonderful relationship unfolding betweey you and Phil and Faith and Grace. I loved the sticker pictures....Leeza won't stick them on paper either-all over the furntiure and floor and herself too. :)

SO hard to sit and not help them....that is the hardest part all the while being scruntinized by the crabby dr. Prayers for continued healing for Phil and quick court days.


aultfamily said...

Oh, such fun pictures! Stickers are a big hit! Of course putting them on paper is not as exciting as all over their bodies! I'm sure it must be hard sharing a room with others. It is tricky when you've got them so calm and focused. Hopefully that is a short term situation. :) Love and hugs!

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

What great patience, faith, and energy you all have! I am so glad the girls are doing so well with you already!

Friends and Family said...

Just now getting a chance to catch up with you on the blog. Our process seems so different, but there are sooo many similarities between Russia and Khaz!!
The shoe sizes there match the cm length of foot- we got Eli shoes and boots to wear while we were there- Made it easy to buy shoes there:) I can't bear to part with them now:)

Holding you all so close in my thoughts and prayers!! Praying for an extra measure of grace for you and that you can look beyond all you are able to see/understand when you see the Dr next and that God would open your eyes to see her as He does... and anything she says will roll completely off your back as you shine the love of Jesus at her (picture care bear stare:))

Debbie S

Heckert's Highway said...

Lanetta, I just measured Alea and she turned three on Oct 20th. She is 5.5 and wears a size 7. I'd imagine the girls will grow quite quickly once you get home so maybe a couple size sevens and mostly eight's would be good. As far as dressy sunday shoes, I'd go with an eight unless they are the dressy ones from Target, which seem to have more room in them. I got the shoes with the jewels on the toes and they are silver and she's in love. She calls them her princess shoes:O) I think they have pink ones too:O) Alea wears 3T clothes too. She's really skinny and weighs 28.5lbs. Love the pants with the elastic in the waistbands to adjust the size. Just thought I'd give you a few ideas of sizes. It sounds like they are around Alea's size:O) Give them big, quick squeezes for me. Alea doesn't do well with lots of loving either...*sigh*. We are still working on it. I still give her a bottle first thing in the morning so that we get snuggle time and she gets the cooing, loving, touch from mommy. It really helps with the rest of the day, and sets the tone:O) Have fun with the girls today!


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