Thursday, April 1, 2010


Ok... so sorry to all my blogger readers... are there any out there still? I have neglected this blog... and I'm going to try to do better. Life is just REALLY crazy.. :)

I sent out this e-mail tonight.. and this catches everyone up to date on fundraising and other stuff... I have LOTS of stuff I need to post... adoption related.. but, this will have to do for tonight...
I will try to post again soon... anyone still out there reading my 1x per year posts?

Hello to everyone tonight!!
I realize it's been a while since I sent out an update... some of you are probably happy about this... others have asked what is happening!! So, here's the scoop!
Our boy(s) are still waiting for a forever family and we're still waiting to go... we are trusting our GOD for the completion of this wonderful journey in ALL areas... regarding finances, travel, and ALL the logistics!
We received our visa confirmation numbers about a month ago.. and received word from our agency that officials in Kazkahstan had reviewed our dossier (HUGE packet of adoption paperwork) and requested some changes! (Basically we had to redo ALL documents, because they wanted newer dates.. :( ) We were very encouraged that our paperwork was being looked at... and the agency says we will travel within the time frame of our LOI (May 14 - Aug 15th), but we do not have exact travel dates yet! We could receive those ANYDAY!

We are thrilled, excited, and in shock, I think! If we travel at the end of May, we are only weeks away!! wow!!

Please, keep praying... PLEASE!!

Ok... so as you can imagine we have some fundraisers that we been praying about...
Here are the details:


We are having a MASSIVE Fundraising day on April 10th, 2010. We are having a Yard sale on Friday April 9 and Sat. April 10th.... and then on Sat., April 10th from 8-5 we are going to have a HUGE day of Fundraising at our church (Perkins Assembly of God - Main Street)..
WE will have inflatables, concession stand, bake sale and TONS of fun and fellowship!!!
Things we need... ways you can help:
- DONATIONS of yard sale items needed desperately! If you've contacted me that you have donations, please get back with me... things are crazy! We need donations badly... and the yard sale success is totally dependent on donated items... We will be at the church setting up on Thursday, April 8th.. so that's a great drop off time.. however if you have items.. as always give me a call and we'll figure out a time!
- Workers to work all the various aspects of the weekend, as well as help with set-up and clean- up.. Set up will be on Thursday evening... and clean-up will be on Sat. evening! PLEASE consider helping.. even if just for a few hours... we need all the help we can get!! :) I promise you will have a great time! God always shows up BIG and it's amazing how many outreaches happen...
- BAKE SALE items... if you'd like to bake items for the bake sale.. that is VERY needed as well..

Please spread the word... and tell all your friends and family... Bring your kids to play and jump on the inflatables... it will be a GREAT day!!! Lots of fun, bargains, and GREAT food!!!


Glow in the Dark bracelets!!!
We have had some incredibly cool bracelets made. They are green glow in the dark. They say: "Changing the Word... One Child at a time! James 1:27" and on the inside they say: Gobble Family Adoption! We are asking for a $3.00 donation per bracelet. We have 1,000 of these and will make $3,000 when they are all gone. We need YOU to help us though... We only need 100 people to come forward and ask/sell/get donations for 10 bracelets each... if 100 of YOU will pass 10 along to family and friends... we make $3,000... Can you PLEASE help us out?
Let me explain a little about why I selected "glow in the dark!" My idea behind the "glow in the dark" portion of the bracelets was this... I want people to have these bracelets... and when they see them "glowing" on their bedside table... think of this: WE have to be a light for the 147,000 orphans that have NO families... If WE don't show them the "light" (JESUS and his amazing LOVE).... who will? I hope and pray that all 1,000 of these braclets go to people who will understand this and agree to join us in praying for all of God's children all over the world!! Will you join us? Will YOU help us "SHINE" for Jesus? I will be happy to ship bracelets to you.. and you can ALWAYS pay after you collect all the donations... PLEASE let me know if you are willing to help us with these, or if you want one.. or two.. :)


Scentsy Fundraiser
We have had a wonderful lady offer to have a Scentsy Fundraiser for us.. meaning that she is donating all her profits to our adoption... We appreciate her willingness to help SO much..
If you are interested in Scentsy warmers and wax... PLEASE visit her website @
The name of the fundraiser is: Gobble Adoption. Look and click on the "Buy from Party" link.. then look for Gobble Adoption. If you order online this way.. the order will be shipped directly to you!
Happy shopping and you can't go wrong with these products! I have a warmer and several scents and LOVE it!
All orders are due: April 16th! I have catalogs and order forms if anyone is interested.. please let me know!


Please keep in mind that the recycling fundraiser, Rada fundraiser, and the Avon Fundraiser are all ongoing.... MEANING you can order from any of those online or directly from me and we'll still benefit from it!
If you want/need more info. or catalogs for any of those ongoing fundraisers, PLEASE let me know!!!

We have also been able to reapply to 1 and apply to 2 additional grants. We are VERY excited and encouraged about this possibility! We received a phone interview from one of the organizations yesterday.. meaning we are in the running for some funding! Please join us in praying for these!

Thanks for all the love and support! It's almost been 3 years since God spoke to us to go... and we are so honored to be apart of this amazing journey!
Thanks for traveling along with us.... in support, love, and prayers!

Praying each and everyone of you have a WONDERFUL night and Blessed Thursday!!!

Have a great day!
Phil and Lanetta Gobble

The one who calls you is faithful, and HE will do it!" 1 Thes. 5:24
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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