Thursday, January 29, 2009

From the mouth of Brooklyn!!! :-)

The bell rings... and we're off (the bell being the one at school.. signing the end of the school day!)... We run to the daycare, grab Brooklyn from her classroom, buckle her in and we're off again... She quickly asks... "Mom, Are we late?" I laugh and respond, "yes, baby, you're with Mama, we're always late!" (which btw, I HATE about myself! urg!) So, we travel about 5 miles south of town and go swiftly past our dirt road turn off and I hear Brook again... "Mama, where are we going?" I laugh and tell her we are going to the Lincoln County Courthouse to the county assessors office! I don't hear anything for another few miles... then she says, "Mama, where are we going?" I tell her again... this time she says, "Why Mama, what we do there?" I laugh and say... "Well baby we have to get the County Assessor to fill out a paper to send in for our adoption." Then Bailey says, (thanks for her big sister 7 (almost 8) year old insight), "Brook, you know for our brothers.. the adoption!" "Oh" Brook says. Another few minutes and Brook says, "Mama, don't you think my bubbas have enough papers yet?"
Out of the mouth of babes!!!!

I about died laughing... and said oh Brookie... if you only knew!?!?

Dinner conversation was just as entertaining... the girls quickly begin telling their Daddy about their days and Brook tells him all stressed acting about the papers and then states matter of factly.. that if her brothers will ever get here she's going to share her blankies!!! Just like Why in the world are they not coming here NOW... she's tired of waiting and she's said she'll share!!!
It was so funny!!
The girls are very excited about the adoption, but often don't understand why it's taking so long.. we've just used this whole process as an incredible tool to teach them about Jesus.. obeying God and the promises in his word!!!

Phil and I are so blessed...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are we even making any progress??

So, we received an update from the agency yesterday.. and well, after review of our dossier they have asked us to change/redo a few things... It's disheartening to say the least... Phil's been out of town and made it back today after an awful drive home (due to the ice storm)... and I didn't tell him till tonight.. he just listened while I read him the e-mail and said... man o man.. Is it just me, or does this WHOLE process feel like a mouse on a wheel running so hard.... only to find out that you have not gone anywhere? Yes, that's exactly how I feel tonight... and I'm exhausted from it!

Most of the things that have to be redone are very minor and I can get them redone quickly and relatively easily... but, it just frustrating.. part of the things are things that are out of our control.... so we don't know how all this will play out... Please join us in prayer that all this mess with our paperwork will work out in God's perfect way!

I was immediately drawn to my newest scripture tonight... "And the Lord answered me: "Write the vision... for still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end - it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay." Habakkuk 2:2-3
I know in moments like tonight... we allow our flesh to override what we know God has shown us... and I know God is using this very journey to mold Phil and I to be more like him, love him more, honor him more, and totally rely on him in ALL things! But, I have to say that sometimes being molded hurts.... and it hurts deep... and sometimes I even wonder why it all has to be so hard... we are trying to serve God with everything within us... we desire our family to be exactly what God has called us to be... why are things so difficult sometimes??? and then I always come back to the answer... God uses these times to makes us stronger, grow us, and mold us to be more like him! and I realize that in these moments I am being selfish.... and that is not God's plan for our life!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Please excuse the mess...

Ok.. I am having some (LOTS) of difficuly with the posting of this video... I think I am missing some VERY simple steps... because other people post multiple videos in a post and it appears they have no problem... I went back in to the post from yesterday and now the video is gone... and then when trying to add it.. I froze the entire BLOG!!! SCARY!!!! So, please read the following... then watch the video.. then read the post below that where I wrote about the video... SORRY! :-(

I just wanted to warn you of the graphic nature before watching the video in the next post.... please read the text below the video... and then watch! (Be sure to pause the music player at the bottom.. or you'll have both sounds going at once....)

Sam and Esther


I stumbled (yeah right) upon a couple of great blogs today of families who are adopting from Ethiopia.... and one of the blogs had the saddest most moving video I've ever seen. This family is leaving tomorrow on a mission trip to Ethiopia, and I was immediately drawn to their story and amazing journey!

I watched a small portion of this video before yelling at Phil to come and watch it with me... it's VERY moving. I debated for a while about posting it to my blog or not, due to it's graphic content, but decided that we (as Christians today) have sugar coated and avoided hard subjects for to long! Did you know that there are 143 MILLION orphans in the world.... and we as Americans have so much... We (as Christians) who are supposed to be God's heart and hands extended here on earth and do so little! I know I'm probably "preaching to the choir" cause I know most everyone who faithfully reads my blog is involved in international adoption on some level. Please know that if you aren't... I'm not saying you should be... I know adoption is NOT for everyone... but, make a difference... I challenge you to figure out a way to make a difference in the life of a child who needs you.... volunteer to the big brother, big sister club, become a foster parent, teach a Children's Sunday school class, FAITHFULLY give to Missions, give to orphans (there are a TON of organizations out there!).... You know that if we (society) as a whole don't begin to do a better job of reaching the lost and taking care of the ophans and widows this world is headed for some dire times.... Please, hear my cry tonight... watch this video.. it's graphic, it's tough, but it's REAL! Ask God what you can do to make a difference... and then do it! Let's really take a stand and show Christ's love!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The "REAL" wait begins... once again!!!

OK.. so I made a dash to OKC and back and happily got all the documents apostilled, copied, sorted and in the mail to the agency today!!!!
It was such a great feeling knowing it's being sent... however, it's almost unreal... and tonight as happy as we are... we have realized that the "real" wait is officially starting again... LOL!!! urg!!!! Haven't we already been there done that??? well, I guess so, but with this journey, sometimes you have to re travel some roads... or so it seems...

In the beginning of this journey Phil and I felt reassurance in knowing that God had already paved the road for this adoption... and that he has just been waiting on us to decide to jump in with him for the ride!!!
Even despite all the ups and downs... the unanswered questions regarding lots of things... the finances, and everything involved in this process... we know beyond a doubt that God has called us and brought us to this journey. However, even in the midst of knowing it's God's will.. there are still scary moments... but, in those moments we have all the promises of our Savior and KNOW that he will provide in all areas and he has already written the conclusion!!!! At these moments our FAITH kicks in... that's what FAITH is.. "the substance of things hoped for the the evidence of things not seen" (Heb. 11:1)!!! So, as tonight officially marks the 2nd beginning of the "real" wait for us... we are encouraged and know that God had this plan for our lives before we were even born... and he will see it through!!!! He desires to see the very thing that he births in us come to pass!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

getting closer and closer!!!

well... we received word today that after our agency looked at our social workers update we are good to submit it NOW and don't have to wait the 1-2 weeks on that child abuse check!!! YIPPEE!!! I about fell over from shock... definitely not used to things taking less time than you'd think... so, I quickly began making sure my documents were ok... and found a couple of simple errors... got those reprinted and signed and notarized.. While going through my documents I ran across my new bank letter... and while reading over it had this check about the notary... started to continue on.. but, due to having to make 2 trips to the capitol both previous times.. I decided to call the Secretary of State on the phone and just see if they could tell me if the notary was OK.... Thank you Lord for the prompting to make that call.. I found out that NO, she was not ok... and that she was NOT bonded.. meaning when I got to the capitol tomorrow..that document would have been invalid.. and I'd have had to had it redone and take it back!!! Thank you Lord that I followed that prompting and followed through.. So, I called the bank asap and within 15 minutes had a new letter all ready to go!! (Thank you Lord for small towns and home town girl favors as well!!!) I then made a MAD dash to Stillwater to meet the social worker... who met me and gave me all the paperwork she had for me... (Thanks Amber, for being so AWESOME and prompt!! you are amazing!!!) The girls and I then stopped by kinkos to make our colored copies so that we had those done before the apostilling... makes it easier that way...
It's amazing how many tricks you learn as you do this process over and OVER and OVER!!! So, I am headed to the capitol (about 1 hour from our house) first thing in the morning, and plan to be there @ 8 am when they open to drop my documents off... then RUSH back to work.. and then back to OKC to pick them up when school is out!!! Then get them overnighted to the agency first thing Friday morning..
whew.... talk about a mess!!! Who ever knew it was this difficult!!!
Wow... are we really doing this??? :-) feels like a dream that was never going to happen!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dossier update!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Well, call it Motherly insight, intuition, or just a gut feeling, but I KNEW our FBI clearances would come today... and guess what??? They did!!! Yippee!!! I was a little concerned after reading Kari's nightmare with her FBI clearances (click HERE to read her blog about it!)... so sorry Kari... hang in there...

Ours came back fine... we were once again so relieved to know that we have no arrest record with the FBI!! ha ha... :-)
I just had this feeling the FBI clearances would come today.. so I did all my part of the dossier update last night... then today I finished collecting up the last few forms... visited the CPA to get the updated letter.... picked up a new copy of our marriage license on my planning time, etc. etc. etc..
I got all the documents notarized and we are ready to go to the capitol... except for our home study update. Our social worker has our update totally ready to go, except we are waiting on Child Abuse Checks to come back from the state of Oklahoma... those are dated back in June... so, she thinks they will be here anytime within the next 2 weeks...
So, we are REALLY close to being ready to send our dossier in for the 3rd time!!! It's almost a surreal feeling this time...
I am getting really good at redoing the documents, because with it being so close to 2008... lots of people accidentally put 08... then tried to grab the white out to fix it... only for me to have to redo the entire form... It's been a fun redo, but I'm so thankful to live in a small town... I had my bank letter within hours... I walked into the CPA's office and 10 minutes later walked out with the form completed and signed!!! I ran to the courthouse on my planning period and got a new marriage license!!! I am so thankful that all these people and business are all within blocks of my job! I am so blessed and everyone is more than helpful!!
I really think I could completely redo a dossier within 24 hours if I had to... (minus FBI clearances of course!) Let's hope this is the last redo for us.... we'll see... as I was telling someone the other day I hate to complain... cause what is a few more papers to redo when you are talking about your baby or babies lives??? I'd write out and redo a million papers if I needed to for my kids!!!
I already love those boys (or boy) so much I can hardly contain it... My Brooklyn was so sweet today... she was telling her teacher and friends at her daycare about her brother or brothers... and that they were coming from Kazakhstan... she says it REALLY well!!! It's adorable to hear my girls tell the story.. they love to tell it.. and share that Jesus told us to adopt brothers from there... cause if we don't ... they might not ever know about Jesus.... now that will definitely pull at your heart strings!!!!
We might not have a ton of material possessions in this world, but I guarantee you that my boy or boys will KNOW and feel Christ's love... and that's the most important thing in the world!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Below is an e-mail I sent out last night to all our adoption contacts:

Hello to everyone tonight.... Phil and I hope and pray that everyone had a blessed and wonderful holiday season!! We sure did... God just continues to pour out his blessings on our family!! We often stand back and are amazed at how God has moved in our world!!! wow!! What a truly amazing God we serve!!! We have grown and changed so much in 2008... and are so excited as 2009 starts... we have no idea what 2009 will hold for us... for our little family, but we've placed it all in our Savior's hands... and we know it will be awesome!!!!

Some of you already know... but, some don't so, I'll go ahead and share...
We received word on Dec. 22nd that our agency is going to submit our dossier asap to the consulate!!!! I was Christmas shopping when I received the call.. and man of man I about fell over... people in Target had to wonder what was up with the woman in the middle of the kids clothes!!! :-) We are updating all our documents and have sent for new FBI clearances (which will take the longest to get back...) so, hopefully we'll have all the documents redone and ready to send in a couple of weeks.... waiting on those FBI clearances will be the tough thing!! Please pray that they update them quickly and overnight them back to us ASAP!!! This is our 3rd time in 1 1/2 years for them to confirm that we have NO criminal record with the FBI.. maybe that will speed the process?!?! well, one can only hope and pray!!!
We have been really trying to remain positive, and have.. but, hearing the news that it's going to finally start moving again was such a much needed blessing... we've been waiting to have our dossier sent back to the consulate since May... that's 6 months... we submitted our completed dossier to our agency on March 3rd 2008.... so, we've been waiting a while... with no progress... just expiring documents!!!

As most of you also know we have been selling cookbooks for our adoption fund... it's a collection of 250 of our favorite recipes... family and friends submitted and we put them together in a cute cookbook as an adoption keepsake! They turned out adorable and I hope everyone who ordered one has been very pleased... We've have prayed that God will bless families, marriages, and lives as people come in contact with the cookbooks.....
We have around 130-150 cookbooks left (I haven't counted exactly...) and SEVERAL out that haven't been paid for... If you have cookbooks and haven't paid (meaning you are selling them for me....) please, send me an e-mail and let's touch base... I've not done a good job of being exact with who has what... I trust all of you.. but, I really would like to hear from everyone... and if you have money for us.... so what I am saying is that we have lots of money still out... and cookbooks left...
I have several people who preordered that I haven't heard from and haven't paid.. so if that is you as well... please let me know.. if you still want your cookbooks... that's great.. if you've changed your mind that is fine as well... (honest!) please, just let me know.. I know how busy we all get.....
I just want to begin to wrap this cookbook sales up... so I can embark on the next fundraiser, I guess :-) ha ha...

I have 317 people in my contacts (and LOTS more who read this blog) who receive these updates... if half of you would buy one more cookbook they'd all be gone in a matter of minutes.... and if some of you bought 2 or more.. .well, you do the math.... I am happy to reduce the price if any of you think they are to expensive... if you'd like to buy one for $10.00 you are welcome to... so, I challenge you to please help us out and let's get these cookbooks gone asap!!!!!!

Check out the right side of the blog for details of ordering or e-mail me back and I'll be happy to help... We are believing that in a matter of days they will all be gone!!!! Thank you Jesus... that would be over $1000...

Please know that Phil and I are praying for all of you and want to thank you for being such a special part of this journey....
and as always feel free to forward this and all information about our adoption to anyone you would like to share our story with!!!!
On behalf of our children.. thank you.. thank you for caring and thank you for helping a baby find their home forever!!!

Blessings always,
Lanetta (and family)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The past 8 days....

well, today I am back to work after an incredibly sad, yet rewarding previous 8 days...
I have attended 5 funerals in the past 8 days, so as you can imagine my emotions are on overload. The deaths started with our pastors wife on Christmas night and ended with my grandma and aunt on my Dad's side of the family. It has been an amazingly unreal series of days... I have to say that with the deaths of my grandma and aunt, my brother and I saw family that we hadn't seen in years. It was stressful and emotional, but so nice to see that all our family had missed us and still loved us as well. My parents divorced back in 1997 and to say the least the relationship with my Dad since that point has been strained. I have struggled with this for years, asked God to please help me in this area, and just had to try to give the entire situation over to the Lord.
It was only on Tuesday (at my Grandma's funeral) that I saw healing began to happen. I am so thankful for this. It was so great to see all the family that I hadn't seen in years and I was able to share about our adoption... most of them asked if we were planning to have more children and that opened the door... I LOVE to share about our adoption, because you can't share much of anything about it without sharing how AWESOME our God is!!!
It was a good feeling to be able to share and know that through our adoption people were seeing that God is very much alive, well, and doing miracles!!! Thank you so much Lord!

So, despite emotional overload, the past week has been good.. relationships rekindled, and healing began in several situations...

as you can imagine I have not had a chance to even look at our dossier... so, that's on my list of things to get on now... still waiting on the FBI clearances, so I have a little time.. I'll be ready to apsotille it all when those arrive....
Blessings to all of you today.... wishing your families a wonderful and blessed 2009!!!
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

Visit our website...

Click here to visit our website to read about how our journey to international adoption began... and how God spoke to our hearts to open our lives and family to a child who otherwise might not ever know him.
God bless!

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