Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 23, 2010 - Pictures speak louder than words!

Papa trying to fix Faith's broken wheel... :(

Papa is the best with fixing things... from baby bottle to strollers to hurt feelings! :)

Teaching Grace to give Butterfly kisses! They tickled her nose so much...she LOVED it! She started giving them to her babydoll as well as Papa!

Cuddling with Faith and pretending she's a baby... yep, she's pretending to nurse from that bottle.. LOL! ;)
We had appointment with Svetlana after the BH visit today. We should have our court date by the end of this week she says... (Meaning we'll know when our court date is going to be.)
We are so thankful today that our God is in the miracle working business... because unless a HUGE miracle occurs... it is most likely that well have to come home without the girls, and return to pick them up... PLEASE keep praying...


Jill (& Bob) said...

Love the pics -- amazing to see the sadness leave those girls more and more each day! Praying for that miracle :)

aultfamily said...

Beautiful pictures! God is so great to lead you to your little girls! :) Praying for a speedy court date and a miracle!

4texans said...

Wow, you both are doing so wonderful with the bonding, you can just see it in their faces! If you have to leave, it will be okay. I felt so torn between 2 worlds but we had to and our bio kids needed us too. They had a difficult time with the transition as well. Once you are reunited, they will be so happy. We had 3 trips and it was hard for our son having us leaving not once but 2 times. When we went on the 3rd trip, he was so happy to see us. Time has helped him adjust, he is doing really well and has bonded especially well with his sisters especially our youngest daughter. I hope and pray you have a court date as soon as possible.

kitzkazventure said...

My favorite thing about watching adoptions take place especially in Kaz is the transformation of the faces, the personalities emerging, the smiles...I never get tired of seeing Love change lives. Never! Your instincts and love for these girls is just beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jessica and Chris said...

Love those sweet sweet pictures! It is so hard when they are older and they are so aware of you leaving. If you have to leave ask if the caregivers will post lots of pictures of you guys to their beds. And if they will let them sleep with the baby dolls.
Lots of love,

Friends and Family said...

He will watch them while you wait! Praying for that miracle. He's made some already..so many already...on this journey babe. You just never know His plans. Lots of love, hugs and prayers
The Gibsons

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta, there is no doubt in my mind God will make all of this work out in the VERY best way. . .I've been talking to him AND my momma and she's the kind of lady who gets things done up there ;) Keep your head up. . .and keep up the GREAT work with those beautiful babies :)

Summer Henson

P.S. I've got my mother-in-law, supervisor, and Jody all following you. . .reading your posts is the highlight of our day :)

Friends and Family said...

God's timing is perfect, right? Right? Right? Wow, that's hard to remember, especially when times get hard. Just think back to the day before you met the girls. It seemed like nothing would work out, and look where you are now! The blessings have just poured in. Let's sit back and see where God takes you next!
On a lighter note...
"Bundle up kids, it's cold out there!!!"
Kathy Boshart

Corinne said...

Finally have a moment to read all your wonderful posts. So wonderful to see you bonding with these cute and precious girls !!WOW Lanetta 4 girls ! That is awesome !!My continued prayers for you and a swift court date.What a blessing it will be to have their Mamma as a SLP too!

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