Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov. 30, 2010 - Update!

Well.. goodbye to the month of November. Wow.. what an incredible month!

Still no court date... still waiting.
It's 6:40 pm on Tuesday evening here. The coldest day we've had yet... around -27 C. (around 7 F)... the wind was blowing probably around 30 mph..(this is our guess.. no idea.. maybe harder).. It was/is BITTER COLD... it's snowed overnight about 2-4 inches. The snow was blowing all over the place... due to the wind. It was miserable to walk anywhere. Phil and I both think it's the coldest we've ever felt! Symbat and the staff say this is just the beginning. We can hardly wait... however it will prove for great stories to tell our grand kids one day... ;)

Faith was with the nurse when we arrived, so we took Grace with us to the PE room to play. The caregiver gave her Faith's little jacket which she CLUNG to for dear life. It was obvious that something was wrong with Grace as we were walking to the room, but she wouldn't say anything. Phil realized when we were about to the door that she was dragging Faith's jacket on the floor. He took the jacket from her and folded it nicely so she could hold it without dragging it. She starts to whimper and next thing you know she's REALLY upset. Of course Papa picks her up and takes advantage of the moment to love on her... she starts crying (ONE single tear went down her left cheek!!!).... she tells Symbat that she wants Faith to come with us too. :) AWE... they do love each other... ha ha! Symbat is explaining that she is coming in a minute and all is better when Faith arrives. It was a great moment.. and I was never so happy to see her cry too. (the other time it's only been Faith) Grace CLUNG to Papa and whimpered... yeah for small things!
There's nothing much else to share... we are hanging in there. Thanks for the sweet comments, FB messages, prayers and emails.. We love every single one of you.

The look on Papa's face here is priceless.. no idea what Grace had done.. but, you just never know with these two!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov. 29, 2010 - Update!

I had to include a couple of pics that Phil took of the girls (and Nana) while Skyping this past weekend. We miss them SO very much! I don't know how we'd have survived this without Skype. :) Thank you Lord for Skype!
Here's Bay... quite the poser! Bay we love you and miss you So much!! We're so proud of you. We've received so many emails about what a BRAVE and WONDERFUL big sister you are being to Brook... and how wonderful you've been in helping Nana. We love you babygirl.. and remember that Jesus picked YOU to have 3 little sisters... He knows exactly how special you are!!! :) AWE.... Look at that smile!! Brookie, Man o man... we sure miss you! I have to tell you that when I sing our song... "I love you SO much..." with Faith and Grace... I think of you too! ;) I can't wait till we are all in the recliner... rocking and hugging and singing it together! You'll have to teach the little sisters when their parts are... :) Only you know that part!! Daddy and I love you and miss you so much! Thanks for being so brave, sweet, and kind! We love you and can't wait to see you soon! We are so proud of you too! You are going to be a wonderful Big sister too!!! The girls were so excited to see what I had in the 'clothes' sack... however, Phil and I both had a BAD feeling about letting them try to clothes on today. We don't know the details, but one of the Dr's and Symbat had a LONG conversation when we picked the girls up... it was obvious that they were NOT happy about something. Symbat REFUSED to tell us.. :( She said they asked her to NOT tell us... Let me just tell you that this is all getting SO old... We are trying SO very hard to abide by their EVERY single rule and request... only to feel like we are the 'bad' guys... We miss home...Bay and Brook... we've been off without pay for weeks.... We need to be able to tell our jobs SOMETHING... we need to know SOMETHING! We are being told nothing... we still don't know a court date... They are still 'waiting' on the date from the judge... HUGE SIGH!!!
If you don't mind... PLEASE turn up the prayers a notch... thanks! :)
Oh... and I am NOT feeling well at all.. VERY sore throat and feverish.. achy all over. We had no electric AGAIN (for the 3rd time) for about 15 hours (all night Sat. night and all day yesterday)... Most of our food ruined... :(
...and one more downer... the little girl and boy mentioned in Saturday's post.. well, today it was obvious that they were SCOLDED badly about hugging me... they wouldn't look at us.. and it was SO obvious they got into trouble... BREAKS my heart straight into and makes me so FURIOUS at the same time that I could scream... :(
I keep telling Phil when things are frustrating that we are NOT in America... Maybe I need to remind myself as well...
Ok... enough negative stuff... Just know that in spite of all that... we KNOW God's timing is indeed EXACTLY perfect... we know we are still in his perfect will.. and continue to trust 150% in him!!!
... so the girls were VERY disappointed and sad about not getting to try on clothes... and pouted.. however, when Papa showed them their new tennis shoes.. they were thrilled. We really messed up on guessing their size by measuring them. Faith could wear a size 5 in these and Grace a 6! They were HUGE! They didn't mind.. they were thrilled.. and looked at them and touched their shoes the entire 2 hours.
Some pictures from today!
Grace fell off and went to play something else. Faith LOVED it!! It was SO funny when Papa made horse sounds!! ;)

I will post more if we receive any word about a court date this afternoon. It's 2:30 in the afternoon here... rainy and cloudy. I think that maybe I'm going to beat Phil at a game of Skip-Bo!!! :) Have a good Monday!
Love and prayers from Kazakhstan!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010 - Update!

I feel like a broken record, but today was another good day with the twins. They were SO excited to try on the clothes and shoes! It was LOTS of fun helping them try them on. Aunt Linda even washed everything for us.... so it smelled SO good! The girls smelled them and the shirts were so soft. It was precious seeing their faces... and during the entire hour they kept saying... SO PRETTY!!! :) Everyday when we show up they have their hair fixed.. humm.. It sure seems the are getting extra attention.. however, we are not going to complain about that ONE bit! :) The clothing is size 3T and it's HUGE. The pants keep falling off. They can both most definitely wear 2T. The shoes were to big as well. These are size 8. Faith could wear a 6 and Grace a 7. They will grow quickly though!

We have walked past several outside vendors selling these little barking dogs for several days. We decided to ask about the price yesterday.... they were only $3.00. We decided to get a couple... (big surprise, huh?!) The girls LOVED them.. here was their first reactions! Look at their faces! (The dogs bark, wag their tails, and move forward and backward.)

Grace LOVED the puppies from the beginning.... as you can see here!

She was showing Symbat her puppy! :) Included this one so you could see their outfits... Aren't they cute?

We built a house for the puppies!

Faith and Papa!

LOL! I know it's sad to include this one, but I couldn't help myself. This is their reaction when Symbat told them that if they didn't stop and smile for a picture, that she was going to put the dogs up... LOL!! Poor pitiful babies... they can seriously pout with the best of them! ;)

Sure wish we could get them both smiling at the same time... once again you have Faith smiling....

...and then you have Grace smiling!

Hummm... how do these things work anyway?

Faith and Papa... notice what hands they are/coloring with! Papa is thrilled about this! :) The director made sure to tell us about Faith being left handed as well. (She noticed Phil signing papers with his left hand.)

...and guess what??? Grace is right handed... just like me! :)
Last night I was asking Phil if he noticed a certain little girl and a certain little boy in F and G's group. He noticed them both too. They both sneak peeks at us around the corners when the caregivers aren't looking and they are both SO adorable. I just KNOW that the little boy is the one we received the information about in July... (I just know it) and well.. the little girl... she has part of my heart already. I have just smiled at them and waved when I see them peeking at us with sheepish smiles. Today I was telling F and G bye.. Phil and Symbat had already turned to leave the room... and F and G were walking away toward the group. Next thing I know the little boy appears and RUNS straight to me into my arms. I of course hug him back and he HANGS onto me. The caregiver realizes what is happening about the time that the little girl does as well.. and she BLOWS past the caregiver and straight for me as well... the little boy minds the caregiver and kisses me right on the cheek and SMILES so big.. the little girl THROWS herself into my arms anyway and LATCHES on with EVERYTHING within her little body. The caregivers are telling her no.. and I try to tell them it's ok.. I don't mind... so they let her hug me... I held her for a couple of minutes... She is absolutely so precious... as is the little boy. Last night when Phil and I were going to sleep... lying in bed just talking... I asked him if he'd noticed these 2 children in particular... of course he has.. We both feel that this little boy is the one we've been praying for for months! This little girl and little boy will FOREVER be imprinted in my heart... the little girl was BEGGING me with her hug.. she was BEGGING me to love her... I could feel it.... (makes me bawl)... I don't even know if these kids are eligible for adoption and honestly can't even probably find out... BREAKS MY HEART! Dear Jesus... please watch over those babies... PLEASE! Please join us in praying for these kids.. please!
I have mentioned before that I am praying about several things.... ways that WE can help these kids.. and I am still praying. We have to do something... we have to!
I want you to join me in praying. PLEASE!
I am feeling a missions trip to do something incredible for the orphanage/baby house... just so you know how to pray!
God is so quickening Phil and my heart.. and we will never be the same... we can't see this and then just walk away.. there is NO way!

After the visit today... we decided to get out and walk a little. I most definitely needed it. We went to Krendal's for lunch... and then on a walk. We decided to walk down by the embankment and take some pictures. Here's a self portrait of us! :) YES, it's cold, but warmer than the last few days!

We were messing around with camera and took some panoramic views of the river! Look at that snow and ice!

They are in full swing getting ready for their biggest holiday of the year... New Years! Don't be fooled... this appears to be a Christmas tree...even has Santa's on it.. but, it's not.. it's a New Years tree! They are putting lights all over the park. We'll share more pics later. Right across the street behind the tree is an outdoor ice skating rink (they are just starting to put it up).... Looks like it's going to be lots of fun!
Notice the 'wet' look on the sidewalk/bricks.... BEWARE... it's a solid sheet of ice!!! The locals walk on it and we've yet to really see anyone sliding.. however, we look like idiots and slide all over the place! ;) Honestly, I've been just walking on the grass... LOL! I am not the most graceful person around... and really don't want to blow out a knee in Kazakhstan on the ice!!
It's 3:36 pm on Saturday here, and we still have not heard any news about a court date. :(
We are just staying positive and reminding ourselves that God has a plan... we can do anything he calls us to do.. and he knows best!!
We will post again if we hear anything, but we assume it will be Monday!
Have a great Saturday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov. 26, 2010 - Update!

The first picture I want to share today is from the Thanksgiving celebration that happened at Nana's house! Bailey, Brooklyn, and Cody(my nephew) have quite a tradition of putting on plays and shows for us. Phil and I LOVED receiving this picture this morning from my sister-in-law (thanks Christy)... it looks like a play involving Mary, baby Jesus... perhaps a pilgrim (or is that Joseph?) and the play choreographer and director Bailey DeAnne! :) Notice the backdrop and all the details... The productions that happen in Nana's living room are quite incredible.. and to think that we'll soon have 2 more in casting roles! We sure are missing these 3 adorable kids!! Bay, Brook, and Cody... We love you SO much!! You'll have to do the play again for us when we get home... ok?!

Fun times today at the BH... with the twins!

We asked Grace how she liked the car ride (through Symbat) and she rattled off a bunch of stuff.... Symbat said, "SHE LOVED IT!!" The Dr. (not the one who's given us a hard time) came in and said that she will most likely need glasses later in life.. but not yet.. however she needs 2 kinds of medicines and they needed us to purchase them. We bought them after we left the bh.. One was eye drops and the other eye vitamins... Can't wait to get her home and get her eyes checked... :)
Overall we had a good day with the girls. They continually amaze and puzzle us. They switch roles daily and just when we think we have them figured out... THINK AGAIN!!

We went to Classic Pizza for lunch and then walked around some. It was much warmer here today. However, it's been snowing again this evening.
We received a HUGE box from Phil's aunt and uncle today. They had called us and said it was coming and to not buy anything else for the twins. They said they were sending a box with everything the girls would need while we are here and to bring them home. The box was huge and as you can see it was overflowing with stuff...
It was like Christmas for us... :)
Here are ALL the contents spread out on the table and the snacks/food they sent us on the bar up above it.. isn't it incredible? There were 2 nice coats, boots, shoes, tennis shoes, 6 outfits, panties, socks, hair bows, 2 nice v-tech toys, matching hats and mittens.... and lots of snacks and good food for Phil and I. I just cried... Phil just smiled and hugged me! We lost Phil's mom about 4 years ago. She would have been SO thrilled to be gaining 2 more granddaughters.. Phil has always been VERY close to his aunt Linda, but since losing his Mom... she has really stepped up and been exactly what we needed! We are so thankful for you Linda.. and Steve... thank you so very much! When she called she said that they couldn't stand the thought of the girls not having what they needed.. :) Once again the Lord coming shining through! Thank you Jesus.. and thank you to our wonderful families who so generously give! We are so so so very thankful for you and are so very blessed by you!

We didn't hear anything about a court date today... again... it's 9:17 pm here... I waited till late to post this... hoping we'd hear, but nope not a word. Symbat says she bets we'll hear from Svetlana with details tomorrow... Well, we'll see I guess.
Today has been the hardest day for me in the entire 5 weeks we've been here. It's been long... the days are getting longer and longer... and we are SO ready to get moving with this.. trying so hard to stay positive... cling to Jesus... remember his word and promises... and remind each other that HIS TIMING IS PERFECT!!!
Check back tomorrow... I can't wait to try some of the girls new clothes on them!!! Wahoo!! They will be SO excited!!! Have a good Black Friday... and hope you find LOTS of bargains! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Nov 25, 2010!

We arrived at the door of their group this morning to find Faith getting her blood drawn. One caregiver was holding her and the nurse was drawing blood... She was just sitting there watching them do it... she looked up when we opened the door and the pain did not stop her HUGE smile! She ran to me immediately when finished and it gave Mama a great chance to kiss her hurt finger! As she is hugging me, etc... another caregiver comes out of the other room with her coat on.. saying Stella (Grace) is going to the eye doctor today and they are leaving. About that time here comes Grace all bundled up (like a baby Eskimo) in a blue coat, pants, mittens, etc.. She just grins REALLY big and it's so obvious she's THRILLED to be going. They explain that she's SO excited to get out and get to ride in a car. This is a HUGE deal!! She barely stopped for hugs as she rushed out... I asked if this was her first care ride, but nobody knew for sure.. but, said if it wasn't her first it was most likely only her 2nd or 3rd time to go in a car. I sure wish I could have gone with her... but, soon, very soon Mama will be holding her during all those adventures. We've noticed her poor eye sight and Symbat mentioned this to the caregivers/director. (We didn't know she was going to.. and honestly would have rather she didn't.. :( ) The director got on it right away... asked the caregivers if they had noticed anything and they agreed with us that she puts toys, papers, books, anything she is doing up really close to her eyes. Anyway... we'll see what they say...
So... we had Faith alone today on this Thanksgiving holiday. She was VERY sad from the beginning. We aren't sure if it was having her blood drawn, her sister getting to leave, or her not feeling well. I suspect it was a combination of all the above. She did not want to play with anything... so I just held her and cuddled. She fell asleep in my arms within 5 minutes and slept like a baby for over one hour. :) It was PRECIOUS and I can't say that I was saddened one bit about this... there is nothing sweeter than your new baby girl waking up in your arms... and realizing it... and smiling at you! My heart COMPLETELY stopped beating for several seconds... I got to say.... "It's ok babygirl.. Mama is still holding you. Mama is still here!" She just relaxed back into me... awe... :)
We missed Grace a bunch... and I have to say it was a little sad that today was the day we didn't get to really see her... it Thanksgiving... in my heart I've been saying.. well, we are at least with Faith and Grace on this Thanksgiving..
Here are a few pictures:
Yes, those are tears in my eyes. Phil knows me so well.. and despite him saying.. Babe, don't start bawling... I couldn't help it. The tears were a mixture of emotions... from happiness, to thankfulness, to sadness, to gratefulness, to LOVE! We debated about what to do for Thanksgiving and we both decided to cook something here at the apartment. We bought a chicken from Ruby Com... Here I am taking the 'bird' out of the oven.. It's not a turkey, but hey... it's fairly close! ;)

Phil took a picture of our 'feast'!

Phil is 'carving' our 'bird'! LOL!

Here we took a picture of ourselves before we ate. Bay (and Brook) we used those fancy glasses for you! I have to say that as we sat down to eat... it was pretty sad. We have tried SO hard to stay upbeat and positive today... but, knowing our family is together and we aren't even really "with" Faith and Grace.... well, you can't help but feel a little sadness in your heart! Soon and very soon though... we will all be together! :) It will be even wilder and crazier than ever... with our double trouble girls in the mix! It will be pure perfection!

Happy Thanksgiving to you from our family! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov. 24, 2010 - Update!

We had a big day today! We had lots of visitors watching us bond today. The official with the Department of Education came back today as well as Svetlana and the director to watch us and see the girls. We arrived to find out that they were 'busy' and the caregiver said she'd bring them to us in about 10 minutes. The caregiver came to the door with Faith only.. and said Grace would be here in about 5 more minutes. The following pictures happened immediately. They both come RUNNING and throw themselves into our arms... :)

Papa gets a hello hug next... They have figured out how to hug! :)

We played for about 10 minutes and then I was sideswiped by yet another adorable baby girl.. Grace had arrived! Notice Faith watching... she gets VERY jealous! Goodness... we will have our hands and arms full when we get home... at least we have 4 arms.... one for each girl! ;)
Papa getting in on the Grace action as well...

Messing around while playing... the girls were happy to put their hands on Papas... and I asked Symbat to take a picture! Aren't those some precious baby hands? ;)

Our hands all together in the center...

It's so much fun to climb all over Papa! (I have NO idea where they got the idea... hee hee!)

I had to include this one... Faith and I are cuddling because that car is about to get us... and look what's happening in the background... Notice Grace's legs... ;) LOL! She loves for Papa to play with her like that.... BEGS him to do it!

Here the car is about to bump into Papa and they were scrambling to get their legs off the floor... they just piled on top of Phil... and giggled SO loudly! It was hilarious... they were saying.. Papa.. Papa.. Papa!!!!

Giggles and fun on top of Papa!!! They then realized it was a fun place to play...and were pretending to fall off and get back on... SO precious!!!

The director, Svetlana, and the lady from the DOE all asked us LOTS of questions. They were very kind and it was obvious they were impressed with the progress the girls have made. It really is amazing. I knew it would happen... I knew they'd change before our eyes, but the transformation really happening is absolutely unbelievable. The first few days they would not sit and attend to any task for longer than a few seconds. They are sitting now for as long as I want them to. They are minding us and have BLOSSOMED! We can't wait to watch them continue to flourish and grow... Thank you Lord for your precious covering over our babys for the last 3 years!
I had an amazing conversation with the director when we were about to leave the BH. Phil went on out the door and Symbat and I were sitting inside the building waiting on the driver to pick us up. The director walked past us and into her office and asked us to come in. We went in and she asked us to sit... She then asked me how I felt things were going. She was/is so kind to us. I can't even tell you how comfortable she makes me feel. I found out today that she was/is the director who has given some of our friends lots of issues when they were here adopting their kids... I have to say that when I found out her name was indeed the name I feared.... my stomach dropped. I KNOW that this conversation was God's way of reassuring me that all things were under his control! This very conversation happened within 1 hour of me confirming her name. WOW! Thank you Lord!
So... back to the story... she asks me about the girls, etc.. I share how they've changed, etc.. We talk about the girls and their medical information and the changes we've seen in them for about 15 minutes. She asks me my professional opinion. (I KNOW that being an SLP has caused them to have a level of respect for me... I'm so so so thankful! Again... God's hand!) We are getting ready to leave and I ask Symbat to please tell her how much we appreciate her kindness towards us, and that she has been nothing but helpful and kind. During this very emotional time for us, she's made us feel comfortable and we appreciate her trust and confidence so much! She tells Symbat to tell me that she has been waiting on us for a while. She said that she had really worried about F and G and their futures. They have had several families view them and even start the bonding process only to back out and leave. She said that she had worried they might never find their "forever" family. This made me cry.. and I told her that Phil and I both knew in our hearts that they were OUR girls... with tears streaming down my face.... I look up and she's crying too... I couldn't help it and got up and hugged her. She hugged me back and it was a GREAT moment.
I just continue to be in AWE of God's favor and amazing goodness in all this.
Svetlana is telling us that it's not looking so good for a fast court date... they are anticipating a date WAY into Dec... We will know for sure by the end of the week. She did say she's hoping for us...but, suspects it will be several weeks off... Please continue to pray!! We are trying so hard to stay positive and know that whatever happens it's all in God's hands! We want to stand before that judge the exact moment that God ordained... even if it's Dec. 20th!
Thanks for the continued love and prayers... I can't tell you enough how we feel them... your comments, emails, FB messages, and skype messages are our lifeline.... :) PLEASE keep them coming.. and snuggle in with your precious families tomorrow... Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 23, 2010 - Pictures speak louder than words!

Papa trying to fix Faith's broken wheel... :(

Papa is the best with fixing things... from baby bottle to strollers to hurt feelings! :)

Teaching Grace to give Butterfly kisses! They tickled her nose so much...she LOVED it! She started giving them to her babydoll as well as Papa!

Cuddling with Faith and pretending she's a baby... yep, she's pretending to nurse from that bottle.. LOL! ;)
We had appointment with Svetlana after the BH visit today. We should have our court date by the end of this week she says... (Meaning we'll know when our court date is going to be.)
We are so thankful today that our God is in the miracle working business... because unless a HUGE miracle occurs... it is most likely that well have to come home without the girls, and return to pick them up... PLEASE keep praying...

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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Click here to visit our website to read about how our journey to international adoption began... and how God spoke to our hearts to open our lives and family to a child who otherwise might not ever know him.
God bless!

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