Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bonding Day 12!

We went to the babyhouse this morning. It was a good visit. We'd asked Symbat to please talk to the girls more in Russian about coming home with us, etc.. We asked her to please help us talk to them at the beginning of each session about leaving with us, etc... We showed them the pictures again of our house, the girls, Nana, and home... They looked at the picture of our house and said, "our home" in Russian. Symbat asked them if they were ready to go to our home with Mama and Papa and meet their sisters (Bay and Brook). They answered with loud DAHs (YES!)! We hope they at least understand a little bit.

Faith and I are looking at our favorite two pages in the book (the one with the BIG picture of Bay and Brook!) They LOVE the picture where they are wet and have been swimming. We are pointing at them and saying, "Bay Bay and Brook!"

We had our daily 'hair styling moment'... This is always Faith's idea.. and then she gets that mirror and says... "pretty Violetta (Faith)!" Grace is always waiting and ready for her turn as well, but not nearly as interested in the mirror as Faith. We already see their little personalities blooming... and yes, we have 2 exactly like this at home! :)

No explanation needed... Papa and Faith! :)

Grace's turn to look at the pictures of her sisters. She is almost 100% accurate in naming EVERYONE. She repeats almost everything we say in English and she remembers things from one day to the next... She catches on to things VERY quickly. However, we wonder how much of this is just the fact that she's more outgoing and Faith is more reserved and quiet.

I decided to let them play in the entire bag of toys for the last 20 minutes of the time again today. Faith worked so hard in taking everything out of the bag. When she got it all out of the bag she said, "LOOK at all these toys... lots of toys!" (in Russian of course)

I talked Grace into cuddling with me... and pretending she was Mama's baby... ;) Nope.. not working on bonding at all... why would you think that? ;) She loved it! I showed her that she can touch Mama too..and placed her hand on my face. She left it there and just smiled up at me.... It was a GREAT moment. I was SO glad to see that Symbat got a picture. I had NO idea that she even took this! :)

Here they are both playing with the pile of toys. Mama and Papa are resting! Lol! I realized that the ball (globe) was in the bottom of the picture when looking at these... a great representation of this journey!

After bonding we had the driver drop us off at the Children's store. We looked around in there for a while and found a book that I had been looking for: First One Hundred Words by Heather Amery. This book has English, Russian and Kazak under each picture. I have heard other parents talk of buying this book in Kazak. and I was thrilled to find it... been looking for the entire 4 weeks here. Only bummer is that they only had ONE... oh well, we'll have to share! We then walked to Krendal's for lunch. We were going to go to the Russian Rest., but they weren't open yet.. and we didn't want to wait. Our 'regular' waitress was not working today at Krendals. (she speaks a little English).. so we went back to the point and try to speak method.. LOL! There is a picture of our favorites... so you'd think it wouldn't be to difficult... well, THINK again! We've pointed at the same picture for weeks now.. and today got something COMPLETELY different. It was beef with vegetables with figs... yes, grilled figs!
NO, we did not eat the figs! YUCK!
We left Krendals and looked around in some stores between there and the apartment (on our walk home)... We found some kiddie rings (for 20 tenge each... that's like NOTHING!! CHEAP).... and some bracelets! The girls are going to LOVE the new jewelry... and it was pennies!! :) I was happy about this!
We came back to apartment... and I checked emails... just so you know anyone who commented or left me a message yesterday.. thanks so so so much!
I am going to be VERY honest... I've had such a hard day. Phil took a nap... and I just bawled. I miss Bay and Brook so much that I feel physically sick. I just didn't feel well emotionally or physically and had a GOOD cry. It's tough... so tough! (Don't get me wrong... even if given the chance to leave right now.... I would NEVER walk away from F and G... NEVER!) I know Bay and Brook are fine.. they are with Nana... but, I still miss them and home SO much. I also know that this is EXACTLY where we're supposed to be RIGHT now... so I know it's all ok.. but, it's still tough! We left home 4 weeks ago today... ONE MONTH! I MISS MY GIRLS!
Symbat had asked me to teach another 2 hour class for her today... and I planned on calling her and telling her that I wasn't feeling well.. and just couldn't do it for her today. She called before I could call her to confirm... and I could hear the disappointment in her voice. I have a hard time knowing I've disappointed anyone... so I said OK.. I'll do it! :( We had a ticket from the post office when we came home... so I knew we had a package at the post office. I asked Symbat about getting this package, and she said the 3 students could help me.. we could go on an outing... so at about 3:40 pm I headed to Symbat's office. The class was at 4. Today's class was 3 girls. Inor from a couple days ago, Symbat's 16 year old sister Jhanar, and another girl named Aida who is 18. Even feeling badly.. and not really wanting to be there... I quickly realized that these were some sweet girls. Their English was very limited.. but, we struggled through the lesson and had some fun too! We worked on the lesson until about 5:30, and then we headed to the post office to retrieve my package. Inor had to head home... so it was just Jhanar and Aida with me. They were so so so much fun! They CRACKED me up. We laughed so hard we cried. They wanted to know everything about America, my girls, why we were here adopting. There minds were racing and they both said they were 'honored' to take me to the post office! LOL!!! We struggled understanding each other... and often ended in giggles... but, we figured out how to communicate.... me with my little dab of Russian.. and their elementary English skills! I found my mood changing and knew that I had met these girls for a reason. (God is so awesome!) Bailey... they asked all about you and Brook and I told them all about you! They said you sound SO cool..and can't wait to see pics of you and Brookie soon! :) They said you are SO lucky to live in America! :)
The post office was an experience of a lifetime! There were lines about 12 miles long... and we would get in one line and it would be wrong and the person would say.. get in that line.. and when we got to the front.... again the incorrect line... We ended up dying laughing.. in full teenage giggles!!! LOL!! The Kazak/Russian people in the lines just looked at us like we were crazy... but, eventually started grinning and even asked the girls about English... where I was from, etc! It was GREAT fun! We ended up having a huge conversation with several locals in the post office! We finally got in the correct line.. and guess what... I don't have my passport. I thought I did, but it was in Phil's coat/money belt! Oh my... We head to the apartment. Luckily it's close (by Pavlodar standards)... but, I tell the girls...lets' get a cab.... I'll pay!
They start trying to flag down a cab... and NOPE we can't find one. Normally there are cabs EVERYWHERE! The girls decide we'll just walk. I decide that I'll just call Phil (who's at the apartment) on one of their cell phones and have him walk down the 99 stairs and bring me the passport. Luckily I remember our apartment phone number (32-31-19) and he answers. I tell him what's going on and he says... well, I would, but you locked me in this apartment!! LOL! He was napping when I left for the class... so I left him a note and locked the door on the way out. If you lock the door on the outside with a key... you CAN NOT get out! Hee hee! I didn't know this and LOCKED him in here for hours!! LOL!! I was trying to be sweet and let him sleep... I ran up the stairs... the girls called a cab for us to take back to the post office. The cab never came.... we walked back. They helped me.... we got the package! As I was thanking the girls for their help, etc... They both tell me that they were so thrilled to hang out... and that I was their "idol"... Aida then said she wanted to adopt kids who didn't have a home too... and that she thought it was amazing that we'd come here and take some kids back to America to love... She said that she could see something in my eyes... and knew I was kind and gentle.. and that she instantly liked me! (I about cried... that was Jesus.. and she didn't even know it!) I will forever be in contact with her.... we will exchange emails, etc... and I will slowly introduce her to my Jesus!!! I got chills while telling them goodbye... and once again KNEW it was a "God" moment!!! As I stood outside on the steps of the Kaz Post here in Pavlodar in the dark freezing COLD... I knew that God had ordained that EXACT moment in his ultimate plan!!! They asked if we wanted to hang out...that they'd love to meet Phil... I of course said SURE! We are going to get together soon.. .maybe go bowling! :)
Here are the girls waiting in one of the lines... Aida is on the left... Jhanar (Symbat's sister) on the right! I asked them if they really wanted to look American... They said "SURE" with giggles.. and I said.. let's take pictures!! They loved it! You should have seen the people around us looking at us!! ;)

The girls asked a lady to take our picture! I didn't realize that I forgot to fix my mascara after my big cry until I saw this pic... LOL!! OH well! I was feeling lots better here! I did tell the girls that they looked VERY Kazak here... they asked why... I said .. YOU HAVE TO SMILE IN PICTURES! :)

I said we should try again.. and we decided to take some pics of ourselves... :)
VERY American they said!! :)
I walked home from the post office alone.. and sent my new friends home on the bus! It was nice... I have to say the package was awesome.. thanks Janet!!! We've been enjoying the snacks she sent us! Btw... it took that package 3 weeks to arrive. Wow! We are happy to get it though!
Love to all of you...
Only 2 official days of bonding left... and we've completed another step in this process!!! YEAH!! One step closer to being all 6 home together!!!
I know I say this everyday... but, thanks SO much for the love, prayers, friendship and support!
Leave us a comment, send us an email, post of facebook... we'd love to hear from YOU! :)


Friends and Family said...

Love you guys very much and still praying that from here on out everything just goes so smooth!! You guys are amazing and how awesome it s that she saw Jesus in you!!! Praise God!!!!

<3 Shannon Alexander

Friends and Family said...

OMgosh! You are like a star over there! I love the pictures of you and the women, they are so pretty! Makes me thankful I live in a county that everyone desires to visit! You are touching hearts all over the world!!!!!
Love you,

Jennifer M said...

Love this post!! Ok, who am I kidding? I think I've loved all of your posts. But I'm till smiling from this one as I type.

I'm glad you had such a great time with the "big" girls as well as your girls. Isn't it just so neat to get mail while in Kaz? It's those little things that just make your heart smile.

Friends and Family said...

Awesome!! I need one of those locks for my house!! LOL! Just kidding! The girls (F & G) look so happy! Keep it coming!! I can only imagine the experience and how it will be different coming back home.

Prayers and Love!!
The Shropshire's

Jill (& Bob) said...

Glad to hear all is still going so well with Faith and Grace! Also glad to hear that some teenage girls lifted your spirits when you needed it! Praying for a quick courtdate!

kitzkazventure said...

The girls are just blossoming before our eyes. I loved your story about your journey to the post office. I am so glad you will meet with them again. That alone can totally help the time go by in a wonderful way. We started bringing up Jesus alot with our translator in various every day ways and it would always spark conversations. One other thing we did....if you and Phil brought Christian magazines, small bibles (maybe you can find some there??), you can leave them when you come back or bring them on your return trip. They love to look thru magazines and we thought that no matter what seeds could be planted. So excited to see what God brings of your relationships there. Awesome!

Jessica and Chris said...

I know you are always happy to get comments because I know we were. But, reading your blog is the highlight of my day :) I love to hear your stories and all about the girls. It makes me want to go back to Kaz.....maybe one day...
Lots of love,

Friends and Family said...

Mom, that is so cool, the girls look so nice, I would like to be there to meet them. Tell them that I said Hi, and I would like meet them. I can't wait til you get home, the sissies look adorable and look like they are having fun with you.

Dad, I love you so much and miss you! Shame on Mom for locking you in the apartment...haha lol
I love you both, and can't wait til you get home, can't wait to get my hands on my sissies :)

love, Bay

Friends and Family said...

Mom and Dad, I miss you, the girls look so good. I can't wait to see them, I think you look beautiful. I saw them kissing you and saw them with Dad and the blocks sticking out.

I ask Kim if their phones were real, I like cell phones. The girls look so pretty I love their hair, it looks some like Dora.

I miss you and can't wait to see my sisters in real life.

Love, Brookie

Kim said...

Aw Bay & Brook's comments are so sweet! you are so much fun to hang out with those girls. Aida looks somewhat like what I imagine Lindsay's birthmom might have looked like. The girl in the purple hat right?

Glad you got your package. I bet familiar snacks were a welcome sight!

Love your pictures of the Faith & Grace and love the whole process! I want to go back on a mission trip to Kaz one day!
Praying for you all!

Susan said...

love love this post. I'm so sorry you were having such a sad moment-but then you went to the post office and it all turned around. You are amazing and I love love love the pic of you snuggling with your precious. :)

Friends and Family said...

Yeah Faith and Grace! They are doing so well! Enjoy your bonding days 13 and 14. We're praying for a quick court date. I'm so glad you got some girl time today. God really knows what you need when you need it!
Kathy Boshart

Kari J said...

Jhanar and Aida are 2 beautiful girls! I believe you are truly blessed: 2 beautiful new daughters and some very caring and fun new friends. I will keep praying for all of you and hope your days get a little easier knowing each day gets you closer to coming home with those sweet girls and being reunited with Bay and Brook.

Jstar said...

Only 2 days of bonding left - awesome! Praying for a *swift* court date!

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

So glad to read things continue to go well and love the shot of your daughter laying in your lap and having a quiet snuggle moment with her mom... just awesome.
I can imagine how emotionally and physically draining all of this is, and I am glad you gave yourself the time to release the energy with a good cry --- if only you could get them home tomorrow... Hopefully time will be on your side and soon you'll be on the other side of this -- and chasing 4 girls around...

dnd82001 said...

Everything in your world is happening the way it is supposed to....all of your girls are precious! I can see they miss you too and can't wait to meet their little sisters - very very sweet!


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