Monday, November 15, 2010

Bonding Day 9! Nov 15, 2010 (Part 1)

I will just admit it... I was lazy yesterday (Sunday) and didn't post anything to the blog. I was planning on posting some pics that we've taken around town, etc... but, I didn't ever do it! I will sometime soon!

We went to the orphanage this morning. Bonding Day 9 is complete! YEAH! Today was a MUCH better day with the girls. :) Thanks for the continued prayers.

Symbat just holds the camera almost the entire 2 hours and snaps random pictures every chance she gets. We end up with about 100-200 pics per day! LOL!! I have trouble picking out a few to post.. sometimes there are so many... sometimes not many! :)

Here are some of my favs from today:
When we picked them up at their door today... all the little girls had piggys! They were ALL (all the kids) smiles and pointing. It was so obvious that this was a HUGE treat! They were all thrilled. The caregiver who was there overnight last night seems to really care about the kids... you can see it in her actions and hear it in her voice! (I'm 100% sure that she took the time to fix all the girls hair... I'm so so so thankful for her.)
The girls both LOVE Papa to pick them up in these shapes and squeeze. It's a GREAT sensory integration technique happening! I told Papa he's awesome... and didn't even know it!! :) Nothing like deep pressure with love! ;) I love the look on her face... (and Phil's too)!

Papa said, "Kiss Papa" to Faith one time... and Symbat was fast enough to catch this!!! YEAH! Warms my heart to see the progress they are already making!

We had been tickling and 'pretending' to sleep. I asked Faith for a "kiss" here... LOOK at those puckered up lips!!! :) Grace gives just as many kisses... we just aren't fast enough or happen to catch her in a picture yet... we will though! :)
Grace started this... she laid down 'close' to Papa and closed her eyes! Hee hee hee... I think she was maybe wanting some Papa lovin'.... We wake them up by gentle sweet soft kisses on their cheeks. :)

I had to include this picture. Grace was 'sleeping' and Faith was watching and she just backed up and sat on me. Bay and Brook do this all the time. She just backed up, looked at me and smiled and sat down. This was one of those HUGE moments in my world... I know she's getting so much more comfortable. :) LOVE IT!!!

Here is was my turn to 'sleep'. They were having a great time listening to me snore! LOL!

This is Faith pouting, and Grace's reaction to her. We had just gotten the new top out of the bag. We were attempting to teach them that you could not grab it. Grace grabbed it, and I was holding it, while Symbat explained that you can not grab it until it stops. Faith put her head down INSTANTLY in Faith style and said, (in Russian of course)... "but, I didn't touch it, Stella (Grace) did it.. hmp!" (not bad speech and language skills for a 3 year old.. huh!?)

Life is better... here we are with the top! They loved this thing! It's amazing how they enjoy and will play with the simplest toys. Look at those grins! (I just have to say... to all you developmental people out there.. yes, I know they are W sitting... we'll fix that.. I promise! :)) for those who don't know what that is... look at their legs. They are sitting with them in a W shape... It's a sign of weak muscle tone and it's very HARD on kids knees and muscles. My love for them has not blinded my brain.. I promise! ;) (Well... maybe a little, but that's ok!)
Grace is saying, "Bay Bay Brook" as she points to various pics of them. I have to say that the twins looking at and pointing to their sisters makes me fight back tears in a MAJOR way. I miss Bay and Brook so much that I can hardly stand it. I can't wait to have them all 4 in my arms in the same place at the same time! My heart will surely explode with emotion... Faith joined us. They are repeating, "Nana, Bay, Brook, Cody!" They find Brook every time, point and say Brook, then Bay, then Nana!

Grace and I were playing with the cameras. We whispered and decided to take pictures of Symbat while she took pictures of us! Grace was giggling behind the camera.. you just can't see it!

Grace and Papa... rotten cute!
Faith wouldn't look at camera...

We were pretending that the bus was going to get us. A great trick into snuggling and Mama and Papa will protect you! :) They love to pretend and play like this. I love it too! The little boy in the background shared the room with us again today. As he walked in with his Grandma, Faith looked up at him smiled and said, "Hi! You came back again today?!" (in Russian of course) It was VERY plain and Symbat said it was VERY good! She just grinned and ran off... such a cutie!

As we were signing the log book at the babyhouse, the director asked Symbat why we asked the caregivers if the girls could skip their 'swimming' time each day. We did not ask that... this is a lie. Symbat told her that she/we had not asked any such thing and that this was NOT true. We adjusted our visit time accordingly to accommodate their schedule and were doing what was asked of us. She smiled and said ok. FRUSTRATING!!!

When we left the babyhouse it had started to sleet/rain hard. It was about 10 degrees colder than when we went to babyhouse as well. It's been raining/sleeting all day and very cold. We went to Svetlana's office and met with her after the visit as well. We shared our concerns about the issues with the Dr and the caregivers.. and asked her what we needed to do to make this situation better. She said, NOTHING and immediately called the director on her office phone. The director was very kind and told Svetlana that apparently there is something going on... she doesn't know what.. but, that to reassure us that she sees us and can tell that we love and care about the girls and that we are good parents. She told Svetlana that she would take care of the situation and to please tell us NOT TO WORRY!

We feel LOTS better after hearing this from Svetlana as well as the director.

I took a long nap this afternoon. We have stayed up till after 2 am the last 2 nights to skype with Bay and Brook... so we are exhausted. I decided there wasn't much else to do... so why not take a nap.... I suspect I'm going to be a little busy with 4 precious adorable wonderful girls when I get home... so maybe I can store up some sleep now.. LOL!! I dreamed about Bay and Brook while sleeping this afternoon. My mom says they are doing REALLY good... but, when we skype they both cry. :( Brook kept saying yesterday.... I want you and Daddy... BAD!! I want you! It's been over 3 weeks... We still have a while to go... but, praying God will show us amazingly awesome favor!!!

I'm going to sign off for now.... and post a 2nd post today about the girls bedding, etc... I made a registry at Wal-mart... and I'll share all that info soon!

oh... and I'm going to teach a couple of English classes the next 3 days in the afternoons for Symbat... excited about that!! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

Love and prayers from Pavlodar!


Friends and Family said...

I am just so amazed at how the girls are doing. I'm glad you had a restful Sunday. If Grace does need glasses, just ask if you have any questions. Liz has had glasses since she was 2, and we LOVE the pair she has. They have never broken! We're still praying for a quick court date, Phil's back, the people at Babyhouse, and for your girls at home.
Kathy Boshart

Jennifer M said...

Aw, sweet Brooke is breaking my heart. It's got to be so tough to have two at home, and two in your arms. I imagine the emotional swirl is so unique- a heart full to bursting, and a heart aching terribly.

Kim said...

I remember missing Drew so much I thought I would be sick. Then he got sick and had strep while we were still in Kaz! It is so hard! Praying for Bay & Brook to understand and have peace. Hope Phil's back is feeling better after some rest. Love the twin's piggies! Svetlana is great isn't she?

Jessica and Chris said...

Love the deep pressure Papa! ;) The OT in me, of course! No worries on the W sitting - criss cross apple sauce will fix that! I'm glad it was a wonderful day! Lots of love to the Hokies :)

4texans said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! You seem so prepared even having brought different toys. The things you are all doing with the girls will help them get adjusted. I know how you feel about your girls back home, it's like you are torn in half. It's quite an adjustment to bring them all together but your lives will be so much richer.

Jstar said...

Those girls are already visibly transforming - it's amazing! So glad to hear that your lawyers and facilitators are all working hard on your side to keep things running smoothly with the baby house director. It seems like everybody meets an important somebody on their trip who seems to actively oppose the adoption of these little ones... for us it was the Department of Education - we understand how trying those interactions are and we're praying that your hearts will overflow with impossible grace for everybody in the baby house!

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