Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots of things.. but, we have NEWS!!!!

Hello to everyone tonight!!!!

We received word on Dec. 22nd that our agency is going to submit our dossier asap to the consulate!!!! I was Christmas shopping when I received the call.. and man of man I about fell over... people in Target had to wonder what was up with the woman in the middle of the kids clothes!!! :-) We are updating all our documents and have sent for new FBI clearances (which will take the longest to get back...) so, hopefully we'll have all the documents redone and ready to send in a couple of weeks.... waiting on those FBI clearances will be the tough thing!! Please pray that they update them quickly and overnight them back to us ASAP!!! This is our 3rd time in 2 years for them to confirm that we have NO criminal record with the FBI.. maybe that will speed the process?!?! well, one can only hope and pray!!!

so, due to this exciting news we are THRILLED!!!! We had a great Christmas... spent lots of good time together... and really celebrated Christ's birth! I have to admit that knowing our dossier was about to be resubmitted added such an awesome element to the holidays!!! We have been really trying to remain positive, and have.. but, hearing the news that it's going to finally start moving again was such a much needed blessing... we've been waiting to have our dossier sent back to the consulate since May... that's 6 months... we submitted our completed dossier to our agency on March 3rd.... so, we've been waiting a while... with no progress... just expiring documents!!!

I hope and pray that everyone also had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!!!
I will try to keep you posted.....

cookbooks, cookboooks, cookbooks... anyone???? We have cookbooks still available!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hummm... just some random thoughts..

Well, I have to admit that I have been out of the blogging loop for the last few weeks.... why you might add??? well, am I going to lay my heart out here... or just brush it all off... ummm.... I'm not sure...

well, I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving... not on purpose really, but just that I didn't take the time... I had the entire week of Thanksgiving off from work... which as awesome... and my brother, Phil and I re roofed my mom's entire house for her... OMG (oh my gosh!) Just typing it makes my knees and back ache!!!! ouch! It was a good week.. and I'm SO thankful we were able to do it for her.. cause we saved her about $5000.00 in labor... so it was VERY worth it!

Phil took the next week off as well, and he spent some time seeking God and really spent some good time in God's presence... I am so proud of him for being obedient to God and going away and seeking him! I am so blessed....
I wanted to do a I'm thankful for list for a Thanksgiving post.. but, since I missed Thanksgiving without a post... well, I guess I'll skip it..
but, I am so thankful for my Jesus, my husband, my girls, and my family!

I have been VERY busy in fundraisers...
we did 3 craft fairs in a row... 3 Saturdays in a row... we've done 3 teacher luncheons, we've sold poinsettias and we have the cookbooks still for sale.. we've made several several hundred dollars in the past few weeks and are so thankful for God continuing to bless our adoption financially. The account is just slowing increasing.. Thank you Jesus!!!

on top of all the fundraisers we've been doing.. I am also helping with the Musical at our church... which we are really excited about... it's going to be cute... I'll post pictures after the production! My girls are cheerleaders and are SO excited!

ok.. so honestly though, I have just avoided getting online... I felt that I needed to get my focus off the blogs, the other families who are traveling (whom I am so excited for!) and focus on my Jesus and my family... The holidays will be over before we know it... and I want my girls to have such sweet fond memories of this Christmas.... not Mama being sad because their brothers aren't here yet... Phil and I have been doing a good job of not focusing on it.. however it's really hard sometimes! In my own personal thoughts I think of the children in Kaz almost continually... and of all the millions of babies and children around the world, who are alone this Christmas... my heart breaks! I just thank the Lord that there are families who are willing to be his hands extended here on earth and open their lives and hearts to a baby or child who needs it! So, my hat is off to all you adoptive parents out there... who are trying to get to your babies, or who are already home and safe and sound... on behalf of all the babies and orphans in the world.. Thank you.... thank you thank you!!

and, just fyi... I have a couple hundred cookbooks still for sale.. if you are interested... please e-mail me... or see the info. on the right of the blog...

Blessings Always,
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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