Friday, November 19, 2010

Bonding Day 13!

I have 2 prayer requests that I want to share right off the bat. I know that lots of family and friends are checking out our blog daily for updates... and I want to ask you a personal favor... Will you please take a few moments RIGHT now and stop and pray for the following:

1) A dear friend of mine (and lots of you) is in Kazakhstan RIGHT now picking up her daughter. They 'thought' they were leaving tomorrow (Saturday) only to find out that there was something going on with her passport. I decided that since my blog if private I would share her email with all of you so you'd know specifically how to pray. Here's her email:
We need your prayers, please where ever you are please stop and pray with us. We have been notified by the American embassy that there are legal issues and we won't get Selah's visa to come home today. They will not tell us anything except they are hoping to get more answers next week. We have faith that GOD will prevail and that we will get her visa, but we are asking you to pray with us, that this is resolved soon!!

Our coordinator came this morning and said that when she went to go drop of the passport this morning they would not tell her anything so she wanted us to call. We called and all they would say is that it is nothing personal to you but your case falls under " legal issues" and we won't know anything more until next week. We are waiting on correspondence from Washington DC.

I know that we should not be surprised by what goes on in the adoption world over here in Kazakhstan but this problem is with the American side. I am ready to go home, I miss my girls, my mom and I just want to get Selah home. We have no idea what is going to happen but we will keep you posted, Please pray this gets resolved soon.

2) Gracen Stanek - Gracen and her family are from our town and good friends of ours. I know lots of you already know and are praying... but, for those who don't: Gracen is a wonderful, courageous and beautiful 10 year old girl. She had emergency brain surgery a couple weeks ago to repair a shunt, and there were complications during the surgery. I don't know the details (since I'm in Kazakhstan) but, I just have such a burden for Gracen and her family. They are a wonderful family. Gracen is in a children's rehab center in OKC now and is making progress... however having to relearn lots of simple skills. PLEASE pray for Gracen and her family.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to cover those 2 very dear issues in prayer for me! We are SO blessed by you!

Here are some pictures of Day 13!!! WOW! Only 1 more day and bonding is officially completed!!! Thank you Lord for being one step closer to forever being together.
We had just arrived in the music room, and I was getting the wipes out of the bag... and next thing I know I was ENGULFED in this hug!!
This was not prompted or asked for... and YES.. look at that... a kiss!

Here is Grace after our "beauty" time! She didn't smile very big.. but, isn't her hair cute? I can't wait to get them all fixed up cute!!! :)
...and you look up and these 2 are up to NO good!! LOL! They were playing with the Dr. kit... and to think that Papa didn't think the 'cheapo' Dr.'s kit would be fun!!! ;)

They are at work here... Dr. Gobble and Dr. Gobble Junior!

This has turned into their favorite end of the time activity... There's just something SO exciting about seeing all the toys on the floor and knowing you can play with ANY of them!!
Grace getting in on the Dr's kit fun with Papa!
Their little personalities come shining out in this one... Grace is just all there. There's NO surprises. She's straight up bold and in your face and you can take it or leave it. :) Faith is more reserved and quiet and sneaky as a snake... :)
I hope and pray they are starting to realize how much we love them!
I had Symbat to tell them that Papa and Mama had brought them a very special surprise. This surprise was for 2 special, adorable, precious girls.. who were princesses to Mama and Papa. They came running with the most precious smiles.
They couldn't wait to see what I had in that sack!
Oh my goodness.. the looks on their faces when I gave them the .75 worth of jewelry was priceless! They each had 4 bracelets and 2 rings! They smiled so big.. and held their hands out and grinned and touched them... Look at them.. They are putting them on their knees and admiring how 'pretty' they are!! :) It was so precious!!

We have been gone from home 1 month and 1 day today. In several ways it doesn't feel like it's been that long, but in other ways it feels longer. It honestly has gone by quickly.. and as the time is going by Phil and I are getting more and more comfortable. We have never laughed and joked and talked so much! Phil said yesterday that we hadn't really "talked" this much since we dated 15 years ago! I have to say that spending this time in country with him was one of the things I was looking forward to as well. I remember reading on others blogs about how they felt like it was a 2nd honeymoon... they were able to reconnect! I just wanted to share how much I have enjoyed the time with my wonderful hubby! We have had a great time exploring and surviving in this new place. It has been the journey of a lifetime and there is not anyone else that I'd choose to be on this journey with! Phil... I love you so much.. thanks for just being you... for loving me, making me laugh, holding me when I cry... and being such an amazingly wonderful Papa! I have to say that we are the 5 most blessed girls in the world! Below is the picture Symbat snapped on us today at the BH that prompted my rant above... ;)
I was just showing Faith and Grace to 'love' on Papa! :)
Phillip Anthony Gobble... I am honored to be your wife!
STAY TUNED to this love story... cause it's only just beginning... you can never tell where God will led us next... we are so thrilled to just be totally and completely in HIS will with our little precious Gobble Church! :)
Here is a random picture of our lunch at the Russian Restaurant:
Phil ordered: Beef cutlet and stewed cabbage.
I ordered: Farm cut chicken for those in a hurry
(not what I expected at all) with vegetables and stewed cabbage.
We both liked it.. it was good!


Friends and Family said...

I can't wait every morning to see what's happening, and today was no you go and make me cry first thing in the morning! We're so excited for you, and it's easy to see the love you all have for each other. Many prayers going out to guys are an inspiration. I'm so happy to have you as Kyle's speech teacher, and I'm proud to call you a friend.

Jennifer Davis

Friends and Family said... guys are amazing! What a great story! Love you both!

aultfamily said...

I LOVE the picture of them sitting on papa's lap, waiting in anticipation of what mama is about to pull out of the bag. So cute! :) Enjoy your 2nd honeymoon!

Friends and Family said...

Love you guys and all that you are doing. And the Love story is so important for all the girls. Thank you for sharing.

Kim said...

We felt the same way while in Kaz! Great couple time for sure and you need it cause who knows when you'll get it once you all get home!

The food pics look yummy! You have found much better food than we did!

Love your princesses getting their jewels!

I think our friends issues were resolved were they not? She posted later that it was worked out. Did something else happen?
Praying for you all!

Kim said...

I also wanted to tell you that the last 2 times I clicked on your blog I didn't have to sign in. Not sure if your blog is still set on private. You may want to check it. Just letting you know!

Friends and Family said...

Reading about your time with your husband made me cry - such happy tears - for you both. I remember that time, for us it was before our first child (we adopted her there) - and there has never been a time like that. It is special beyond words. SO happy you have this chance together. It is amazing. And the girls are beauties. And prayers as requested for sure. Wow. This time seems to be passing quickly. Feels like I just "met" you yesterday on FB!

Jennifer Robinson

Friends and Family said...

Love the first picture of the sneak attack hug and kiss...precious!

Rose Hughes

Friends and Family said...

Finally in Edmond where I have internet and also time to figure out how to get on your blog. I havn't read everything but at least looked at the pictures. The girls are sooooo cute. Love and prayers. Aunt Melveta

Brit said...

Okay I love the picture of PHil and Grace with her Dr glasses on....... Its a fav!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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