Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2 Bonding (part one)

Bonding Day 2 was on Saturday.

Papa with V (Faith) and Mama with S (Grace).

Papa playing, "Ready, Set, GO" game with Grace. We've taught them to say, "Ready, set, GO" and they come RUNNING to Papa screaming, "READY, SET, GO GO GO GO GO!! Faith and I in the background. I was attempting some deep massage. They are NOT interested and can only tolerate touch/love for a few minutes at a time and they are OFF to something new and different.

There is a small entry way when coming into the Music room... I immediatly (from day 1) started carrying the girls (individually) to this area. (where they can't see anyone else)... I gently stroke their faces, tell them they are SO pretty and sweet... talk about being soft, kind, and gentle... I then pick them up and am SLOWLY teaching them to wrap their legs around me and their arms. I pat my shoulder and say... "Love Mama". Then I sing.. (I love you SO much) to them VERY softly as we sway gently. yes... I bawl almost EVERY single time... but, it's been SO good for them.
In this picture I was DESPERATE for 10 seconds of NO screaming, running and wildness... so I decided to pretend to sleep.. and have Papa gently wake me up. After about 3 times of getting knocked in the head.. they learned (from Papa) that you have to be gentle and kind. :) We even got them to 'pretend' sleep with eyes closed for all of about 3 seconds! It's much more fun to wake - up.. ya know?! ;)
Faith is standing and Grace is sitting with Symbat.
Grace with Symbat.
Phil was so sweet and agreed to take my picture here. After leaving babyhouse on Sat. we realized that we needed girls clothing and MORE toys. We did not have enough toys to entertain them for 20 min. much less 2 hours at a time. We went shopping. We found the cutest windsuits with matching shirts at this little shop. I realized while paying that this was not only the first time for us to buy them anything but, also their first new outfit and panties. wow! I of course got teary eyed... and got Phil to take a picture. These ladies owned the shop and spoke NO English. They said DAH and agreed to take a picture... but, I can only imagine what they were saying as we walked away.... "Weird Americans!" ha ha!

Here's a picture of the windsuits, babydolls, comb and mirror sets and a simple matching barrette. I couldn't wait to try these on the girls!


Kari J said...

These are such awesome photos. It looks like you are having an incredible experience! I know what you mean by the screaming and running for 2 hours. We used a room smaller than the one you are in at the orphanage with lots of big foam shapes, a jungle gym, and 8 children (4 families, totaling 16 people + translators). It was a blessing whenever we got to go outside. I just smile remembering.
Oh, M and S still just run all the time and have to be reminded constantly about inside voices.

Susan said...

oh i love reading this. You are such an amazing mom and dad for these girls. I cried when i saw you hugging them and teaching them how to receive love. I still remember that I was so disappointed when i first got home with Leeza cuz she woudln't sit and read books with me like I used to with Sean. I later realized it was a "learned behavior" and she just had to learn. Now, I can't get her off my lap and she wants 20 books or more a day. She is a very active kiddo but she loves her snuggle time. the girls will too!!! you are so smart!!

Love their lil outfits. :)

Andrea said...

This is such a heartwarming post. I love how you quietly hold them and sing to them and teach them to love Mama. Tears streaming down my face. What a blessing. xo

Jennifer M said...

Those are such adorable outfits. I hope they loved them as much as you loved shopping for them! Then again, there's not much that can compete with a new Mama and Papa!

It's clear you were meant for these girls. Your tactics in working with them, and teaching them are wonderful. I love how you don't even take knowing how to give hugs for granted.

Kim said...

Your expertise in how to help them learn to be affectionate and receive love amazes me. You & Phil are exactly the right parents for them. It is soo evident! Wish I could have seen their expressions seeing their new clothes and baby dolls for the first time. I'm sure it will be etched in your mind forever! Stay warm and enjoy every moment!

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