Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Nov 25, 2010!

We arrived at the door of their group this morning to find Faith getting her blood drawn. One caregiver was holding her and the nurse was drawing blood... She was just sitting there watching them do it... she looked up when we opened the door and the pain did not stop her HUGE smile! She ran to me immediately when finished and it gave Mama a great chance to kiss her hurt finger! As she is hugging me, etc... another caregiver comes out of the other room with her coat on.. saying Stella (Grace) is going to the eye doctor today and they are leaving. About that time here comes Grace all bundled up (like a baby Eskimo) in a blue coat, pants, mittens, etc.. She just grins REALLY big and it's so obvious she's THRILLED to be going. They explain that she's SO excited to get out and get to ride in a car. This is a HUGE deal!! She barely stopped for hugs as she rushed out... I asked if this was her first care ride, but nobody knew for sure.. but, said if it wasn't her first it was most likely only her 2nd or 3rd time to go in a car. I sure wish I could have gone with her... but, soon, very soon Mama will be holding her during all those adventures. We've noticed her poor eye sight and Symbat mentioned this to the caregivers/director. (We didn't know she was going to.. and honestly would have rather she didn't.. :( ) The director got on it right away... asked the caregivers if they had noticed anything and they agreed with us that she puts toys, papers, books, anything she is doing up really close to her eyes. Anyway... we'll see what they say...
So... we had Faith alone today on this Thanksgiving holiday. She was VERY sad from the beginning. We aren't sure if it was having her blood drawn, her sister getting to leave, or her not feeling well. I suspect it was a combination of all the above. She did not want to play with anything... so I just held her and cuddled. She fell asleep in my arms within 5 minutes and slept like a baby for over one hour. :) It was PRECIOUS and I can't say that I was saddened one bit about this... there is nothing sweeter than your new baby girl waking up in your arms... and realizing it... and smiling at you! My heart COMPLETELY stopped beating for several seconds... I got to say.... "It's ok babygirl.. Mama is still holding you. Mama is still here!" She just relaxed back into me... awe... :)
We missed Grace a bunch... and I have to say it was a little sad that today was the day we didn't get to really see her... it Thanksgiving... in my heart I've been saying.. well, we are at least with Faith and Grace on this Thanksgiving..
Here are a few pictures:
Yes, those are tears in my eyes. Phil knows me so well.. and despite him saying.. Babe, don't start bawling... I couldn't help it. The tears were a mixture of emotions... from happiness, to thankfulness, to sadness, to gratefulness, to LOVE! We debated about what to do for Thanksgiving and we both decided to cook something here at the apartment. We bought a chicken from Ruby Com... Here I am taking the 'bird' out of the oven.. It's not a turkey, but hey... it's fairly close! ;)

Phil took a picture of our 'feast'!

Phil is 'carving' our 'bird'! LOL!

Here we took a picture of ourselves before we ate. Bay (and Brook) we used those fancy glasses for you! I have to say that as we sat down to eat... it was pretty sad. We have tried SO hard to stay upbeat and positive today... but, knowing our family is together and we aren't even really "with" Faith and Grace.... well, you can't help but feel a little sadness in your heart! Soon and very soon though... we will all be together! :) It will be even wilder and crazier than ever... with our double trouble girls in the mix! It will be pure perfection!

Happy Thanksgiving to you from our family! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Friends and Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Your feast was impressive :) Praying for a sense of God's presence for you and for Bay and Brook today.

Friends and Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving:) All of those pictures are so precious. I cant wait until we get to see a picture of the whole family all together! Prayers and Blessings :)
Angela H :)

kitzkazventure said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I remember the first time Nick fell asleep during our bonding period. So sweet and precious. Glad you got to experience this time. You guys did an impressive Tgiving dinner for yourselves. Good for you! I can remember those days where you were sad but you are doing a wonderful job staying present. Your girls back home should be so proud of you and you them. God bless you extra special during this holiday time away from your family! :)

Friends and Family said...

Oh, there's NOTHING better than holding a sleeping baby!!! I LOVE to go into the baby room where I work during lunch and help put the babies to sleep if they need it. . .I just couldn't imagine if they were your OWN!! And, doesn't it indicate SO much that she just fell right to sleep in your arms?? I believe she trusts you SO much. . . Happy Thanksgiving, guys!! God knew you and Phil could handle being away on this Thanksgiving. . .he realizes how thankful you are EVERYDAY!! :) Keep up the GREAT work and positive attitudes!



Friends and Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry it is a little sad..but soon, very soon, this will all be in the past and your next Thanksgiving will be crazy fun! I love you, praying that God speed would come to this process! Terri

dnd82001 said...

Impressive feast!!

Focusing on the positives will get you through every time!

With much love we wish you a very Happy Kaz Thanksgiving!!


Jill (& Bob) said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gobbles! Not much better in the world than holding a sleeping baby! Hope Faith feels better quickly and you get a great black Friday with both Faith and Grace!

Jessica and Chris said...

I am so impressed with your Thanksgiving! Chris and I though it was GREAT! I know it is sad but I hope you enjoyed it just you two getting close and enjoying conversation. Soon you won't be able to get a word in! You guys are doing so great and we are so happy. Your journey makes me want to do it all over again :) I told my doctor about you guys being there when I had an appointment the other day. I told her it pulls at my heart strings and the next one just might be from Kaz again :)
Maybe Grace will come back from her appointment with glasses! Wouldn't that be so cute! Adler had her eyes checked this summmer and the doctor said that premature babies almost always have near sightedness. I don't know if the girls were premature but being twins I figured they might.

I hope your day was wonderful! Happy Turkey day from the Crutchfields to the Hokies :)

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