Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2 Bonding (part two)

Faith is reading a book! Isn't she a doll? :)

Faith and Mama cuddling... and singing!

Showing the girls that Daddy can even be their own personal horse!! There were LOTS of giggles as he bucked and neighed!!! Fun times!! I had to hold them on for a ride.. they wanted the horse to buck them off over and over and over!

This is classic Grace... I asked her to take a picture and she's GONE! Around the corner to the right is small area where we like to sing and cuddle.

Poor babies... they are totally experiencing speech therapy for the entire 2 hours. LOL! Here we are playing with butterflys and bugs. (yes, I know.. WE BROUGHT BOY TOYS!) Anyway, they did sit and attend to the task for several minutes. They are quickly realizing and learning SO fast that they have to answer and ask nicely. They are signing more and please and speaking the English word!!

Mama and Faith! She likes to take pictures much more than her sister. Grace is to busy to stop and take the time.

This is Faith MAD because we've said it's time to leave. Her head is DOWN and she's VERY upset.. :(

This is Faith NOT letting anyone else help her with her coat or anything else she needs. She is VERY independent. The workers say that she's a natural leader.

They are MAD.. cause it's time to go. They leave the room just like this everytime.. heads down and pouty lips.. :( (and Grace at a dead run!)


Susan said...

Your Grace reminds me very much of my Leeza Grace....natural leader, stubborn, running always. :)
you are such a perfect mama for them....already working on speech and manners. LOVE IT!!! ya'll are all precious, and Leeza loves "boy toys" no worries there. They have tons of girl toys at home with their big sissies!! :)

aultfamily said...

Oh what fun playtime must be! Did you bring a heating pad for Phil's back. LOL! Such cute little outfits for them too. :)

The Stone's said...

Lanetta & Phil - your posts make me so happy! SO SO happy for your family!

Any luck on the straightener?!?!

Tell Symbat hello for us!

Cortney, Dustin & Ryland

kitzkazventure said...

Love watching this journey! The girls just make me smile!

Jennifer M said...

It makes me smile to see how well you know Grace already, and what interests both of them. :-)

minime0910 said...

I love the pics of the girls in their new clothes with their new dolls. They have come alive in just a few days. You guys all look so happy and I am over the moon for you!! Erin

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