Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keep Changing The World (With Lyrics) - MIKESCHAIR Feat. Lecrae

so, this song just played on the radio... WOW... thank you Jesus for your gentle reminders!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

For Those Who Wait - Fireflight

This song played on Phil's way home tonight... he said he had to pull over to see... This song says EXACTLY what our hearts are SCREAMING... enough said.. (yeah.. .still NO travel dates... not heard a word... :(

Friday, July 16, 2010

MORE waiting....

Just when you think you've finally got the 'waiting' of this LONG journey behind you... NOPE!!! Did not receive travel itineary again today... I have NO idea why, but not getting it today totally got me down... it's almost to much to bare sometimes... the UP (as high as the sky) and then to bottom out (lower than the lowest low).... and honestly it makes me FURIOUS with myself that I allow it to waiver me SO much... My Faith has to be stronger than this... I serve a God that KNOWS all this already.... and HE NEVER changes!!! Lord, forgive me in my weak moments.. and isn't it just so awesome that he does? He loves us through it all.. ups and downs.. and our stubborn streaks.. and even when we throw fits inside like I did this morning... (OUCH!)...

Checking things off my to-do before travel list... did some shopping tonight... Phil needed to shoes.. and I had about 4 other errands we marked off the list.. Phil and I are in complete shock..

I do have to share a funny today regarding Brook... I was taking some extra time loving on my girls this morning (trying to cherish ALL the moments we have left... I DREAD leaving them BTW so much that it makes me cry, but at the same time I want to go so bad that it makes me cry?) :) ok... so I'm rocking Brook (who is 5.. and is 'almost' to big, but I still sneak some rocking time in on occassion :)) and she says.. "Mama, I've been thinking (if you know Brook you are already smiling now!)... WHEN I get to missing to to much to stand it... I'm just going to tell Nana that I HAVE to go!" ME: "Have to go where baby?" BROOK: " To Kaz. mom... I willl tell Nana and have her take me to the airport and I'll just fly over there and be with you!" (before I could say anything.. cause I'm FIGHTING back tears) she continues, "but, Mom, do those airplanes go upside down" ME: "No, Brookie they can go upside down, but they don't in a flight like that... but, do you know how much it costs to fly to Kazakh?" BROOK: "No, how much?" ME: "Several thousand dollars baby.. it's a LOT of money... way more than you have saved!" BROOK: "Do they take fake money or ONLY real money!" ME: "only real money babe" BROOK: "well, I will ask Nana, she always has money in her purse... and I'm just going to fly over there when I miss you so much I can't stand it!" ME: (fighting back the tears)... "Brook it's not that simple.... we'll have to talk on SKYPE online ok.." BROOK: "ok, but I'm still asking Nana!"

BTW: The girls are SO thrilled! They were SO excited when we got 'the call' and the 3rd thing they yelled was... WAHOO, we're moving in with NANA!!! and they started the happy dance!!! :) YIPPEE for Nana! We are so blessed!!

I will keep you posted.... thanks for all the SWEET commments! Love you guys SO much!! PLEASE keep praying...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have turned into a poor excuse for a blogger... and for this I am sorry... but, it's been a hard and long road... and honestly I had to take a break... sorry!

However, we received some 'unofficial' info from the agency yesterday morning to which we screamed, YES!!!! We should receive travel itinerary in the next day or two and the agency said that we will need to be there in days.. (one week at the most)... so what I'm saying is that by this time next week, we'll have seen our kid(s)! This is shocking and exciting... the emotions involved are well... overwhelming!!!
Sorry, I am keeping this short... but, there's so much to do... headed to Dr's office to pick up updated medicals.. then driving to get them apostilled... as well as about 12 other errands (all adoption related).... but, planning on throwing in a surprise or two for my girls... our time as just "the girls" is winding down.. and this is bittersweet for me... :) I am trying to cherish my last few days with just 'my girls' and us as a family of 4! Wow! God is so awesome...
I will fill you in more soon.... thanks for still reading my blog... I promise it's about to come back to life... lol!!
Love, prayers, and hugs.... ~ Lanetta :)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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