Sunday, October 31, 2010


Here are more pictures of our exploring, with descriptions under each photo:

WWII Memorial in a park really close to our apartment.

Another shot at the WWII Memorial Park.

Eternal Fire Monument in Park

Eternal Fire Monument in Park

Another shot of park area

Another shot of park area 

Pavlodar is  very well known throughout Kazakhstan for this "Embankment" area.

Another shot of the embankment.  It's really an amazing area.

More Pictures from Last Week

Here are more pictures from the last week, with descriptions under each photo.

Pastries from a local coffee shop named Krendals.  Symbat (our translator) and I went there for lunch last Monday.  Phil was not feeling well and stayed at the apartment.  

Symbat and I at Krendals.  We joked and said we were having a "Girls Lunch Out!"  Symbat is so sweet and we quickly became friends.  We'll forever be in contact with her - more of God's plan in action!

Armi is the girl I tutored.  We are in Symbat's office in this pictures.  Symbat has just started a small language center called "Language 4 You"!

Tutoring Armi.

Symbat at her desk in her office.

Front of our apartment building from across the street.

Another shot of our apartment. You can see the store to the left of the front door.  This store comes in very handy for simple things like water and coke! :)

The last few of MANY steps up to our apartment door.  We are on the top floor!  We keep saying we're going to count the stairs.  We will soon - just know it's a BUNCH OF STAIRS.  Our legs were sore the first few days.  Sad, but true!

Front door

More Pictures

Hey everyone!  I have lots of pictures to share.  Now that we have internet I'm going to upload some and try to get into a routine of posting that days pics each evening.  However, to do that I really want to get caught up on my posts up to this point!  So, here are some pictures of our apartment; lots of you have been asking for pictures of it!  Here they are.  We're told our apartment is very "luxurious" by Kazakhstan (Pavoldar) standards.  It's very nice and comfy. We are enjoying it a lot!

 (Descriptions are under each picture.)

Picture of our first grocery store visit.  They took us to the store after picking us up at the airport.  We'd been traveling for almost 40 hours and we were in SHOCK!  We had NO idea what to buy...LOL! As you can see, we didn't get much.  We laugh now at our first grocery store trip.  We did get the essentials:  COKE and WATER!

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Bathroom and washing machine!




Tub (Yes, it would be a nice relaxing bath, except that the water is sometimes NOT clear. Need I say more!  Reminder:  We're in Kazakhstan, not America!


Pictures of Travel

OKC Airport

OKC airport

Chicago... working on an update!

Made it to Chicago!

In Germany, about to board the plane for Almaty, Kazakhstan!

Pavlodar Airport

Pavoldar - The building looks nicer in these pics than it actually was in real life! Phil found our bags on a dirt floor!


Well... It's Sunday evening here in Pavlodar.. We are supposed to go to the babyhouse tomorrow (Monday)... Nov. 1st! We are excited... but, hate to get to excited... what if something else happens and we don't get to go.. We've stayed busy the past 3 days... and the days have gone by VERY quickly.. We've explored a little more each day.. (with me DRAGGING Phil out.. ;)) but, things are getting more and more comfortable for him! I spent about 3 hours uploading pics to the blog last night (via email posts) only to find out today that it didn't work... however, I've now had some good friends.. (THANKS GUYS!) tell me about Hot Spot Shield... and I can now access the blog! Why didn't anyone tell me about this days ago?? :)
Anyway... I'm going post some pics and get caught up with posting.. then I will post once a day.. (Hopefully!)...
oh.. and If you are reading... PLEASE comment.. and oh.. if you are logging in under the generic family and friends log in... PLEASE sign your name so we know who is commenting.. :)

well... It appears that I can't upload pics... can anyone help me with this?

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ok..  Where do I even start?  The service person just left our apartment… so internet is up and running.. she explained to us (through the interpreter over the phone) that we could experience problems though.. it (like everything else that should be simple) was a WILD ride.. hence the serviceman doesn't speak English…  and our computer is in English!   Proves for FUN TIMES all around.. and me with a HUGE lump in my throat (about to burst into tears) at the prospect of actually being able to communicate with my girls…   have I mentioned yet that it's been 7 days since we left them??     And we've yet to SKYPE.. I think I've done REALLY well with being patient… 

We miss them SO SO SO much!

This has been an adventure..   I don't even really know where to start in an update…

We arrived in Pavlodar @ 8:25 am on Saturday..  we then had Sat. and Sun. to relax, sleep and get adjusted…  Monday morning @ about 11 am.. we went to the lawyers office (Svetlana is her name.)   We had been told that we would then go to the MOE (ministry of education) office.  Svetlana talked with us about our paperwork and discussed various ?'s we would be asked at the MOE office.   She was/is VERY kind and easy to talk to … she made us both feel SO much better.    She informed us that she was VERY sorry, but last Friday (while we were traveling) she found out the the lady at the MOE office that we need to see had an emergency and was in another town until Wed.   We would not be able to meet with her until Wed…   We left her office… and came back to apartment.  (Phil threw- up after coming back.. that's how NERVOUS he was!)     We spent the rest of Monday and Tues. exploring and figuring things our here.   Wed. at noon we received a call that they would pick us up to go to Svetlana's office @ 1 pm..  We dressed up again and headed to her office.  We picked her up and headed to the MOE office.  The office was/is very small.   NOTHING like we expected or dreamed up in our minds for years.  Ha ha..  (btw, nothing has been as we imagined!) 

The lady said she had looked over our info. For MONTHS.. since she's had it on her desk so long.. (I wanted to say…  NO JOKE!).. but, we smiled and she proceeded to say we were a very lucky couple.. and that we had a nice life.. and a very nice family.   We said thank you.. and she then turned to pictures of the girls in the files she had and started looking at the girls.  She asked LOTS of ?'s about the girls..  and was so complimentary of them.   I admitted how much I missed them and we both thanked her so much for being so complimentary of them… and of course Daddy LOVES to brag about his girls!   Our lawyer then told the woman (jokingly) that Phil wanted a "sure deal" for a son.. so we'd decided to adopt!  Everyone LAUGHED.. and I quickly added that we realized how many children there are without homes/families.. and we felt we could provide a loving home/family to a child who otherwise might not have one.   She smiled and was very kind.   That was the only ?'s she asked us.. even Svetlana and the translator (Lena) were saying after how surprised they were that we weren't asked more ?'s.. we all laughed and they said our girls are our such an asset!   WE AGREED!  (Did I mention how much we miss them already?!  J)

She then told us about 4 different boys who were/are available at Kiecheary (sp).  Kiecheary is a village/orphanage about 1 hour and 10 min. away from Pavlodar.  (Trumans and Pampells.. we immediately thought of you and your sweet babies! J )    3 of the children were above the age we are approved for.. but, they asked us to see those children as well.   We agreed to visited Kiecheary to meet these children.    They said there is a man who has to sign off on our paper (the permission to visit orphanage).   If this man signs it by the end of the day on Wed.. we'll leave for orph. The next morning at 8:30.. if not.. we'll leave around 1.. or go to Kiecheary on Friday.   Paper was signed around noon on Thursday and we left for Kiecheary @ 1:30 pm.   The drive to the orphanage was interesting.  We'd been warned by Truman's of the BUMPY drive, but had NO idea what we were in for.   It was the roughest road I've ever seen..   it was AMAZING!   We saw LOTS of countryside (which I really wanted to see) and a village…   Life is def. different there even than here in the city (Pavlodar).     When arriving at the orphanage we went into the director's office.  He as a nice man (LOTS younger than we expected).   We waited on Svetlana, the lady from the local MOE office, and the orphanage Dr.  They all joined us and they also looked at our pics of the girls and our family.   Cody, Rylan, and Tristan… you were a HIT as well..  they said that it looks like our new 'boy' has some cousins 'waiting' for fun play times!! J 

We agreed…  about made me cry…  you know how much I love my nephews! J

(but, keep in mind that almost anything at that point made me cry… WE WERE AT AN ORPHANGE IN KAZ ABOUT TO MEET KIDS!!!!!!)

We were honest with the staff of our nervousness.. and they were all SO SO SO kind.   They shared DETAILS from 2 boys files.   One was older (age 6), and one age 4 ½.    We visited with the 6 year old for about 2 min.  He was sick and in the Dr.'s room.. so we met him there.    We then went outside to meet the 4 ½ year old.  His groupa was outside at playtime.   As we walked out the doors of the orphanage.. the kids all stopped playing and started pointing and smiling… some even started saying.. Mama, Papa and pointing at us.    (Oh.. I forgot to tell you that the Dr. told us that the 4 ½ year old told her that morning that he just KNEW the next Mama and Papa that came to see them… would be his new family!... YEAH… jerk your heart RIGHT OUT!) 

The translator (Lena) said that the kids know that when she comes…  she brings Mamas and Papas to get kids… and they will ask her.. "Lena, when you bring my Mama and Papa?  When Lena when? "   She said it's awful.. and so sad.  The kids were so excited to show off for us.. they were SO SO SO small.   They looked about 2-3 years old..  (they were 4 and 5).. they quickly pointed out N (the little boy we were meeting)… he quickly RAN to us and threw his arms around my knees… he was a doll.   He had a little girl who is his best buddy… she along with about 5 other kids.. came for hugs too!  It was so so so precious and heartbreaking… these kids were just BEGGING to be loved… choking back tears.. I just moved to the end of a green slide and asked if that was ok.. I motioned for the kids to slide… as they came down the slide.. I hugged EVERYONE who wanted a hug… J    I wish I could have stayed there hugging and loving those kids for days….  N was right in the hugging line.. he was STARVED for attention.   I asked if we could see him without his hat and all bundled up.. they said sure.  We went back inside and waited until they came in.. we then got to go to their room upstairs.   The rooms were so small and old, but VERY clean.  They were in one large room where they were washing hands and then playing… they quickly started showing off for us again…  LOTS more hugs from all them…   N was right in the middle of it all.  He is VERY active.   The lawyer then informed us that we needed to go… so we start telling all the kids Paka.. and are turning to leave….  One little girl comes FLYING across the room to Phil… He bends down to hug her and she KISSES him on the cheek and hangs on SO tightly!   Tears… tears… tears…

Dear Lord…  we wish we could take everyone of those babies home.   There was also a little boy who gave me extra hugs as well…  HEARTBREAKING!

We then headed outside to bump back to Pavlodar.  It was beginning to get dark at this point.   Phil and I sat in the back seat of the van and just stared out the window…  We quietly discussed things regarding the boys we'd met and N in particular and neither felt he was our son.  Saying No is by far the hardest thing we've ever done….  We know he could be medical care in the states and change his life forever.  He was so sweet… but, we didn't feel a connection.. not the connection that we knew we'd feel when meeting our son.  We told Svetlana how we were feeling on the drive back..  She was/is VERY supportive and continues to encourage us to be patient and that selecting the child is BY FAR the toughest part.   She says to not 'settle' and to be patient.. and that we will find "our son"…  She said she would go back to MOE lady first thing Friday morn (thur. night for OK folks)… and we'd receive a phone call around 1 pm on Friday..  telling us more info.

We received phone call.. and they are still looking for available children/child here at babyhouse in Pavlodar for us to meet.     They said to not go out.. and stay by phone in apartment, because we could go to babyhouse quickly.    It's 3:40 in the afternoon.. and we're still waiting.  

We called the translator and had her to have a pizza delivered.   She misunderstood our order and ordered pizza with white sauce (mayo type stuff)…  for those who know Phil.. you'll understand his disappointment… however, he's so hungry he ate some of it.. LOL!  

The internet got fixed around noon… so this has proven to be a nice distraction for me..   However, it's hard not to think that it's Friday here… and the weekend is looming ahead…. And that there's a chance we won't be able to go to babyhouse until next week….  L  oh my…   we've been here a week.. and still not met our son.   We are staying upbeat and positive… but, it's hard to not be disappointed.   We had hoped that we'd experienced all the delays already.. but, 'knew' it wasn't true.      We do know that God has a plan… and we know that we now have N and an entire group of kids who we will be covering in prayers forever.  

OH… and if we feel differently and change our mind.. we can always start the bonding process with N at any point…  

Yesterday morning while reading early.. as the sun was coming up… I read Psalms 10:17.. I know now it was the Lord preparing me for yesterday's events.. and reminding me that he does hear the cry of those children… he hears their hearts..

"You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed…" 

Thanks Lord for reminding me….  PLEASE keep praying for us.  Check back… I'll be posting LOTS know that we are online in the apartment.  

Paka for now from Kazakhstan ~


I am going to go ahead to email this to the blog… and then I will send some pics later.. J   so check back…

Oh.. and if you feel so inclined.. PLEASE comment… we are thriving on the comments and responses from all of you! J    All our love… Phil and Lanetta J

 oh.. and someone PLEASE comment and tell me if the color of this font it better... :)  thanks so so much!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Test post

ok... so I can't access blogger here in Kaz... so I am emailing my posts to the blog.
I should have set this up and practiced back in the states... but, ya know..   :(
Quick update.. we are doing fine..    Internet is our apartment is not working.. they are supposed to fix it today (it's 9 am here).. and then we'll have better internet access...  
We are ready to have better access so we can blog with our girls... MISS THEM!
Keep checking back.. I will post LOTS more soon.. :)   

Have a great day!

Lanetta Gobble  

The one who calls you is faithful, and HE will do it!"  1 Thes.  5:24

Thursday, October 21, 2010

... and we're off!!

We are in O'Hare airport... we left OKC this morning at 7:24... we leave Chicago @ 3:50... arrive in Germany 8 hours later... 7 hour layover.. then 6 hour flight into Almaty... 6 hour layover.. then 2 hour flight to Pavlodar...
we will arrive in Pavlador Sat. morning @ around 8 am... 36 hours after leaving OKC... (oh.. and did I mention that we did not sleep ONE wink last night.. my mom didn't either...)... whew..

It feels like it's not really happening...
Leaving the girls was WAY harder than I ever dreamed... it was AWFUL!

We are in shock.. it's amazing.. we've waited and trusted God for 3 years. and wow.. it's happening..
I have an incredible story/moment to share that happened during the first 10 minutes of our flight... God is truly with us and the girls and he reminded me of that very thing... I will share the entire story soon... :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The post I've waited 3 years to write....

Wow! After 3 years, 3 weeks, and 4 days of waiting... I get to say....

WE ARE GOING TO KAZAKHSTAN... Flights are booked and we leave OKC on Thursday morning at 7 am... :)

We are shocked and thrilled and shocked!!

We've known for about 48 hours, however, REFUSED to tell until flights were booked...

Even seeing the tickets... it still feels VERY unreal..

We have so many things to get done... but, we are so excited!

I have SO many things rolling around in my head... but, honestly... I'm awfully tired tonight to spill my guts... I will soon though..

Please keep praying for all the details... the girls, my mom... and a million other things we need worked out... ;)


I honestly don't think it's hit me yet... even in the midst of all the preparations we worked on tonight... it still doesn't feel real. We are excited though.. and I'm sure in a few short days... it will feel 'very' real!

Thanks for checking in on us... and finally it appears to be our turn!

Thank you Lord!

and btw... I can't help but think about our boy... he has NO idea that his family is coming soon.. :) Thank you Lord for holding him tight... :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oct. 14th Devotion

The devotion today says:

If you are waiting on God's timing, do so patiently. Trust that it's all for your good, and you'll find, in the end, that it was!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Todays Devotion vs. throwing a FIT!

There is a devotion in the restroom here at work and todays devotion said:
October 13
The Lord is good to those who wait for Him,
to the soul who seeks Him.
Lamentations 3:25 NKJV

None of us gets every expectations fulfilled by God in a moment.
All of us wait on Him at times that may seem painful or incovenient to us. But as we're waiting, do
we understand taht this, too, can be God's goodness?

SOOOOOOO.... I've reread this a million times... yes, I know it was straight for me... but, it doesn't really stop the RAGGING fit inside of me today..... I keep reminding myself that "The Lord is good to those who WAIT for HIM!"... so the Lord is going to be "good" to us... for this "waiting"....
There is only a few things that I am CERTAIN of in this life... and the # 1 being that the Word of God is REAL and WILL NOT RETURN VOID!

Thanks Lord for this reminder.... and DEAR JESUS, PLEASE LET US HEAR SOMETHING SOON....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The boy room... waiting on 'the boy'!

I decided to share pics of the room today.. no idea why I decided to share today.. but, I am... It's been finished since July... waiting as well.. :)

We did get a piece of news today... Visa confirmation numbers. This is a good thing... next step... specific travel dates! More waiting....
I am so proud of his room... it turned out cuter than I ever imagined! I hope he likes it.... it's bright and fun... and totally BOY!
My mom is the best... she helped me back in the summer... and it was a fun project to work on with her. She helped me with all 3 of my childrens first room... :) GREAT memories and a wonderful Nana! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The article I'm about to share is the 3rd thing I've read lately that couples being 'impatient' up with having pride in your heart.... wow...
I'll just copy and paste it and let you read for yourself....
Dear Lord, forgive me... help me dear Lord to be JUST LIKE YOU....

"Crossing the Valley" - Insight During the Wait
By Alison McLennan
On October 31, 2009, I stepped into our local FedEx office and handed the clerk five and a half months of eagerness, determination, and hope wrapped up in a two-inch-thick folder. Six weeks later, when my computer screen confirmed that folder’s arrival in Kigali, Rwanda, I wanted to climb up on the roof and scream to the world that the McLennans were finally DTR.

That was a mountaintop moment. “Gotcha Day” will be another. But in between these mountains lies a deep valley known as Waiting, and you can’t move from one peak to another without passing that way. Waiting is a place of diverse terrain, sometimes dark and despairing, other times beautiful and serene. From a distance the valley appears calm, even stagnant. But all who travel there will tell you that Waiting is a battleground, and the enemy’s name is Deceit.
Deceit whispers many lies in the ears of travelers, some of which are cleverly disguised to sound like wisdom, hope, or noble conviction. The key to a successful journey is recognizing those lies for what they are, and listening for Truth’s response. Following is a partial transcript of this traveler’s ongoing battle with Deceit in the Valley of Waiting:

1. “Harmless Distraction,” a.k.a. Wasting Time
Deceit whispers: Waiting doesn’t have to be so hard. Distract yourself—watch more television, keep your calendar full, make lots of plans. Time will pass more quickly if you’re too busy to think.Truth responds: “…suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope…” (Romans 5:3b-4). There is pain in Waiting, but also great reward. Instead of burying yourself in distraction, choose to be still. Allow hours of stillness to open your eyes to hidden stains of pride in your thought life, your fear of surrender, lack of faith, and desire for praise from others. Choose stillness, and you will be better able to discern the voice of Him who leads you.

2. “Conviction,” a.k.a. Self-Righteousness
Deceit whispers: Vacations, new cars, eating out…those people obviously aren’t losing sleep over the orphans of the world. The money for their daily trip to Starbucks could go a long way toward your adoption expenses…Truth responds: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3) Do you have food in your pantry? Have “leftovers” ever been a phenomenon in your home? Cease your complaints and comparisons, and beware of your misinformed pride in having less than some. Frugality is wise, but it doesn’t make you holy. Neither does adopting make you holy. Surrender your pride and echo the prayer of the repentant heart, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

3. “Optimism,” a.k.a. Idealizing the Future
Deceit whispers: Waiting is the hardest part of adoption. Everything will be better when your baby is home. Truth responds: “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1).You dream of holding your little one close, rocking him to sleep, soothing every cry and loving away every fear. Are you doing this with the children you already have? Are you cherishing your husband, family, and friends…or are you losing ground to selfishness and pride? Rather than dreaming of a brighter future, devote yourself to loving others better today.

4. “Staying Informed,” a.k.a. Looking for Hope in All the Wrong Places:
Deceit whispers: Spend more time reading blogs, scouring chat groups, listening for rumors. The more information you can find, the better you’ll feel. Truth responds: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17). Rumors are shifting shadows. Even the most sincere promises from trustworthy friends are shifting shadows. There is only one unchanging source of hope, and your adoption timeline rests in His hands alone.

5. “Realism,” a.k.a. Being a Victim
Deceit whispers: This wait is eternal, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re helpless, totally at the mercy of a foreign government.Truth responds: “When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who know my way” (Psalm 142:3). You are not waiting on Rwanda, you are waiting on God. He is good, He knows your heart, He loves your child, and He is faithful. Therefore, wait with hope, make room for stillness, and invest your energy in proactive ways—chronicle your journey, befriend other adoptive families, learn about your child’s birth country. Turn your eyes from yourself to others. Address the needs in front of you today, and leave tomorrow in God’s hands.

Remember, fellow travelers: Deceit’s end-game is confusion and discouragement. The enemy may not be able to prevent us from crossing the valley, but he can lead us down dangerous paths that bypass the many beauties of Waiting. So be vigilant, and remember that no matter what lies the enemy whispers in your ear, one thing is certain—Truth always has an answer. So as you walk, consume Truth, speak Truth, meditate upon Truth. Keep your eyes on the Word of Truth, for “your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (Psalm 119:105).

Until we meet on the mountaintop…
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

Visit our website...

Click here to visit our website to read about how our journey to international adoption began... and how God spoke to our hearts to open our lives and family to a child who otherwise might not ever know him.
God bless!

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