Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break and some Random Pictures...

Spring Break has come and gone... (did we even have one? :)) We had a good Spring Break despite it flying by so quickly!

There is no news on the adoption front today... and I just am not going to talk about the adoption.. except to say.. yippee for the Wrights.. they arrived in Kaz. today!! We are so thrilled for them! Keep them in your prayers!!!

ok... so I am going to post just some random pictures I snapped of the girls over Spring Break. The weather here was GREAT the first few days... in the high 70's and low 80's.. so the girls played outside A LOT and loved it! They had a great time with the goats and our new baby puppies. (Bailey's cow, Molly, also had a baby, but I haven't gotten a picture..) I am just going to share some random pictures of the girls from the Break.. enjoy!! :)

The girls were dying to put the goats on the trampoline with them.. I though.. hummm... why not! The goats weren't so sure.. but, the girls LOVED every second... well almost every second!
(and yes, Brook is in her P.J.'s... why not? ) :-)

This is just a fun shot I took of Brookie.. she's so rotten!!! She woke up from her nap crying yesterday... when I asked her what was wrong she sobbed that she wanted her Bubbas to come home NOW! It was precious.. Then she proceeded to say she was MAD AT THEM cause it was taking to long!!! When we tried to explain it to her that it wasn't their fault.. she then wanted us to go and get them right then!!!! :-)

Another fun picture of the goats... the goats think they are dogs.. and the girls pretend the goats are their babies.... oh my... do we have issues or what?? LOL!

I told you... here Bailey is "rocking" Brownie on the swing set.. and what's insane is that he lets her!!! This little brown one is ROTTEN! He does think he's a dog and he and our dog play and fight and run together... it's hilarious!! I need to try to get a video of it!

Here's Bailey with a couple of the new puppies.. The cream colored one is named Mo, short for Mocha... We are going to let the girls keep him!! He is SO cute!!!

OK.. so I have to explain this picture.. Bailey is playing 8 and under softball.. and it's fairly competitive... she's pretty good.. Phil is VERY excited.. He loved baseball and softball and is absolutely in heaven that Bay is old enough to play and be competitive.. He's helping to coach her team.. So we are home one evening last week and after dinner they decide they are going hit the yard to practice. He tells Bay to run and get her bat bag and meet him in the front yard... He goes on out.. and I end up walking out with him.... we were talking about something and about 5 minutes later around the house this appears...

I immediately DIE laughing.. cause I know her and I know she's doing this totally for her Daddy... he snickers, but is not nearly as amused as me.. I then asking her what she's doing.. and she says.. she's a fashion model softball girl!! LOL!

Phil throws his hands up and his glove on the ground and gives up!!! It was priceless!! Bailey then DIES laughing and tells him that she knew he'd do that and it's a joke!!! It was funny! :-)

(maybe you had to be there... hummm... ???)

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Song

Please just take a second and listen to the new song I have playing.... This is my prayer tonight! Today was discouraging for me... but, I was quickly reminded tonight when reading Jennifer's post (www.­convergentpaths.­com) that obedience to God and what he calls us to do is not always easy, but the rewards and knowing you are serving the Creator of ALL things... well, there's no reason to be down or discouraged!!! Thanks Jessica for sending me to Jen's blog tonight.. it encouraged me more than you'll ever know!!!

Thanks for your unwavering love and support to our family!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The girls and more...

I have to share a great story of Bailey...
Last Sunday night we visited a local church (great friends and my cousin and his family attend there). They invited us to come and visit. It was a good service and at the end the speaker encouraged anyone who would like to come forward if they would like to pray about anything specific or if they desired a closer walk with God. It was a very open alter service/call. My Bailey (whom has a HUGE heart for God) immediately leans over and asks me if I'll go up front and pray with her. I of course would NEVER tell my baby no, they can't get closer to God... so to the front to the alter we go (Bailey and I)!
We go over to the side by ourselves and Bailey immediately begins to cry... (sob really). I ask her what it is that she wants to pray about specifically... She listed several prayer requests, but do you know what the first one was?? Our adoption and her brother(s) in Kazakhstan. I asked her what specifically she wanted to pray for them about... and she (bawling her eyes out) says she can't help it, but she's worried about all the millions of orphans in the world.. and that her brothers might be hungry!
Is that not the sweetest most kind hearted thing you've ever heard?? You can imagine the tears were falling for me...
Now, before I get a million anonymous and rude comments.. please know that we know that Kazakhstan does a good job of taking care of their babies... we've tried to teach Bailey about the children in the world who are hurting and need a family, love, and support... The word of God tells us to care for them.... therefore that's what we are teaching her.. and she has a MASSIVE heart for it... God is so working in her and it's so awesome to see!!

Another amazingly wonderful thing that happened today is that Brooklyn asked Jesus into her heart... I know, I know.. she's young... but, she asked about it.. and her Daddy led her in a simple prayer. Let me tell you the story: Phil had taken the girls outside and they were putting the goats in the pen, etc.. :-) and I was finishing getting ready (we were getting ready to leave). Phil is putting Brook into her carseat and she asks her Daddy how he knows he will go to heaven. They had been talking about heaven and various other things and so she thought to ask that. (Also, just so you know.. she's been talking about asking Jesus into her heart for a few weeks, and at one point told me that she hadn't ask him into hers and wasn't ready to do that yet!!) :-) and my brother got saved last Sunday... so she's heard us all talking and rejoicing about that!!! (Thank you Lord!!) So, Phil simply tells her that if you have asked Jesus into your heart you can go to heaven... (keeping it simple for a 3 year old!).. She doesn't' say anything and is very quiet...then says... "OK, Daddy, I am doing it, I'm asking him into my heart!" Phil says she was SO serious.. and so he says, really sis... do you want me to pray with you?? She says yes and he leads her in a VERY simple prayer. I come out of the house to the van about that time and find Bay and Phil both in tears... Phil begins to tell me the story and says, "oh my gosh.. I just led my 3 year old baby in prayer and she asked Christ into her heart!" He was so moved and it was just amazing!!!
I know that some of you may think she's to young to "get it," but, just know that there is NO way we are going to tell a child they are to young to live for Christ... No way... It was a very special moment for Phil and I have to say it was very sweet.

Here are some random pictures from the last few weeks...

This first one is of the girls with my Dad riding his pony... Brooklyn has NO fear and LOVES every second. We didn't exactly have play clothes on, but who says you can't ride a horse and pick out some goats in your church clothes anyway?! This is the day my Dad gave them their goats.

This picture is right after they'd picked them out... Bailey's goat is named Brownie and Brooklyn's is Blackie! My Dad is real thoughtful with the names, huh?! ha ha

This is just a picture I took of Bailey that I really love. Anyone want to guess who she is pretending to be??? She has some play/dress up dresses that she LOVES to dress up in... She's such a great kid!!!

This is just another picture of both the girls that I thought I'd share... They are so precious to us and we are so blessed!!
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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