Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home for ONE year!

It's been one year since they came home... ONE year!!   I remember wondering if I'd be able to stand - I knew God's presence would be so unreal in that airport...  and I. WAS. CORRECT!   Amazing... and miraculous... just like my Jesus!!!  
Here's the video from the airport!   Goodness how all 4 of the girls have changed SO much.   I knew Faith and Grace were shocked and overwhelmed, but re watching the video made me realize how scared they were.... Poor babies!  :(   Makes me sad realizing they were SO overwhelmed.   HELLO... wonder what I expected!    Big sigh...  I'll just treat it as another 'rookie' parenting moment!   Ha!   

(Scroll to bottom of blog and pause the music playing in background BEFORE playing video... ;)

The twins were VERY excited about this day and we've talked about it for a week or so gearing up for the day!   They were SO excited to watch the video over and over and over!      We all sat down as a family and watched it after dinner a couple of times.   There were TEARS all around!   Everyone was VERY touched.   It was such a special day for ALL of us!   Bay and Brook LOVE watching the video too... and honestly, it's just the sweetest family event for all of us!  
Bay and Brook had softball practice that evening, so we only watched the video together (all 6) a couple times, until they had to wipe their eyes and rush out the door with Dad for practice.   

Faith and Grace and I stayed home and they watched the video OVER and OVER and OVER.  
They were making such sweet comments and talking about it and remembering stuff...  it was precious.   After watching the 9th time... I thought - I should video them watching this EVERY year on this day.  That would be a sweet keepsake and fun thing to have and watch and see their comments change, ect!  :)    Ok... so I grab my phone and take the following video.  
Now... keep in mind that this was NOT planned!  LOL!  
(All you super moms out there will have to cut me some slack... they are in mismatched PLAY clothes - their faces are dirty (they'd been playing outside in the sandbox, trampoline, tricycles, etc), their hair needs to be brushed, etc....)
BUT, I just had to share... I think you will enjoy watching them!  
Here they are ONE year later:

Amazing... aren't they amazing?   :)

Phil and I stayed up LATE watching video of them from the airport and from the first few weeks home.  They are different kids! 

We have ALL learned so much in this year and are so excited to watch God's perfect plan unfold for all 6 of our lives!  
Have a BLESSED day! 
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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