Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bonding - Day One

This is in front of the orphanage gate on Friday morning. We went to hear the medical information. We once again (for the 2nd time) got to play with the girls before hearing the INFO... (this is SO God's hand again.. this is UNHEARD OF!) We knew when standing in front of the orphanage/babyhouse that we were going to say yes.. regardless of what they told us.
We were allowed to play with the girls for over 2 hours and then we heard the medical info from the Doctor. As you know... We said yes!! They were shocked and asked us if we were worried or scared.. we smiled through our tears and said, "NO! We know in our hearts that these are OUR daughters!" The Dr. was so kind and very complimentary. Everyone involved has asked alot of questions about me being a SLP and that has really proven to give us an 'in'. The lawyer shares that really quickly with everyone. Thank you Lord once again for your AMAZING favor!!
We then left to go to the lawyers office. We answered more questions there and again told them that we 'just' knew. We signed the paperwork and officially started the bonding period. We had about 2 hours to grab lunch and then head back to the babyhouse for our first official bonding time! :)
I HAVE to share this story. When we arrived back at the door of the girls group, the caregiver yelled their names and they came running. The are SO SO SO surprised to see us back. We'd only left about 4 hours before!! (Isn't that awesome!?) They came running to us... (well, to Phil). I will just go ahead and admit it... they LOVE their Papa... it's so obvious that they are fascinated to be getting so much attention from a man. S runs and jumps into his arms for a sort of hug. (Keep in mind these kids are coming from an entire life of living in an orphanage... something as simple as 'really' knowing how to really hug is something they do not know.)
She then rattles off several words in Russian as she is stroking Phil's goatee. I quickly ask the translator what she said.. and she sais that S asked Phil, "What is your name?" Symbat quickly looks at me and then at Phil.. and asks... what do I tell her? I quickly tell Symbat to tell her that this is her Papa. Symbat tells them both that this is their Papa and I'm their Mama. They smile... we fight back tears and then the moment is over! They are RUNNING for the stairs! LOL! That is a perfect description of our time with them... stolen seconds of awesomeness wrapped in minutes of PURE chaos!!!

Here is another picture Symbat snapped of us... AMAZING when we look at these pics that they both looked at the camera and smiled at the same time... simply a MIRACLE!! ha ha!
Daddy and S playing with the koosh balls!! I'm not sure who's having more fun!?! :)

An example of the chaosis.. :) and a good picture of the music room.

...and then we have a brief moment like this. Makes me get teary looking at these typing this out.. These girls are SO starved for love!

V is much calmer than S... but, just as rotten!

S close - up... look at those SAD eyes!! Those eyes are beginning to disappear forever!

V close-up... sad eyes number 2!

This is what happens when you throw a HUGE fit at your new Papa's feet when you are told that it's time to go back to the groupa... You get carried by the big man that smiles ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE GROUP... and you can sneeky smile at your new Mama all the way there.. with a little look that says.... OH yeah.. I already have him figured out!! :) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it... if this baby only really knew... :)

Fun times with balloons... NO, we are not working on our oral motor skills... why would ANYONE think such a thing? ;) We are simply playing with some balloons!

Bonding day 2 pictures and post coming SOON.... check back soon! ;)


dnd82001 said...

I am just in awe..............what a perfect family.........I'm too emotional to write anymore but please know my heart is so happy for you, Phil and your daughters...they are precious and they are yours forever just as it was supposed to be.


4texans said...


Starr said...

LOL at the Oral Motor comment because that's JUST what this SLP was thinking. (Either that, or you were letting it deflate and waiting for expressive languge/requesting before you'd blow it up again....)

Rayna said...

how amazing!! they are just the sweetest little girls!! i love the pictures of the sad eyes. because, like you said....they are going to disappear. it is amazing what love can do. veronica loved her papa too! definitely ran to him first :) praying for all of you!!

Friends and Family said...

God is so good. This story could have never been writted by anyone else. Your new family is in our prayers!
Kathy Boshart

Sydney said...


Twin girls!!!!! Wow, what a story of God provision of the funds and his perfect plan to lead you to these girls. My favorite verse from our adoption was from Proverbs..."in a man's heart he plans his course but the Lord determines his steps." That is what we felt like after being lead away from the Kaz program to Ethiopia and to two (one with special needs). That was never our plan but we have been home 10 months now and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for directing my steps to our children. I can't imagine our lives without them. How sweet this story is for you. Going for a son(s) but God knew He would direct your steps to this double blessing. Your girls are adorable. I can't wait to read more of this amazing journey.

It is so encouraging to read about the fruits of your faithfulness to God to never give up during your long journey to Kaz.

Blessings to you... and praying for your family,

P.S. When you have time, I would love to know specific things to pray for and what the weeks ahead look like for you and Phil since you now know who your kids are... like when is court and such...I don't remember what the Kaz process is like. This might help others to know how to pray.

Friends and Family said...

How AWESOME!! Love reading the updates and seeing the pictures, keep it coming!! We are so happy for all of you!!
Love ya and praying for you!!
The Shropshire's

Susan said...

oh these pictures make me smile. I still remember, over 2 years ago, Leeza's sad eyes, but they are now spunky eyes. :) What a blessing...they are precious precious and I cant wait to watch them blossom in your amazing family. :) xoxoxo

Trudi said...

they are transforming already...I cannot wait to watch them change every day as it sinks in that they have parents. It is SO wonderful!

aultfamily said...

Beautiful pictures and such wonderful blessings! I love how they've already got Phil wrapped around their fingers! :)

Love and hugs,

Lauren and Clint said...

We are overjoyed for you all! How awesome our God is!!! Much love from the Brogdons. :)

Heckert's Highway said...

Thanks so much for the update! What a beautiful family you are! I'm thanking Jesus for this beautiful picture of God's love for these children. Have fun with your beautiful daughters!

Kari J said...

Love it, Love it, love it!!!
I feel honored to be able to share this with you both and Oh yeah, seeing some well deserved happiness in you two! Enjoy the bonding time.

McMary said...

Awesome post and awesome way to start your time officially as a family. It is a perfect example of what trusting God will do--miracles!! Praying for everything to go so smoothly from now on.

lisa said...

I can say that I am more then a little Jealous that you had so much help from God's children in acheiving your dreams. You must be so thankful for them coming to your rescue?! Some of us have huge bills to go along with our wonderful children. But we struggle to pay our bills every month and thank God just the same. Sigh. It is not always easy. Enjoy your ride and the journey to bring your daughters home. Lisa and Stella

Friends and Family said...

Reading this post really brings me back - in some very heart wrenching ways. We brought our daughter, Aila, home from Semey, Kaz, after being there for 2 months. I remember having to send her back (she was 9 months old - and even at THAT age she already had profoundly sad eyes - it was awful to see, so painful) each day after our visits. It got harder and harder and harder. I "got" the big picture of why bonding periods matter, etc., and even respected that a lot, but it is almost impossible to explain to people who don't go through this what it feels like to leave your child(ren) behind every day, every night. It is agonizing. Even though, in the end, they'll be home with you forever. Oh those photos. I cannot wait for those girls to be in your arms and home FOREVER. They are SO CUTE it is beyond words. And blessed. And God is GREAT! Many prayers for you as you continue on this journey.

Jennifer Robinson

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