Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bonding Day 4!

Bonding Day 4 was again lots of fun. The girls continue to improve with every visit.. as we knew they would! When we arrived at their door to pick them up this morning... there was a new caregiver (one we'd not ever seen before). She quickly began speaking with Symbat (translator) while getting the girls dressed in their outfits. (The caregivers asked us to please leave their new clothes. They keep them in their little cubby and when we arrive to bond/play with them, they change them into the clothes we've brought.) Symbat then translated to us that when she arrived to work (at the babyhouse) this morning that both the girls came running and yelling her name and saying, "WE HAVE A MAMA!! WE HAVE A MAMA!!!" She also told us that she can see such a change in the girls. They seem SO happy! Awe.. melt your heart!!! Sorry Papa, but it's about time I got some recognition.... we all found it hilarious that the girls told her about Mama and not Papa.... cause it's SO obvious that he's their FAVORITE!! ;) I guess they knew I needed a little lovin' too! ha ha

After they came running... while the caregivers where getting them dressed.. Faith tapped Grace on the back, pointed at us (waiting at the door) and SMILED so big and said.... Mama, Papa!! and then SCREAMED so loudly and excitedly! They got hushed for it... but, everyone was full of smiles!! Phil and I are as excited as they are... and I'd give anything to bring them home RIGHT now.. :)

We took 2 of the toys that we bought this morning. A car that sings, says ABC's, I love you, shapes and various things in English! We had NO idea it was in English, until the lady at the store showed us it worked. Toys are much more expensive here and not very good quality AT ALL.. We took this bus/car and another keyboard type toy that sings and says various animals sounds. We wondered if anything could ever be as big a hit as the singing baby dolls from yesterday.. but, yes the CAR was a HUGE hit! We fought over it, and played so hard and rough with it... that it's already broken! :(

Here the girls waiting on Papa to unpack it from the box.... our man... we can hardly WAIT!!!!
Mama is always close by.. making us STOP and smile for a picture... I sure hope she slows down on all these pics soon.. ;) Papa, please hurry with that toy... It's really hard to wait! :)

This car was (it doesn't work anymore) so so so much fun! Grace and I quickly made a game out of it running into us. I would bump into something and turn and go the other way... FUN, FUN, FUN! Daddy says that he thinks we might have to buy another one.. :)
After looking through all the pictures last night (there are HUNDREDS!) I made it my goal today to get some that capture Grace better! This one is cute! She's just so busy and NOT a poser! (Much like Brook.. Faith is just like Bay!)

More success with the camera and Grace! Symbat told her she had to smile and take a picture with Mama before we could play more! Worked like a charm! Score for the adults! ha

I had to include this picture... Symbat was just messing around the my camera and somehow caught this when Faith was rocking her baby in this foam circle! She has it mastered... all the way in both directions and cracking up the whole time.. She started saying.. 1, 2, 3 in English before taking off!! Smart girls.. I tell you.. SMART girls!

Faith and Mama.. I had to include this one as well.. While she was playing with the car, I was playing with and loving on her. I started messing with her hair. After a few minutes, she stops playing and turns around and looks at me with the sweetest smile you've ever seen. It was like she was thinking... Humm.. I think I'm going to like you being my Mama! Totally melted my heart... and yes.. the tears almost fell!

Faith and Papa playing with the toy!

DOUBLE TROUBLE! Fun times laughing and pretending the care was going to get us!!!

LOVE this picture! Notice how red I am... it's about 110 degrees in this room.. Oh, we got to bond in the PE room today.. MUCH better.. smaller and safer! (Not as much ground to cover when chasing little girls!)

Oh my Grace... This is a perfect example of their personalities! However, Grace is repeating and retaining English, signs and the things we're teaching them MUCH faster than Faith!

All 4 of us!

Sorry Papa.. we had SO much fun burying Papa with these big foam blocks... Symbat even helped us.. then she ran to grab camera... and I honestly can't believe that you can't see either girl or me in the pic... NO idea how that happened! We had so much fun and giggles covering up Papa... and oh the fun when he tickled us for it! :)
After bonding this morning, we went out to lunch @ Krendals. We then received a call that we would not be able to go to the babyhouse this afternoon due to the driver not being available. Not sure why we didn't just take a taxi.. but, we just said ok. We had a great lunch.. and even splurged on dessert. Here's a picture:
Phil's cake was layered with some chocolate cream and those tan things on the outside that you would assume to be nuts are not... they are sunflower seeds! YUCK! Phil however, LOVED it! Mine was a simple chocolate cheesecake. The chocolate on the top is pure cocoa. It was so bitter. I had to scrap the cocoa off in order to eat it. It was ok, but not what I expected! However, it was a nice treat.... the first time we've splurged since being here... and it was fun!
We then walked around for a couple of hours. I hadn't taken the time to write about this yet.. but, last Sunday night we were invited over for a 'small group' and dinner at some Americans house who live here in Pavlodar. They teach English at the local University. They were AMAZING! We had a great time, a great meal, and WONDERFUL fellowship. They told us so much about Pavlodar and the country. We are so so so SAD to say that they left Kazakhstan today for the US.. their VISAS have ran out and they won't be back until the first of the year. Talk about rotten timing... but, it's ok! We enjoyed our one evening with them SO much. They also gave us some incredible tips... about shopping and various info. They even told us of a certain grocery store where you can buy bacon! YUMMY!
We have their email and they are so very helpful. They absolutely radiate Jesus and his kindness and love!
While walking today... we found one of the grocery stores that they recommended.. so we did quite a bit of shopping. We would have bought more, but you have to carry everything you buy home.. lol!
We now know where that store is... so we can visit frequently. We bought 5 packages(they are small) of bacon.. LOL! Excited about BLT's later tonight!!! (This is the most American tasting thing we've had in almost 3 weeks! (well, besides our snacks that we brought!))
I have a couple loads on laundry to get done tonight.... it's amazing how you have to rotate the laundry.. because there is not space to hang it all to dry (no dryers here at all).
Oh.. everyone always asks about the weather... it's COLD. I think today was the coldest 'feeling' day we've experienced yet. It rained/snowed for several hours yesterday, however none of it stuck. Overnight though it was COLD.. and today there is still ice on some of the roads, sidewalks, etc. Anytime we mention that it's colder today the locals crack up and say... OH Americans.. you've not felt COLD yet! NOT looking forward to that! ha ha!
Guess I'll sign off for now.. I just wanted to once again thank all of you for your love, support, prayers, comments, and emails... We are so touched by every person who comments, emails or gets in touch with us... We love you... and THANK YOU so much for being apart of this amazing miracle journey!!!
Paka from Kazakhstan!


Susan said...

the smiles on everyone's faces says it all!!! I am so thrilled for your family....the joy received wathing Faith and Grace bond as Gobble's is really such a miracle to witness. They are precious!!! SO glad you met the family who gave you great tips! The desserts in Kaz are not as sweet as they are here, for sure! :) But you have two sweeties WHO ARE SWEETER than any kind of sunflower seed cake. :) Such a joy to see their smiling faces as they soak up their mommy and daddy lovin. I can't wait to see them at home with their sisters! Those girls are just such bright and shiny happy people!! :)

Jill (& Bob) said...

Love the updates -- and it's so obvious how much these girls are thriving in your love already!

Jennifer M said...

I'm loving your long posts, Lanetta! They are so joyfilled, it's hard not be uplifted by them!

I remember the desserts looked a lot better than they tasted too. Don't know what the deal was with that, but even the most delicious looking cakes tasted like cardboard (and I'm not picky about my sweets!).

I'm really enjoying seeing the personality come out in the girls. Oh, and bowl cuts definitely don't do these girls any justice. ;-) In that one picture of you and Faith where you are pulling her hair up, she is gorgeous!! I realize hair doesn't make the girl and all that, but being able to see her forehead really makes her face just light up. Course maybe it was because she was sitting in Mama's lap that made her face light up. :-)

Friends and Family said...

You mentioned their sad eyes in an earlier post...in the pictures today you can already see that changing. It is a beautiful sight to behold!

Friends and Family said...

I love that the caretakers told you they have seen a change in them. The family unit is truly so so healing for these children! Awesome! We are great friends with the family you mentioned. They were our angels during our stay there. Keep enjoying time with your babies! They are so beautiful!
~Kari Letterneau

Friends and Family said...

It's amazing to see the joy on the girls' faces...such change already!

Rose Hughes

Karen and Glenn said...

What a joyful post!! It is such a pleasure to read that joy in your voice after the grueling time leading up to meeting your daughters!! Their smiles and giggles give me goose-bumps!

Friends and Family said...

You bring tears to my eyes every time I read something! I'm so excited for you, and I can just see the love you all have for each other.. Prayer is just so amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next! -Jennifer Davis

Friends and Family said...

It is so fun to watch their transition every time you update the blog! Their eyes said it all before and they say it all now. The evidence of God's love moving through you to them is so fun to watch unfold! Just think how much they'll thrive when their two big sisters with them too! Can't wait!

aultfamily said...

I love seeing how well bonding is going! Isn't it wonderful to just see them growing and becoming so full of JOY?!!!

How is Phil's back? It looks like the two of you have become one of the favorite "things" to play with. LOL! :)

Trudi said...

Oh YES the eyes say it all, Lanetta. The eyes, the relaxed faces, the smiles.....it's just startling to watch this! I sound like I post the same darned thing every day but I am blown away by the photos. Blown away!!!

Your daughters are beautiful and oh what a story. I can't get over it!

4texans said...

They look happier and sweeter after every day you spend with them! Isn't it amazing?!

Friends and Family said...

Oh girlfriend...I hadn't been on in several days. We are in Portland training for a new job. These babies are so precious!!! I almost cry every time I look at them!! I can't wait to meet them. I still just stare in awe at Phil. He never ceases to amaze me!! We love you guys so much and we're praying for you.

Bobby and Beverly

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