Monday, November 8, 2010

Bonding Day 3!

Are there any words really needed to describe this picture? NONE! Our precious angels in their new clothes and with their new baby dolls!

Playing with the new baby dolls! Phil and I had NO idea that these baby dolls sang songs and counted. However, when taking them out of their packages with the girls... we found out that they sing 3 or 4 different songs in Russian. The girls were SO excited. They played with these dolls the entire hour and a half after we gave them to us. They were NOT happy when it was time to put them up. We wonder if they've EVER seen a baby doll that sings of talks.

Here is a picture of us putting their new clothes on them. The second they see that I pulled out the clothes.. they start jumping up and down and start yanking their clothes off! It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.

I started to not include this picture... but, couldn't resist... LOOK at Faith's face... priceless and pure sweetness!! ;)
An attempt at a family picture of all four of us... We were not successful with getting everyone to look at camera, etc... I told you the other ones have been a MIRACLE!!

Our singing/cuddle/loving time. This is Grace. Every time we go they do better and better.. :) I just know they can feel our love... It's amazing how much I already love these babies SO SO SO very much. I have loved them for 3 years! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to FINALLY hold them in my arms!

AWE.... Papa and Faith!

Grace with her baby doll. Grace doesn't like to smile for the camera nearly as much as Faith. As you can tell by the pictures... she's WAY to busy to stop for pictures! She smiles just as big as Faith... we just can't seem to capture it with the camera! :)

This is Faith! I had to include this picture. She'd just discovered that the baby sang songs... and you can see by her face that she's VERY excited!

The caregivers told us today that the girls LOVE to sing and dance. They will fit in greatly with their big sisters. Bay and Brook put on shows for us all the time. I can't wait to see the first show starring all 4 of our baby girls... I will bawl!!!
I miss Bay and Brook so bad that I can hardly stand it.. We've had lots of people ask what their response was to having 2 sisters instead of a brother. We called them.. and told them on the night we met the twins. They SCREAMED so loudly that SKYPE disconnected the call!! They are thrilled. After the excitement settled and it really sank in they asked.. but, Mama what about the room? LOL! Nana, Daddy, and I told them... we'd all thought the same thing.. but, honestly it's just some paint!! I have had LOTS of people offer to paint their room, etc.. and I'm still considering this. I really want to do their room for them myself... and I have NO idea the theme that I want to go with. I'm thinking.. and I'll decide something soon.. PROMISE! Thanks so much for all the offers of help.. touches my heart so much!
We've also had LOTS of ?'s about the time frame and specific prayer requests. This is a quick version of the process from here on out. We are required to bond for 14 days. You can not bond on Sundays, but they are allowing us to bond on Saturdays. If there are NO holidays we will be finished with bonding on Nov. 20th. (We've heard from locals here that there is a HUGE holiday on Nov. 15-16.. so we might not be able to bond those days... prayer request number 1.. that they'll allow us to go to orphanage on those holidays and continue bonding.)
If bonding endson the 20th, our lawyer will petition the court for a court date on the following Monday (Oct. 22nd).. we will then hear when our court date/time is.. it can be within days... to 2 weeks later.. (request number 2 = the quickest court date anyone in history has ever seen!) After court there is a 10-14 day waiting period (nothing can be done during this time).. the judge (in rare cases) waives this waiting period. (Request number 3). If he waives that waiting period we will then be able to pick up girls and have them with us at that point. It will take another 1-2 weeks to process various paperwork and exit appointments, etc.. We would most likely stay and bring them home with us. If the waiting period is not waived.. we will (most likely) come home right after court... be home about 3-4 weeks and then return for a 1 week trip and pick them up. I can't imagine leaving them here.. but, we really miss Bay and Brook too... so it's a tough decision. We don't know what we'll decide... but, please join us that we'll know the correct decision to make and that we'll continue to see favor with officials here.
A lady from the Dept. of Education came to our afternoon visit today and watched us. She was VERY kind... it was the same lady who GRILLED us with ?'s at one of the interviews. She was very sweet today.. and thought the girls already acted calmer! :) yippee!!!
I will answer more questions later... I am SO tired. Oh.. another prayer request.. Please pray for Phil.. he woke up yesterday morning with pain in his lower back. As the day progressed it continued to get worse. He feels like he's most likely pulled a muscle. Overnight it felt much better and he survived throwing his twin daughters around and in the air just fine this morning.. but, as we were leaving the baby house around noon... he seriously slipped on the steps and FELL all the way down about 12 steps to the ground and out the front door. After making sure he was ok... I died laughing! He got tickled too and said that was supposed to be me... LOL! I am usually the one who falls over nothing while attempting to walk. As you can imagine his back is sore... both hands are bruised... and his pride is dented! ;)
However, it will be a memory neither of us EVER forget!!

Paka from Pavlodar... until tomorrow!


Jill (& Bob) said...

I've already been praying for a smooth and fast in-country process from here on out. Good to know about the holiday, though. I will add that to the list :) Prayers for Phil's back, too! Those girls are precious -- great to see how much they are relishing in the attention from a loving mama and papa!

Friends and Family said...

I love watching the change in their countenance! You can see that they are soaking in your love :) Added those three new requests to my existing list for you! I'm so honored that God chose us to be your prayer couple for this most amazing year of your lives.

kitzkazventure said...

Prayer requests noted. The pics of the girls being held and snuggled just about send me to pieces. The looks on their faces are so priceless. They are so full of uncertainty but you can see them wanting more...just breaks and melts my heart at the same time. I so remember the days of trying to get the whole "wrapping the legs around" thing with our son. It was so hard for him and our backs! ;) I have to say the stories most of our friends remember now from our trip are of our falling multiple times and often. We had the ice issue but one that is not noticed alot is that their stairs are not uniform so you could step up or down a 5 inch step and then a 9 inch, then a 4 inch...and on. It totally messes with your mind....especially going down although I missed plenty going up too. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. We got tickled at each other too after the required, "are you OK" :) Good memories you are making for all of you.....the pink outfits, wow, cuteness!

Tracy said...

love seeing them cuddling in with you both. Looks like things are coming along. Praying!

Friends and Family said...

Thanks for the updates on tbe process from here.....I will pray for each specific part. Praying for Phil....and I will try to laugh when I pray.....the picture of him falling and then saying it should of been you...too funny!
Darling pics of the girls in their outfits with their dolls.
BOND! day 4 to 14...... Shari F.

Andrea said...

I am so moved by your whole experience. Of course I will pray for you and the very smoothest possible process. You are amazing.

Jessica and Chris said...

Ok, so the girls look more and more different everyday. It is purely amazing!! They are so sweet and cute! Their smiles and faces keep changing and changing. It is wonderful how love can do so much!

Karen and Glenn said...

All of your prayer requests are noted! Your daughters are beautiful and so very precious -- we will pray that the officials who control these things will see how wonderful it will be to get the girls home to their entire family as soon as possible!!

Friends and Family said...

I love it Lanetta, makes my heart jump for joy!! We will get right on those prayer requests. So exciting, but I can only imagine how you miss Bay and Brook. I need to give them a call. Keep it all coming!! Love- The Shropshire's

Dean and Janie said...

Hi Lanetta,

Awesome photos! Simply lovely and precious!!!! I am thrilled at how things have worked out for you and Phil. God bless you sweet, dear friend and God bless your four daughters!!

Love to you!


Trudi said...

They are darling in their pink outfits and once again I must comment on the transformation underway...jaw dropping. As for the back issue....when I scrolled down and saw Phil carrying both girls horsey wise on his back...uh huh...explained that one! I hope he feels better. What a schedule you outlined! Prayers noted for all!

Friends and Family said...

Those girls are precious sweet angels! It is just so wonderful to see the joy on their faces...and on yours!
~Kari Letterneau

McMary said...

These pictures are awesome and the girls are just blossoming already--it is so fun to see this unfolding.
Your prayer requests are included in our nightly prayers now.

Friends and Family said...

First of all, thank God Phil is ok! Wow. Seriously - that sounds like quite a fall! And glad you two have such a great sense of humor. And the girls are beyond adorable. Oh my goodness. What beautiful children. I hate that you have to leave them AT ALL. But soon. SOON! Anyways, glad to know things are moving along so well. Hope everyone has a great week from here on in. No falls. All hugs and love. Get some rest if you can! And wow. Love the girls (in the States) reaction to having twin sisters. That is priceelss.

Jennifer Robinson

Susan said...

oh my goodness...Poor Phil! so glad he is ok! I love your sense of humor as well.
The transformation with those sweet girls is so amazing to watch unfold...thank you for allowing us to share it with you! You are such a pefect mom and dad for Faith and Grace-and the hug pictures really do tell a story. you are amazing and i know you'll have tons of help "girlifying" that room. :)

Friends and Family said...

Mom, Dad, I miss you a bunch I saw your pics on your blog. Mom, Dad I can't wait to see you with my sisters! You are my best Mom and Dad. I can't wait to see you and I can't wait to see my little sisters, I saw them and they look so cute on the blog. I can't wait to tell you all about my pictures I made. I wanted to send my orange packett but I didn't get to. I love you, from Brooklyn

Friends and Family said...

Mom I love you so much, and Dad too! I saw the pics and they are the cutest toddlers I have ever seen. I can't wait for you to get home and I can't wait to hug Faith and Grace. I love you so much and I am very proud of you. Love, Bailey

Friends and Family said...

I just thought you might want to hear from Bailey and Brooklyn, so we decided to comment! Guess I better go make after school snacks, cause we are STARVING after school you know...:)

Love and Prayers, Kim H

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