Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov. 24, 2010 - Update!

We had a big day today! We had lots of visitors watching us bond today. The official with the Department of Education came back today as well as Svetlana and the director to watch us and see the girls. We arrived to find out that they were 'busy' and the caregiver said she'd bring them to us in about 10 minutes. The caregiver came to the door with Faith only.. and said Grace would be here in about 5 more minutes. The following pictures happened immediately. They both come RUNNING and throw themselves into our arms... :)

Papa gets a hello hug next... They have figured out how to hug! :)

We played for about 10 minutes and then I was sideswiped by yet another adorable baby girl.. Grace had arrived! Notice Faith watching... she gets VERY jealous! Goodness... we will have our hands and arms full when we get home... at least we have 4 arms.... one for each girl! ;)
Papa getting in on the Grace action as well...

Messing around while playing... the girls were happy to put their hands on Papas... and I asked Symbat to take a picture! Aren't those some precious baby hands? ;)

Our hands all together in the center...

It's so much fun to climb all over Papa! (I have NO idea where they got the idea... hee hee!)

I had to include this one... Faith and I are cuddling because that car is about to get us... and look what's happening in the background... Notice Grace's legs... ;) LOL! She loves for Papa to play with her like that.... BEGS him to do it!

Here the car is about to bump into Papa and they were scrambling to get their legs off the floor... they just piled on top of Phil... and giggled SO loudly! It was hilarious... they were saying.. Papa.. Papa.. Papa!!!!

Giggles and fun on top of Papa!!! They then realized it was a fun place to play...and were pretending to fall off and get back on... SO precious!!!

The director, Svetlana, and the lady from the DOE all asked us LOTS of questions. They were very kind and it was obvious they were impressed with the progress the girls have made. It really is amazing. I knew it would happen... I knew they'd change before our eyes, but the transformation really happening is absolutely unbelievable. The first few days they would not sit and attend to any task for longer than a few seconds. They are sitting now for as long as I want them to. They are minding us and have BLOSSOMED! We can't wait to watch them continue to flourish and grow... Thank you Lord for your precious covering over our babys for the last 3 years!
I had an amazing conversation with the director when we were about to leave the BH. Phil went on out the door and Symbat and I were sitting inside the building waiting on the driver to pick us up. The director walked past us and into her office and asked us to come in. We went in and she asked us to sit... She then asked me how I felt things were going. She was/is so kind to us. I can't even tell you how comfortable she makes me feel. I found out today that she was/is the director who has given some of our friends lots of issues when they were here adopting their kids... I have to say that when I found out her name was indeed the name I feared.... my stomach dropped. I KNOW that this conversation was God's way of reassuring me that all things were under his control! This very conversation happened within 1 hour of me confirming her name. WOW! Thank you Lord!
So... back to the story... she asks me about the girls, etc.. I share how they've changed, etc.. We talk about the girls and their medical information and the changes we've seen in them for about 15 minutes. She asks me my professional opinion. (I KNOW that being an SLP has caused them to have a level of respect for me... I'm so so so thankful! Again... God's hand!) We are getting ready to leave and I ask Symbat to please tell her how much we appreciate her kindness towards us, and that she has been nothing but helpful and kind. During this very emotional time for us, she's made us feel comfortable and we appreciate her trust and confidence so much! She tells Symbat to tell me that she has been waiting on us for a while. She said that she had really worried about F and G and their futures. They have had several families view them and even start the bonding process only to back out and leave. She said that she had worried they might never find their "forever" family. This made me cry.. and I told her that Phil and I both knew in our hearts that they were OUR girls... with tears streaming down my face.... I look up and she's crying too... I couldn't help it and got up and hugged her. She hugged me back and it was a GREAT moment.
I just continue to be in AWE of God's favor and amazing goodness in all this.
Svetlana is telling us that it's not looking so good for a fast court date... they are anticipating a date WAY into Dec... We will know for sure by the end of the week. She did say she's hoping for us...but, suspects it will be several weeks off... Please continue to pray!! We are trying so hard to stay positive and know that whatever happens it's all in God's hands! We want to stand before that judge the exact moment that God ordained... even if it's Dec. 20th!
Thanks for the continued love and prayers... I can't tell you enough how we feel them... your comments, emails, FB messages, and skype messages are our lifeline.... :) PLEASE keep them coming.. and snuggle in with your precious families tomorrow... Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


Jstar said...

What a beautiful story about the orphanage director. I think that would be an incredibly hard position to stay "soft" in - and it sounds like you guys were able to tunnel into her heart through that shell. Thank you, Jesus!

Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving Gobbles! Enjoy this 1st of many holidays with your baby girls! God's favor is surely upon you! Loved the story about the director! Their hard exteriors really do have soft insides! We really are all the same! Praying for your court date to be exactly in line with the Lord's will!

Friends and Family said...

I loved your story about the director brought tears to my eyes!! God is amazing!!! Love you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
April Kelly

Friends and Family said...

We love you both so much and our prayers are with you every single day! I have always looked up to you Lanetta even as a little girl in church, your family has always blessed me and you continue to do so with your faith in God. I love you girl and I pray for strength and supernatural confidence as God continues to use you for His perfect will!!! Love you Shannon Alexander

Friends and Family said...

Great update. So happy for those girls and so happy for you guys. It's true that GOD builds families and although it's hard to think of our child having spent years without us, it's wonderful to know that God always planned it that way for a specific reason. When we were waiting to travel, and having so many problems another believer told me that "Ava wont come home and day too early or a day too late." Ok, so that wasn't exactly comforting at the time but it's TRUE! Love seeing your sweeties in pictures. The change really is very apparent in their faces. We are praying for court...praying praying praying!
~James, Kari and Ava Letterneau

Friends and Family said...

God is Awesome! This is so wonderful we are so happy for you all. We are in continued prayer for your family

Angela H :)

Jessica and Chris said...

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving there. Maybe you can go somewhere fun to eat :) Praying for a faster court date!

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

I have to say that I cried too while reading your post today. Oh how God has put so many things in place for you and you are able to see some of them come to light where I am sure there are some that you will never know he has done. How awesome it is that you had this moment with the director. That was truly a God thing. What a blessing you are to her and to so many. Know that as we are thanking God for many things tomorrow that you and your girls are something that we thank God for every day. We love you all so much. Much love from here in T-town!

Cherilyn, Robert, Nicholas, & Zachariah

Friends and Family said...

What a blessing that you have the heart of the Director. God definately has his girls in his hands, as well as your whole family. What a comfort that is. There is so much to be thankful for.
On a lighter note, I wonder what version of turkey dinner you guys can find... complete with figs?
Blessings to you guys!
Kathy Boshart

dnd82001 said...

You have so so much to be thankful for and we are wishing & praying that everything else moves along quickly!

Whatever happens as you already know you are so blessed!


And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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