Sunday, November 29, 2009

EXCITING NEWS... and more..

wow... it's been a LONG time since I posted to the blog.. sorry about that... :) I need to try to do better....

ok.. so since I posted we had another yard sale: total donated = over $1700.... and I sent out the following update tonight:

Hello to everyone today! We hope and pray that everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! We had a great time with family and are so thankful and blessed!

I have some EXCITING news to share.. we found out last week that we were selected to receive a grant from Orphan Impact (formally Hadessah's Hope) for our adoption. I don't know if any of you remember, but I filled out for EVERY grant program we could find at the beginning of this process... about 18 months ago.. and our application has been placed on hold with them... they raised some funds and felt God prompted them to select our family to bless... God just continues to provide! Thank you Lord!!!

Just a little update... we will need approximately $45,000 in hand when we travel (if we do indeed adopt 2 children... less if only one!)... The next time we have news it will be that we've received our LOI (letter of invitation) and have have dates to travel.
As you would expect this is very exciting... :) Please continue to pray for this journey, the timing, our children, and the finances!!! The Lord will provide.. this we know.. he spoke to our hearts... we've said, "Yes, Lord.. we are willing... and here we are!" There are so many instances that he's shown us that he is going to see this through... we are so excited and thrilled!! Receiving this grant of $1200 was just another way God reminded us that we are in "his perfect" will!

We also just finished up and closed out the Premier Jewelry Fundraiser. Thanks if you looked at a catalog and/or placed an order. We did very well with this fundraiser, and quite honestly it was one of my favorites yet... I didn't have to do much work!! The jeweler (Jolene Elmore) was EXCELLENT and such a blessing and blessed us with practically ALL her profits... she just donated her time and company to bless our family and this adoption! If you are interested in hosting a party or hearing more about Premier Jewelry, please give her a call... she is so kind, sweet, and has been such a blessing to us!!

The pig raffle also ended up well.... we made around $500.00 profit on the give-a-way... but, more exciting than that was that the pig went to the Bowman's... Cooper Bowman. If you don't know Cooper in the step-son of Malinda Bowman, a dear friend who recently WON her battle and fight with Cancer and is rejoicing in Heaven now... :) Phil and I know that this give-a-way was ordained straight from God and that Malinda is smiling as she is worshiping our Savior!! God takes care of his children!!! :) It was so exciting to get to call Greg and his family and tell them that they had won the pork!!!! Thank you Lord for continuing to wrap your arms of comfort around Greg, Cooper, and Rayanne...

Just one simple "house cleaning" thing that I need to address as well... I have several people who owe money for various items - cookbooks, tickets for the pig raffle, yard sale stuff, jewelry, pansies, etc.. If you could please let me know that you are aware of this, I would appreciate it so much... with so many fundraisers going at one time it's hard to keep up with everything.. and I know lots of time people just forget... so this is a friendly reminder!!!! :)

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us on this LONG journey of fundraising and "waiting"... We appreciate your love and support so much.. and know that we are so humbled by the love and support we've received!!!

It's almost Christmas time again... wow! We are selling Christmas Poinsettias again for a Adoption Fundraiser. If you would like to purchase one, please contact us or e-mail me. I need all orders turned in asap, but you can let me know as late as Dec. 7-8th. As always you may post date any checks until payday if that helps. The details are below... if you have any questions, please ask... PLEASE pass the info. along to all family and friends. Ask your church, your boss, a business you know that decorates with Poinsettia's for the holidays... Thank you so much!!!
Blessings, Lanetta
All orders must be placed by Dec 8th.
Plants are top quality from Canterbury Gardens in OKC.
Poinsettias will be delivered on Thurs., Dec. 10th
Payment can be made at time of order or when plants are delivered.

We are adopting a Baby Boy or children
from Kazakhstan… Help us be God’s hands and heart extended by reaching out to an orphan around the world…

To hear more of our story and where we are in the process, contact us or visit our blog @
(for an invite to the blog... e-mail me)

Order your Poinsettia’s –
While also helping an orphan find their forever family…

God Bless You!
Phillip & Lanetta Gobble & Family

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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Click here to visit our website to read about how our journey to international adoption began... and how God spoke to our hearts to open our lives and family to a child who otherwise might not ever know him.
God bless!

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