Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food Pictures

Here are some pictures of various food... lots of you have asked about the food.. :)

The above pic is of the Old Englishman Rest... highly recommended to us by previous Pavlodar Adoption Families and the in country staff here... Below are pics of our food.. We went with our translator, Symbat... all you can eat for 3 adults including drinks and dessert was under $18.00. The food was good as well. I liked it lots better than Phil! :)

This above picture is a breakfast that I made here in the apartment for us.. your basic ham, eggs, and toast. Yes, it looks good.. however, NOTHING tastes like it does in America... It was good though! Phil thinks the eggs even taste different... He also thinks sure that we are buying and eating pigeon eggs... OH PHIL! :)

The above is my favorite... Krendals! YUMMY! It looks like the pic didn't completly upload... but, mine is the chicken and rice...DELICIOUS!!! :)
Here's the famous pizza with mayo... YUMMY! NOT! However, Phil even ate some... both these pizzas plus delivery = $12.00!
This is YUMMY pizza. This is the classic pizza from Classic Pizza (ha ha)! The white thing in the center is an egg... (YUCK!)... however, if you pick the egg off the pizza is VERY yummy!!
Phil's pizza @ Classic Pizza.. He orders the Sicily... as you can see it's loaded with beef! It is REALLY good and Phil's favorite food here in Pavlodar so far!! (see below!)
Yep... as you can see... he was VERY happy to be about to bite into that baby!! :)
This is Phil's meal from Krendals... it's a beef dish. He liked this a lot! It was delicious. As we were attempting to order this meal a couple days ago... A lady who was also dining at Krendals had pity on us and realized we spoke English. She came over and helped us order. We've found that overall the people here are VERY nice and helpful!
My favorite meal so far.. the chicken dish @ Krendals... YUMMY!! :) The salad is delicious.. not sure exaclty what the clear sauce on the veggies is.. but, it's delicious!!! Oh and the best part... our entire meal.. including a basket of bread, coke and ice... = $14.00!!!


Friends and Family said...

Thanks so much for the food photos. It helps us feel like we're there with you, halfway around the world. Hang in there!
Kathy (Constien) Boshart

Angie said...

The Sicily was our favorite classic pizza as well! Good choice Phil! I don't know how different the menu is now, but they had a taco salad at the old englishman when we were there that was super yummy. One of the only places we found real lettuce. Also we liked the lasagna there. Good luck tomorrow!

Jessica and Chris said...

That was fun to see your food! I agree with Phil. Everything DOES taste different. Chris wouldn't drink the milk, made him want to throw up. I didn't mind it. Have you had yogurt? Like the really fattening kind? It is sooo yummy! One of the things I absolutely missed the most for sure. Ok so it is 7am now in Kaz! :) yipeee!! Had a crazy day sorry I didn't email:( Can't wait for your day today!!

aultfamily said...

Great pictures of all the food! I wish we would have done that. :) So cute to see the big smile on Phil's face with HIS pizza! I don't understand why they would put an egg in the center of the pizza. Hmmmm.

Hugs and prayers,

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