Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec. 1, 2010 - Update!

The caregiver came out of the play room with the girls with HUGE smiles asking us what we were naming the girls. Symbat told her, Grace and Faith. She starts laughing and says that the girls have been calling each other Grace and Faith and telling others that their names are now Grace and Faith! She said they are even saying their names with exact American accents! :) She was all smiles and thought it was very sweet that they wanted to use their new names. We were very happy to hear this.
Here's a picture of Grace and Mama!

Papa and Grace! Oh.. I forgot to mention the fact that Phil had to shave... His trimmer has stopped working.. we even bought one here, but it's already broken... so he decided to just shave it all off and let it grow back! Those who know him well know that this does not happen very often... and we were a little worried what the twins would think. They both noticed right away when running to him for hello hugs on Monday morning.. but, after touching his face and kissing him initially, they haven't seemed to notice again! :) The timing wasn't very good.. his face is FREEZING! lol!

Faith and I decided to build a house out of the blocks. She was so excited and we pretended we were going to surprise Papa and Grace when we got it built! :)

Here we are in the 'house'! She loved this... today was by far the best day we've EVER had with Faith. She played, talked, laughed, hugged, asked ?'s.... it was an amazing day with her.

Here we have the babies in the house. They started crying and we had to go and get them.. :) She thought this was the coolest thing ever.... Bay and Brook she's going to LOVE building tents with us!!! There are some fun times ahead with your little sisters!!
Symbat took this picture of her inside... Symbat is looking in one of our windows! Papa is in there with her now.... honestly, she likes playing in there with Papa more than Mama!

We finally convinced Grace to try it... she would go inside for a few minutes, but then run back out saying NYET! Grace was not herself today... it worries me a lot. She did not want to play with us hardly at all. She told Symbat she just wanted to play alone without anyone... :( She felt warm to me... (but, I didn't say anything)... I really think she wasn't feeling well. Makes me so sad.

Upon exiting the house one time... Grace stood up and BARRELLED out of there in pure GRACE fashion... and knocked it completely down... this is the look she got from her sister... (hee hee!).... and a "NYET GRACE... NYET!!! and a BE SOFT (in English)!
We reassured her to not worry... that we could fix it ever bigger and better than before! Go Mama Go!!! This one is even bigger. Papa and Faith both could lay down in here!! :)
Notice Papa's fixing the baby's hat? ;) oh.. and she quickly started say... Papa, Papa... PLEASE come in! (in English) ;) and "Papa, Where are you?" (in English)
I just let Papa and Faith play and followed Grace around... she seemed so down in the dumps. Symbat thinks she might have been jealous... I sure hope not.. but, who knows. I loved on her and tried to explain to her that we wanted to play with her too.

We did find out that Svetlana does know which judge we've been assigned, but we have no other news regarding the date, etc. They are saying that we should find out any day... continuing to wait and know that God's plan is so much better than ours! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Friends and Family said...

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! We know you are feeling lonely, weary, and now very cold!! It's so sweet to see the progression of the girls and how they're bonding with you. They are so sweet.
We're praying for you guys and that court date!!!

Friends and Family said...

whoops! that was me Jeannie T above! forgot to sign!

Friends and Family said...

The girls seems to a glow around them :) We are keeping your whole family in our prayers. I love reading the updates and seeing all of the pics. Thank you for sharing your great journey with all of us.
Angela H :)

Friends and Family said...

Allright, we can start praying for that judge!!!
Kathy B

aultfamily said...

Fun, fun pictures! Come on court date, come on! :) Love and hugs guys!

Friends and Family said...

You guys are doing great! Keep staying strong and loving on those girls!
~Kari Letterneau

Jessica and Chris said...

It is amazing to me to hear you talk about their language and how they use both. They are funny and being that we have twins there is something that goes on between them that only twins share. That rivalry is on going and non stop. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :) haha!

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

I so wanted to call you guys this morning. On my way to taking the boys to school about 7:20am we were praying for the day and God was just really laying you on my heart. Lanetta...God was really laying you on my heart and I feld you so tightly up in prayer. I held you before the Lord and asked him to give you the strength you needed, the understanding you needed, and to lift you up because at that moment I knew in my heart that your spirit needed to be lifted. For whatever reason God has continued to bring you back to my mind all day long. I had held you up to him so many times today. Zachariah prayed this morning over you all on his own. He prayed that God would give you a quick court date and that he would wave the waiting period. I was so proud of him for doing this all on his own. Your family is forever apart of our family. We love you all so much! Nicholas says he wants to build a tent w/ the girls too. He loves tents and knows they will love it too. Hang in there our dear friends. God's timing is so not what ours is so many times. We know it is hard but we know you are trusting in his master plan.

Love, Hugs, Blessings, & Prayers,
Cherilyn, Robert, Nicholas, & Zachariahs

Kelly and Sne said...

Your girls are as precious as ever! Hoping that you hear about a court date very soon!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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God bless!

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