Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bonding Day 5!

Today was once again a good day with the girls. They were so thrilled to see us appear at their doorway. Warms my heart all the way to my toes to walk in that door! :) They run straight to their little cabinets and start yanking off their clothes so that they can put on the clothes we brought for them. I almost wish they didn't make them do that, but it's just part of the way it works, I guess. The girls LOVE putting their new matching suits on.. so I guess it's fine. They then left with us and we headed down the stairs and down the hall to the PE room. After arriving in the PE room and playing for a while I asked Symbat if it would be ok if I tried some boy clothes on them. (Let me explain!) We only brought boy clothes with us... so we have NO way to determine the size of clothing they will need in US sizes. The clothes they have had on have been size 4 and bigger. I can't decide if they need a 2 or 3T in America size.. so this was the only idea I could come up with. I've had several emails of people asking about sizes, etc.. and I'm trying to decide. They are so slender. Grace is some bigger than Faith, but not much. The 3T clothes I took were plenty big... but, I worry that 2T might be to small. However, then I worry that 3T will be WAY to big and fall off them.. urg!!! The clothes I tried on them were WAY to big... Just hang tight another day (if you are waiting on sizes) cause I'm going to take another couple things tomorrow and see if that helps me decide... sorry! I just had to include the picture below... when I pulled the clothes out of the bag they came RUNNING... and shedding their clothes with HUGE smiles on their faces... I felt bad that I was trying boys clothes on them... however, they don't even know the difference! They were both SO eager to try them on... and at one point they were both stripped down to their panties.. We had to hustle to get them redressed quickly.. before anyone saw them... LOL!! Wouldn't want them to get cold in that room that is 115 degrees.... cause they could catch a cold!
Below Grace is excited... and Faith is stripping.. :) for her turn!

Pausing again for a picture.. but, they'd much rather continue to play with the balloons.. Faith is in the background trying SO hard to blow hers up all by herself... she doesn't need any help! Little Ms. Independent! ;)

They try so so SO hard to blow them up.. and then get disgusted.. like why can't we get these things to work like Mama and Papa do!



Mama and Grace... I was showing her here that she had sugars running all over her neck and I needed to 'get' them with my kisses! She LOVED this game.. This is my favorite thing to do to my girls and Cody (my nephew) when they wake up... I can't wait to steal sugars from these 2 babies for the rest of their lives!! :)


We have another prayer request... After being in the PE room for about one hour (we were told to visit/bond from 10 - 12), one of the Dr's comes into the room and starts raising her voice at Symbat. Symbat says very little in response, but the Dr continues to shake her finger at her and raise her voice. After a few minutes of GRIPPING and YELLING at Symbat.. she leaves the room. Symbat quickly tells us that we have to go.. and that the Dr says the girls go "swimming" everyday @ 11, and they are to return to their room immediately. This is the same Dr. who appeared on Day 2 in the Music room with both girls jackets and proceeded to raise her voice at Phil and I.. point her finger at us.. and put jackets on both the girls. (Symbat had stepped out to the bathroom.. so we were alone.. and had NO idea what she said.. except that it was OBVIOUS she was not happy with us.) We have NO control over what the girls are wearing... we are barely allowed to step into their room... much less request that they have a jacket... We told Symbat and she asked the caregivers when we took the girls back... they said that they just didn't put their jackets on them... and that it wasn't a big deal. In the back of our mind... we knew it was a big deal.. the DR was MAD at us... You can tell when you are getting gripped out.. even if you do not understand ANY words that are being said. Symbat and lawyer continually told us not to worry.... it would be fine. ok... back to today.. so we head with the girls back to their group QUICKLY.. I helped them undress and wrap in a robe.. The caregivers were VERY kind.. and said they'd love for us to come to the "swimming pool" with them... I was excited to get to go with them! We head down the hall to go with the caregivers. I am holding one of the girls hands and didn't realize that the Dr once again stopped Symbat and Phil in the hallway... She said we had to leave and could NOT go into swimming pool area. They look around and realize I'm already in there. I look around and realize they weren't behind me... :( The caregivers kept telling me "Papa" and pointing to door... like for me to go get him... but, I just knew they would be coming in there any second... The "swimming" pool is about 2 feet deep and NOT clear... it's about 4 feet across and 8 feet long (maybe). The girls had to step into a tub on cleaner soapy looking water.. and splash it all over them... then they were instructed to get into pool. I am seriously wondering if this is consdiered their "bath". I suspect that it is... :( Regardless, they LOVED the water! They jumped in and the coach gave them each a little ring. The Coach then started saying things in Russian...then would say "Mama"... the girls would do something then look at me and smile... Like... LOOK MAMA!!! It was PRECIOUS!!! They were kicking and jumping and dunking their heads. After about 5 minutes, Symbat comes to the door and says we have to leave. I can tell by her face that it's NOT good. :( We didn't even get to tell them bye... :(
Symbat then tries to find the director (who is so kind and sweet), but she was not available.. so we just left. Symbat immediately called Svetlana and she called the babyhouse to speak to the director. They continue to reassure us that all is ok... and keep telling us to NOT worry.. but, it's hard to not be concerned.. Lots of you have asked about prayer requests... so please add this DR. to the list! Thanks so very much.... Pray that she'll see Jesus in us.. and maybe someway we can plant a quiet seed in her bitter heart... :)
We didn't get to go back to the babyhouse this afternoon.. and we're not sure why.. Symbat says the car is not available... but, half the time we've taken a cab anyway.. so we don't really know what is up. She said all is fine..not to worry... we're going back in the morning @ 10 am.
We already had an appointment tomorrow afternoon with Svetlana, so I'm sure she'll fill us in then on what she's found out.. etc.
We went to lunch with Symbat to a new rest.. called Noah's Ark... yes! like the bible story.. it was a nice place... very nice inside, and the food was delicious. We then went shopping for tights. I wanted to find LOTS of tights to donate to the babyhouse. ALL the kids (boys and girls) all wear these thick tights under everything they wear (very typical Kazak thing). Most of the kids in G and F's group have on the saddest tights and clothes I've ever seen... I would give about anything to have all the clothes (kids clothes) we had left over from all our yard sales to give to the babyhouse... We found a shop with fairly cheap tights and bought about 15 pair. I wanted to give enough that EVERY child in the group has 2 new pair! We also bought some panties to donate... and we have several pair of boys underwear with us as well. We tried to find the girls some more clothing.. but, it's tough to find a shop with 2 matching outfits... Symbat and Phil were cracking up at me.. but, I really want them to have the same outfits! silly... I know! I will be able to dress them exactly the same in the US if I want... Phil convinced me that right now they just need clothing... not to worry about style.. and cuteness and/or matching! :) He's such a clever guy! :) So, we bought 1 more outfit each for them. What I wouldn't give for a Wal-mart or Target kids department right now... :)
We then walked around some and then came back to the apartment... Phil's back is killing him! Please keep praying..
oh.. and one more prayer request: I have a very special unspoken prayer request... it has NOTHING to do with the girls or the adoption, but it's very important to me. I can't share anything about it more than this. I know that all of you are joining us in prayer... and I would appreciate you covering this in prayer for me as well.
Love and God Bless... oh.. and if you sign the blog under the generic account of Family and Friends... PLEASE remember to sign your name... otherwise we have NO idea who it is.. :) Please keep the comments, emails, prayers, and FB comments coming... we are enjoying all of them SO SO SO much!!!
... and if you are checking here for sizes of clothing... etc.. check back tomorrow... and I'll know for sure.... Love ya!


Friends and Family said...

We have so enjoyed the blog each day Phil and Lanetta!
The pictures are soooooo cute!!
Very interesting about the "pool" I'm sure you're right about the bath thing. Zhen talks about washing up from a bucket. I know they had a shower day once a week though.
Wow, do I wish I had bought more tights there! They had the craziest patterns!
We will be praying for your requests.
Again, it's been so enjoyable reading every thing each, The Trumans
(Oh, try at least to get pics of them before they change! You'll be happy to have the pics of them in their interesting outfits!) I loved seeing what the kids would come out in each day!! you can't beat those tights and shorts combos!!

Friends and Family said...

Praying for each request! Asking God to move on this doctor through the prayers of the saints, to bring healing to Phil's body and meet your special request. God is bringing you to my remembrance frequently during the day. God is good....ALL the time!!!!! Shari F.

Jennifer M said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the mean doctor! Hopefully the director can clear things up and set some clear boundaries and expectations for everyone.

Just a thought on the clothing aspect: most children who have been institutionalized for a year or more go through a HUGE growth spurt the first 3 months home. It's not uncommon for kids to grow 3-6 inches and put on 5-10 pounds. If the girls swim in 3T, but 2T fits, my advice is to have people buy mostly 3T stuff. (Or whatever the appropriate size.) Otherwise you'll have piles and piles of barely worn 2T clothing that won't fit this spring. Then again... with the season change, you'll need a new wardrobe anyway. Either way, just don't forget to include that "home lovin'" growth spurt the girls are going to hit when they get home when you're thinking about clothing sizes! :-)

Im so glad seeing the girls warms you to your toes! That put a big smile on my face!

Our Ukrainian Journey said...

Hi Lanetta! Reading your blog brings back alot of memories...good and bad! Like the doctor and wearing clothes like it's 10 degrees below zero! haha!! Keep in mind that when you bring your beautiful girls home they are going to gain alot of weight. Laramie and Grayson were wearing a 3/6 MONTH old when we first brought them home and now they are in 9/12 month clothes and it's only been 2 months! I can't wait until you can bring them home!

Susan said...

What is with the mean dr's...the head dr at Leeza's baby house was mean too! I will pray that her heart softens. Perhaps she just needs to get to know you. I thought a couple of Leeza's caregivers didn't like us, but as I spent 9 weeks there before we got custody, I later found out they were just very protective of Leeza. They have NO idea what we go thru to get to Kazakhstan and adopt these children, so I just felt like they needed for us to prove ourselves and our love for Leeza.
Maybe on your next trip you can take some clothes donations with you...I don't think 2 Hearts has any inventory left. We took a lot back over when we went.
I had so much fun shopping for Leeza in Kaz-i had never got to buy girl clothes before. I still go insane...and how much fun are you gonna have finding matching things for them. :) I would defintely go bigger (3t) cuz they will grow quickly. I love seeing them blossom with you...ya'll are a MAJOR bright spot in my day.

Kim said...

Lifting your requests up to the Lord today! We also had a very stern doctor and BH director. In the end when it was time to bring Lindsay with us for good, their personalities had softened so much and they were giving kind hugs. Praying the same happens for you.
Oh how I remember wishing for a Target or Walmart and a clothes dryer just like you are now. Shopping over there is so different and expensive! I don't take stores here for granted anymore! Love all the pictures of you two with the girls. The smiles are fantastic! Keep up the great spirits!

Trudi said...

from all the blogs I have read for years now, it seems like mean and doc go hand in hand at Babyhouses. It is so curious, but seems normal. Just hang in there and focus on your beautiful twins....this too shall pass.

aultfamily said...

Swimming lessons?! Now that is the first I have heard of it over there! :) If it makes you feel any better, we got yelled at all the time. It felt like we couldn't do anything right. I know it is for the protection of the children. We continue to pray for you all.

4texans said...

Wow, she sounds so mean. Some of the people still have the Soviet way of thinking. I don't remember ever being yelled at, of course, that didn't stop us from worrying about it! I will pray your adoption will go smoothly here on out. I was wondering how you tell the girls apart if they are wearing the same thing? They are identical, right?

Friends and Family said...

I know how much work it is to keep up a blog, and want to THANK YOU again for sharing it all with us! Thanks for the specific prayer requests. I feel so helpless just praying for your strength and a smooth process. LOVE the photos!
Kathy Boshart

Friends and Family said...

Phil & Lanetta,

We are getting ready to say our night time prayers. We just had our daily dose of getting caught up on the blog and what is going on with you and the girls. We will be praying tonight and continue to pray every night over you all. We will be praying for Phil's back, for the dr. to show you favor and see Jesus in your lives and in your love for the girls. We will also be praying over your unspoken request. Going to make a list of things to pray over you based on what you listed yesterday along with today so we can see physically and be reminded daily of what exactly to prayer over.

Nicholas says he hopes you are able to find the girls some matching clothes and hopes that you will post the sizes of the clothes so that we can get them some.

Zachariah just hopes that you can find some girl clothes for them. :)

We love you guys and are keeping up with you daily and praying over you. We love you both so much along with Baily and Brooke. Even though we've only seen Faith and Grace in pictures God has already made them apart of our family and we love them too.

Hugs from Tulsa :)
Cherilyn, Robert, Nicholas, & Zachariah Chorette

dnd82001 said...

We had the same - getting scolded is not pleasant especially when you don't know what is being said and you really can't & shouldn't try and explain yourselves - they told just smile and let the translator handle it - go with the flow and that is what we did. And yes the's all good and prayers are sent your way!


Kari J said...

Oh, do we know what it is like to be in troulble with someone at the orphanage! For us it was a couple of caregivers. Things like we were taking pictures of the other kids- we weren't, The kids had to have their sweaters on- It was 80 degrees. We couln't talk to the other kids on the playground- they came over to us. We also had to miss several visits because of bath day, and play practice. Oh, well you do get through it and in the end those babies are yours and will be in your arms forever!
Thanks again for the wonderful photos and the time you take to write about the day. I love it!

Kari J said...

Oh, do we know what it is like to be in troulble with someone at the orphanage! For us it was a couple of caregivers. Things like we were taking pictures of the other kids- we weren't, The kids had to have their sweaters on- It was 80 degrees. We couln't talk to the other kids on the playground- they came over to us. We also had to miss several visits because of bath day, and play practice. Oh, well you do get through it and in the end those babies are yours and will be in your arms forever!
Thanks again for the wonderful photos and the time you take to write about the day. I love it!

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