Friday, November 26, 2010

Nov. 26, 2010 - Update!

The first picture I want to share today is from the Thanksgiving celebration that happened at Nana's house! Bailey, Brooklyn, and Cody(my nephew) have quite a tradition of putting on plays and shows for us. Phil and I LOVED receiving this picture this morning from my sister-in-law (thanks Christy)... it looks like a play involving Mary, baby Jesus... perhaps a pilgrim (or is that Joseph?) and the play choreographer and director Bailey DeAnne! :) Notice the backdrop and all the details... The productions that happen in Nana's living room are quite incredible.. and to think that we'll soon have 2 more in casting roles! We sure are missing these 3 adorable kids!! Bay, Brook, and Cody... We love you SO much!! You'll have to do the play again for us when we get home... ok?!

Fun times today at the BH... with the twins!

We asked Grace how she liked the car ride (through Symbat) and she rattled off a bunch of stuff.... Symbat said, "SHE LOVED IT!!" The Dr. (not the one who's given us a hard time) came in and said that she will most likely need glasses later in life.. but not yet.. however she needs 2 kinds of medicines and they needed us to purchase them. We bought them after we left the bh.. One was eye drops and the other eye vitamins... Can't wait to get her home and get her eyes checked... :)
Overall we had a good day with the girls. They continually amaze and puzzle us. They switch roles daily and just when we think we have them figured out... THINK AGAIN!!

We went to Classic Pizza for lunch and then walked around some. It was much warmer here today. However, it's been snowing again this evening.
We received a HUGE box from Phil's aunt and uncle today. They had called us and said it was coming and to not buy anything else for the twins. They said they were sending a box with everything the girls would need while we are here and to bring them home. The box was huge and as you can see it was overflowing with stuff...
It was like Christmas for us... :)
Here are ALL the contents spread out on the table and the snacks/food they sent us on the bar up above it.. isn't it incredible? There were 2 nice coats, boots, shoes, tennis shoes, 6 outfits, panties, socks, hair bows, 2 nice v-tech toys, matching hats and mittens.... and lots of snacks and good food for Phil and I. I just cried... Phil just smiled and hugged me! We lost Phil's mom about 4 years ago. She would have been SO thrilled to be gaining 2 more granddaughters.. Phil has always been VERY close to his aunt Linda, but since losing his Mom... she has really stepped up and been exactly what we needed! We are so thankful for you Linda.. and Steve... thank you so very much! When she called she said that they couldn't stand the thought of the girls not having what they needed.. :) Once again the Lord coming shining through! Thank you Jesus.. and thank you to our wonderful families who so generously give! We are so so so very thankful for you and are so very blessed by you!

We didn't hear anything about a court date today... again... it's 9:17 pm here... I waited till late to post this... hoping we'd hear, but nope not a word. Symbat says she bets we'll hear from Svetlana with details tomorrow... Well, we'll see I guess.
Today has been the hardest day for me in the entire 5 weeks we've been here. It's been long... the days are getting longer and longer... and we are SO ready to get moving with this.. trying so hard to stay positive... cling to Jesus... remember his word and promises... and remind each other that HIS TIMING IS PERFECT!!!
Check back tomorrow... I can't wait to try some of the girls new clothes on them!!! Wahoo!! They will be SO excited!!! Have a good Black Friday... and hope you find LOTS of bargains! :)


Jstar said...

Oh, sweetie, hang in there! 5 weeks is a long time, waiting for court sucks... and God will never let you down. He is doing good work in you and through you!

Kim said...

You can make it! What a wonderful blessing to get all those beautiful things for the girls! I wish I could see their faces when they see all their new things that belong to them! Hoping & praying you hear about your court date soon!

Jill (& Bob) said...

What an amazing gift from Phil's aunt and uncle! Faith and Grace are two blessed little girls! Hugs and prayers for you all!

Becki Stone said...

Hugs! I'm praying you get your court date tomorrow!! I love the pic of Bay and Brooke!!! TOO CUTE!!
I know what it feels like to get down, and days get really long- just hang in there!!! Believe me it's all worth it!

aultfamily said...

Wowie, how did Phil's aunt and uncle get ALL THAT STUFF in that one box?!!! What a blessing they are! I chuckled at the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Vonda & Mike brought us an emergency stash when they arrived 2 weeks after us. :)

I loved the pictures of all 4 of your girls (and nephew). Wow, what wonderful costumes they had. :)

Here is the verse on my heart for you today:

"Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith." -Hebrews e12:1-2

Friends and Family said...

"Long trip, part of gift." I have shipped to that part of the world so I know a big part of that wonderful gift box you got was the postage.
Love the updates. Know you're writing new talks when you're in the apartment with nothing to do. You have plenty of time to work on AFRO. teehee.

Friends and Family said...

I don't know if you can tell the previous comment was from me. Becky Rhoades

Kari J said...

Good call on the American comfort/junk food. We found comfort in Pringles and M&M's (outragiously priced because it is an import)but was home none the less. What an amazing amount of clothes to fit in that box! How did they do it?
I think the girls look happier and more secure with you everyday! I am praying that you hear a court date on Monday and that it is very soon.

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