Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Nov. 22 - Update!

We went to the BH again this morning. When we arrived at the door of their group, the caregiver saw us and immediately called their names. They came RUNNING... saying, "Mama - Papa!" The caregiver then told them that they had to go potty first. They go straight down a hallway and into a room that we can see straight ahead. All the little kids have their own potty (or there are several they share). Faith and Grace get their little pottys and scoot back where they can still see us while going. :) They have done this before.. I just forgot to mention it. They are sitting on their little pottys and GRINNING at us.. waving and blowing kisses! It's so precious... they can hardly go fast enough to DASH back down the hallway into our arms for hugs and kisses!! It's such a PRECIOUS time! The caregiver asked Symbat to ask us if we liked them while we were grinning like idiots and blowing kisses back at them while they were pottying... LOL!! We laugh and tell her.. YEAH, I'd say so! WE LOVE THEM! The caregiver smiles huge and says that they have been waiting on us for a LONG time (their mama and papa)! She said they are so different just since we've been visiting them... and everyday they are more obedient and they are SO much happier. She said it's so obvious that they are SO happy! :) After I was able to swallow the HUGE lump in my throat and answer... we told her we were SO thrilled to finally make it to them as well.. and that we've been waiting a long time to get to them too!! :)
In a flurry of hugs and kisses and telling the caregivers bye... we head to the PE room to play.
I just have to share.. before you see the pictures.. that I talked Phil into buying them babydolls and strollers! Yeah, I know... kind of big to take to the BH, but they fold up and went in our bag rather nicely! I've looked for about 2 weeks for cheap kids strollers... and found 2 matching ones at the outside market for $4.00 each! Couldn't pass them up... we also found some softer babies with bottles.. and they were cheaper as well! Phil wasn't so sure they'd like the strollers... Oh my goodness... you should have seen their faces. They played with the babies and strollers the entire 2 hours!!! :) It was so cute... We loved on those babies.. fed them and sang to them!!! :)
We had just given them the strollers and babies here... look at her face!!!! :) Symbat told them that we have LOTS of babies and toys at our house at home... and Bay and Brook are waiting on them to play!! :) They just smiled and said DAH! (yes)!

It was SO hard to stand still and take pictures... these babies REALLY wanted to ride in their strollers.. ;) Faith smiling....

Grace smiling... (and just a side note.. I love that Phil is grinning in the background... ;) the joy and love we feel grows EVERYDAY!)

Faith's baby was crying and she was making sure it was ok.. :)
THANK YOU so much Papa for these awesome strollers and babies! (hey..wait a minute.. these were my idea! ;))
Grace was so sweet with her baby. She would stop and love her baby and feed it. She was so gentle and kind and polite with hers! This girl so fools us all the time! Faith appears to be more of a cuddlier... but, you just never know with Grace!! LOVE IT!
We showed the girls how to love on the babies.. cuddle and hug them. They quickly learned and would imitate us amazingly well. I even used the babies bottles and we pretended they (Faith and Grace) were my baby and we rocked... They CRACKED up, but snuggled in! Faith picked up her baby and started singing... ("I love you so much.. I love you so much") That's the song that I've been singing to them everyday.. and cuddling with them. She knew the tune and several lines.. (in English).. it was AMAZING!!
When it was time to leave, Faith threw herself on the floor and started whimpering and saying NO very loudly! It was so sad.. We told them (through Symbat) that before long we'll be able to go home and meet Bay and Brook. Every single day it gets so much harder to leave them there. Phil and I fought back tears when leaving today... It was a good day... we see so much progress EVERYDAY! We can't wait to pick them up from there FOREVER!
We didn't hear anything from the lawyer this afternoon... so we're hoping we'll hear something tomorrow. We are trying to not look at the calendar... and just trust God that his timing is indeed perfect. We will go to court on the exact day he designed.... as well as be home forever on the exact second that is his perfect will!
Thanks for the love and prayers...
oh.. it was -14 degrees here today... Talk about cold! We walked home after lunch... and it is SO cold. The staff tell us that winter is officially here and things will just go downhill from here.. oh fun! LOL!
BTW: I am not a cold weather fan... lol.. isn't it just like the Lord that I'd be here.. experiencing a Russian Winter! I can survive anything.. and honestly, it's the experience of a lifetime! I am so thankful to be here... in God's perfect will!
Thank you Lord for loving me through my imperfections and fits over the last few years.. thank goodness he's merciful, forgiving and understanding! ;)
Have a wonderful Monday!


Friends and Family said...
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Friends and Family said...

Hi there! I am so excited for you guys and to read the progress each day! It really makes our own process more real and something to look forward to :) Praying for a quick court date!


Kim said...

Their dolls are cute but YOUR little dolls are the CUTEST! Love their hugs & smiles! If I can brave the cold over there then I know you can! Just a little longer!

Jill (& Bob) said...

Love the pics and the joy on everyone's faces! Try to stay warm!

Friends and Family said...

I love checking in for updates daily. We are praying that things will continue to move quickly from this point forward.
When we traveled to Korea to pick up our oldest it was -17.


Friends and Family said...

I can't wait to meet the girls, heck I can't wait to meet Bay and Brooke and Phil!!! Haa Haa!!! Faith and Grace look sooooo happy. I hope that everything goes quickly so you can come home by Christmas and basically be mobbed by all of us!!! :) God really does love his children doesn't he? Hugs!!!!

Friends and Family said...

I forgot to put my name on the post. Love, Suzy

Jessica and Chris said...

Silly Phil,
Girls LOVE strollers!!!! Always! Even little boys like them too :) hahaha! I am so happy for you guys. We continue to pray for your entire family and your requests. It is truly amazing what love and attention can do for a child. They are so blessed as are you guys!

Friends and Family said...

When we were in Semey in Feb of this year it was -45 most days and one day it was only -30 and it really seemed warm amazing what you can get used to, love reading your blog each day the girls look so happy and so they should with a mama and papa and 2 wonderful sisters!!! Amanda from CT

Friends and Family said...

We can see the JOY and feel the LOVE...can't WAIT to see ALL of you when you get home!!!! Thank you for sharing your story with us all!!! May he forgive us all for our imperfections (and tantrums). :)

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

How precious your little girls are with their babies. What a wonderful gift Papa gave the girls...oh was Mama who thought of this. Hehehee...this is how things tend to work in our house too. Love it! We are able to see a difference in the girls from their pictures from the first time you put their pictures on here to now. I have printed out all of your posts since your first day of bonding and made it into a book that I took with us to our 2nd grade Sunday School kids to see the girls. One little girl in our class has been really into your story as we give them weekly updates. She really enjoyed looking at picutres of the girls yesterday. What a wonderful story and testimony you have to share. I love that Jesus is shining through your eyes to so many. BTW...I love the Marriage Encounter referrences you have made the last couple of days. Your little Gobble church is growing and God is so pleased with your church growth. Keep those posts coming. We look forward to reading them as a family each night and are so encouraged by how God is moving in your lives and using you.

Love you today, tomorrow, and forever!
Cherilyn, Robert, Nicholas, & Zachariah

Susan said...

oh i love seeing them everyday..they are so happy. it's amazing what love does. WOW. You guys are such loving parents. I love this. I keep saying love. :)

dnd82001 said...

Sweet,sweet, sweet!

I love this whole journey - so happy for all of you!


Kari J said...

Those girls just don't look like the same 2 girls you met a few weeks ago. They have blossomed and their faces are showing so much more joy and happiness. Con't blessings to your new family.

Friends and Family said...

The story of the two children who ran to you and hugged you just broke my heart as I know it did yours. We have to rely on God to take care of these children - love you, Carlletta

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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