Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update...can you please help us????

WE MET OUR CHILDREN TODAY!!  We went to the babyhouse today and met twin girls.   They were so sweet.    We fell in love.  WE MET OUR CHILDREN!  It is not what we planned, but we both feel it's God's plan for us..     They are 3 1/2 and so so so in need of a family and love. 
We came back the aparment so thrilled.. but, quickly the truth hit us... We don't have the money to adopt 2 children!  
As most everyone who receives these emails knows we were down to the penny to complete this adoption and that was when we were bringing home one child.   We did not have enough money to adopt 2 children (it's about $13,000 more than one).   We had felt that this must be God's way of telling us we were just to adopt 1 child from Kazkahstan.    We came... we told them this... but, they asked if we were open to 2 children.   We shared that yes, we were open to it.. but, felt that we were only here for one son.   (ha ha!)...    We receieved the call today.. and went to the babyhouse.. they told us there were 2 children available... we assumed they meant 2 for us to choose from...   NOPE.. it was 2 children.    Twin girls.    We had no idea.. until they walked into the room... (or ran).. 
As these two TINY babies walked into that room.. Phil grinning at me and I grinned at him... and we both KNEW....  
We played with them for about 30 minutes it continued to become clear to us that these were our children... I just knew.. and Phil says he just knew.   He says the second they walked in the room... their sweet little smiles.. he knew that he was not going to have a son.   :)    and he was FINE with that!  :) 
We were able to play with them for over 30 mins...  
The Dr. was not available to share all their medical info. with us...  so we are going back to the orphange tomorrow to hear all the medical details.    We both felt 100% sure these were our girls..   I have to admit... I was/am a tiny bit disapointed... I dreamed of a boy.. but, after playing with these angels... my heart is gone!
We didn't really allow ourselves to think about the financial aspect of saying yes to 2 children verses the one..   but, after arriving back here at the apartment it has hit us..  We have NO finanacial way to adopt the 2 girls...  we are $10,000 short of having enough money to bring them home.     As we've been sitting here talking...  (about to burst into tears)...  praying... asking God how... what are we supposed to do...  I decided to just type out an email.  
I know that most everyone who receives these updates has given and blessed us over the past 3 years in ways we've been astonished by...   We have been so blessed by all of you.. 
but, as we've been here for 2 weeks today... I can't help but, think of how fortunate we are in the US... we have NO idea how blessed we are... 
This upcoming Sunday is orphan Sunday...   can you PLEASE help us bring these 2 girls home??   Our hearts our breaking with the sadness and things we've seen here and we wish we could share a portion of this with all of you.  
We have to give them an answer SOON about these girls.. and we feel in our hearts that we are supposed to do this..    is there anyway you can help?     If you can't help financially... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray...  
if you could see what we've seen...  you would understnad our desperation and understand why we are willing to ask once again for help..  (this is so hard to send out...)
Can you help us?  Can you help us bring 2 babies home forever?   PLEASE feel free to share the news... 
Anyone up for organizing a fundraiser for us???  :)  
We need to give the babyhouse an answer as soon as possible...  honestly, it would be best if we gave them our decision tomorrw morning @ 10 am (12 hours from now)... can we do this in 12 hours?!  PLEASE help us!!!  PLEASE!
 Join us as we trust God for a miracle!!!!! 
Blessings...  PLEASE keep praying for us!
I decided to include the info about how and where to give below:


God is so amazingly awesome!!!  His word is SO SO SO true… he will take care of the Fatherless!!! 

Here's the info.. 

Our local bank:
Payne County Bank -  Just make a deposit into Phillip and Lanetta Gobble's Savings Account – Adoption Account.

Paypal – Our personal paypal is

Here's the info. For making a tax deductable donation through Lifesong:


Made out to Lifesong for Orphans Memo: Gobble 1246

Sent to:

PO Box 40

202 N Ford street

Gridley, IL 61744


Online @ PayPal:

mark Gobble 1246 on memo




Jennifer M said...

Praise God!! Praying, donating, and sending people to your PayPal account as fast as I can. Tears of joy and tears of awe today! Much love to you!

Andrea said...

Lanetta, there is a huge fundraising campaign going on among your fellow Kaz mamas. Please check your Paypal account. We are thrilled beyond words for you. I know your feeling of "just knowing". God has brought you to your girls and this will all work out. You have an army of love over here making sure it happens.

Andrea & Anelya

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta, our prayers are with you and Phil as you continue on your journey! God is so much bigger than finances and He will supply all your needs and the needs of those girls! And I believe they do need you!!! I love you and will do whatever I can to help!

Friends and Family said...

We can all help to make this happen and it will, I know what you mean when you say you just know it is meant to be, everyone is wiling to help bring these sweet girls home hope you can tell the baby house YES we are the family that they have been waiting for!!!!!!! lots of love and prayers Amanda Vigale

Lori said...

Well----here I said I was glad the girls were going to get BubbaS and it turns out it's two more Sissies!!!! HOLY CoW!!!!

Praying, praying, praying!

Angie said...

Wow! That's a huge last minute switch! :D So excited that you KNOW this is it! We'll get your information out to people we know--I've already got my small group praying for direction for you, so now we'll just switch it to finances! Blessings!

Trudi said...

It's meant to be...those twins belong to you! I was happy to help. It's a beautiful story!

betsy said...

Twin Girls - Congratulations!!! I am very happy to help. These children are meant for your family. I am so excited for you all. Praying that the finances will be taken care of very soon. You have lots of people praying for you and surrounding you during this process.

It has been a long journey, but you finally met your children- how wonderful!


Lori Printy said...

Prayers and Paypal on the way....blessings to you and you family. God is at work in the Kaz community...can you feel it?

Jenkins Family said...

I am so excited for you! We just made a donation via your lifesong link. From our little see may a might family grow!

Rayna said...

this IS going to happen!! we are working hard and praying hard. god is going to use your story to witness to so many people. sending lots of love your way....and to those two sweet GIRLS!!! :)

Tracy said...

I am praying and helped through pay pal. I will pass it around. God is faithful. He will provide. He is an on time God... He will do what he sets out to do!!!
He wants these girls in a family.

Hang in there...

Corinne said...

Thrilled !!! God will provide !!! So very happy for you !!

aultfamily said...

What an interesting turn of events! A family of 4 girls, I love it! God is faithful and will be through to the end Lanetta! Prayers and donations on their way (through 2 hearts for hope). I just know God is holding you in the palm of His hand. Do you feel all the love from the Kaz community too?!!! :)


Jstar said...

Oh my gosh - *double* congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear about how your two girls are fully financially covered!!!

Friends and Family said...

Soooo excited for you! Some of us were just made to parent girls :) Congratulations!!!

Muriel and Jerry said...

I am praying for you. Wish we could have done more. Thanks for inviting me.

Friends and Family said...

Prayers and a Pay Pal donation thru Lifesong just sent. Kaz mommas stick together, and now that you have found the children meant to be yours I say Welcome to the Kaz Momma Group! I'm so happy for you and will be checking in frequently for photos of your new darlings!!! xoxo, Ivonne

dnd82001 said...

All your prayers have been miracle just Gods love and your devotion.

Congraulations on your twins!!

Can't wait to read all about them!

So very happy for you, Phil and all your girls!!


And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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