Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday ~ Nov. 22 ~ Update!

I want to start out today's post with some praise reports! I know that all of you are joining us in prayer... and I want to join you in praising our Savior for some awesome answered prayers!!

  • My prayer request on Friday of the family that was here in Kazak, trying to get home... and had experienced difficulties with their daughter's passport... PRAISE REPORT: While I was typing that out, asking you to pray... God was already working... They left on Sat. and have made it home FOREVER!!! Congrats to Selah and her new family! We are so thrilled for you!! :) Thank you JESUS!!!
  • We were able to bond on Saturdays and this past week on the 2 holidays! This was/is a miracle!! It's just the Lord that we don't have 4 days left!!! God is SO good!!
  • Our bonding is officially completed.. and we've seen such HUGE changes in the twins. God is moving in their little hearts and lives, and we're so thrilled to see the changes.
  • While out and about today... the girls (Aida and Jhanar) asked us how 'churches' in America compare to the Mosque here... They are curious, and I just know and feel it's the Lord!! :)
  • We've been notified that the bunk beds, 2 comforters, 2 sets of matching sheets, curtains, 2 matching throws, and the rug have all been purchased for the girls room! Thank you LORD!!!!!
  • We received some pics and our dear friends (we love you Kim and David) took over redoing the room in awesome Helton style! They kiltzed it and have it primed and ready for whatever girl colors I decide. They took down the boy stuff and packed it away.. along with the closet full of clothes etc... They also took apart the crib/toddler bed... and really got things ready for the princess transformation! :) As a side note: I just had to share that I am 'really' worried about Phil... he is LOSING it due to a lack of fried food (ha ha!)... He told me to not be sad about the room... that I can just reassemble and redo that room when we adopt our son! WHAT?! :) I am so glad that the Lord has us to a point that we are 'willing' to be so faithful and obedient to him... even if we feel it's stretching us... you know what.. it's NOT stretching God... he has a plan if you are obedient to him!!
  • Bailey and Brooklyn are doing SO well. I've had 2 close friends tell me that they are doing so much better than they ever expected or thought they would... I just know that the Lord has his hand on them both! Thank you Lord!! I have known all along that the Lord would take care of Bay and Brook during all this.... I knew that the Lord didn't forget that he'd given us 2 precious babies already... when he called us to this! Thank you Lord for your faithfulness!
  • Phil's aunt and uncle have notifed us that they have sent a HUGE box of items to us here in Kazakhstan and we do not need to buy anything else for the twins. This includes coats, shoes, clothes, toys, hair stuff, snacks for us, etc... WE are so thankful this is coming... and it's such and answer to prayer!! God contiues to provide in awesome ways!!! (Thanks so much Linda, Steve, and Andrew.. we are forever grateful!)
  • The wonderful Perry family who own Canterberry Gardens in OKC have contacted us and are going to hold and complete the Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser that we've had for the past several years. They are going to donate ALL plants and EVERY dime that is made to our adoption. The Lord just continues to provide financially for us... we are blown away and in awe of his awesome provisions. I have to say that we stepped out in faith in traveling over here... We had almost to the penny the amount of money we needed.. with little to NO cushion money. The agency was even concerned when we were honest with the amount of money we were carrying in country... Isn't' it just like the Lord? He has blessed our socks off... We just continue to be in awe... I know I keep saying this.. but, I'm telling you that if you are obedient to the Lord he will provide!!!! (and it might come down to the last minute... but, TRUST him.. he'll come through RIGHT on time!)
  • My list of praises could go on and on and on.. but, I'll stop there!!!

Feel free to add to my list of praise reports or prayer requests in the comment section... we'd love to praise or pray with/for you!

I will list out requests at the end of this post!

Now about our day!!

Aidia, Jhanar and I had a lesson in English @ 1 pm. Phil came to Symbat's office and we headed out for lunch and running around town. When we came out of Symbat's office building we discovered that it was even colder and snowing. Here are the girls with Phil!

We went to Aidia's favorite restaurant in Pavlodar for lunch. Here we are with Jhanar at the door. They said it's called Winter's Cherry in English.

Here are these silly girls in the restaurant... They are SO much fun! Aidia is trying to figure out an English word for something. They loved the dictionary! :)
They love taking pics with my camera as well. You can see our food. This was the most expensive meal we've had since in Kazakhstan. It was good, but NOT our favorite. I had chicken with vegetables. Phil had beef with french fries. Phil's beef had prunes in it... ;) Yuck
We think it might have been prunes in our food the other day.. not figs!.. hummm.. After eating we headed to the Mosque... It was really snowing hard and have I mentioned it's cold!!!
This wedding party was coming out as we were walking up... Very pretty and elegant in the snow... if you like snow! :)
The bundled up Americas in front of the Mosque.
Do you see that incline right behind us? That is made out of marble and absolutely a solid sheet of ice. People were sliding down it and playing around. It was SO slick!
We went in the Mosque and had a short tour and saw the museum. It was interesting... and the girls kept asking me questions while inside about churches etc in the US and how it compared.
We then walked to the 'big' mall and walked around some. The girls had to be home by 5 pm so we found a cab and headed back. The girls are so sweet and they LOVE hearing about America and trying to use their English. They also like for us to try to speak in Russian and then they laugh!! It is quite funny! They have been such a bright spot for me... and I'm thrilled Phil got to experience them today! It was a fun day! We made plans for next Sunday with them as well.
Prayer Requests:
  • Continue to remember Gracen Stanek - girl from our hometown and her family.
  • Please continue to remember my special unspoken request.
  • Pray for Svetlana and the paperwork she is turning in tomorrow. (Our petition for court!)
  • Pray they assign us a compassionate kind judge... and that the we will have such favor with them.
  • Pray that we receive such a swift court date! (Wouldn't it be awesome if our court date was on Thanksgiving? That would be record breaking quick... but, with God all things are possible!!!!)
  • Pray for FAVOR, FAVOR, FAVOR!!!!
  • Pray for the judge to waive the 14 day waiting period after court and allow us to pick up girls immediately!!! (Again not very common... but, God is in the miracle working business!!)
  • I know this is so personal and I probably shouldn't ask.. but, it would be so wonderful if we could make it home as a COMPLETE family by Christmas. The girls will be out of school... and they've both asked several times if we are going to be home in time for Christmas. It would be so awesome if this was the Lord's will! If we aren't.. it will be ok.. we'll have Christmas when we are home... :)

Several have asked about visiting the girls now that bonding is over. We will continue to go to the BH and see them daily. They won't realize anything has changed. We are supposed to go in the morning at 8:45. We suspect that we'll hear from Svetlana in the afternoon or possibly go to her office after the visit for more details etc..

We will most definitely keep you posted!
OH.. and if you live locally and would like to buy a BEAUTIFUL poinsettia... I will post the info next time... :)

Love and prayers from Kazakhstan!!


Jill (& Bob) said...

Love reading your updates! It's the first thing I check for each day. Continuing to send prayers your way -- been praying for that Christmas miracle for some time now :)

dnd82001 said...

Everything is so wonderful & we are so so very happy and can feel the love the Lord is showering on your family!!


betsy said...

Congratulations on completing the bonding period!!

I enjoy reading your updates every day and it so amazing to see the progress with Grace and Faith. You can tell in the pictures that they LOVE their mama and papa:).

I will be praying for favor with the remaining process so you can all be home by Christmas!!


Kim said...

Be careful on that ice! It is so slick! Get you some boots like they wear there. bet they have them at the market. I loved seeing a wedding party while we were there. Did you see & hear the cars full of the wedding party in a procession & honking too? We found that some of the food had currants in it. I liked it.
Waiting to hear of your court date- so exciting!
Praying you home for Christmas!

Angie said...

That restaurant, Winter Cherry, is the first restaurant we took Julia to. They let us take her for the weekend after court but before the waiting period was over, and we met all our American/Canadian friends there. :) I love reading your blog and seeing all these places and reliving all the memories! :)

Kelly and Sne said...

Congratulations on the end of official bonding! And it looks like it "ended" in a great way with a spontaneous hug and kiss! I'm so happy to read that things are going well in spite of the cold! Good luck with getting a speedy court date and "yes"!

Susan said...

It is so incredible to watch the way everythign is coming together!!! :) so happy for you!!

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