Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks so much....

Ok.. so I've had over 24 hours to think, ponder, pray, and digest the anonymous commenter... and I've made some changes... :-) Comment moderation and NO anonymous comments allowed here!!!

I am over the feeling of the "need" to explain myself... because so many of you explained it EXACTLY... you said EXACTLY what I was implying when I said, God called us to this journey for specific reasons...

Janie summed it up EXACTLY when she said, "As far as "rescuing" an orphan. I have often heard that by allowing Christ into our lives, we are allowing Him to "rescue" us from a life of death, pain, and suffering. When we bring an orphan home, into a Christian home, from a non-christian country, or even a non-christian environment here in the U.S., and then show that orphan the love of Christ, are we not also in a sense doing our part to "rescue" just as we were rescued? "

All of you who commented and encouraged me are amazing... (Becki, Nicole, Jessica, Lori, George and Debbie, Corinne, Kim G., Mary Ann, Kim, Stephanie, Jill, Janie, Lori, and Crystal (Mimi)! THANK YOU!!!!!

I CAN NOT even begin to express how much your comments and support mean to me! I have to admit that I've reread them several times and you know what... this anonymous commenter does not even realize what they've done... they have given me a HUGE bunch of support and love from people whom I've never met.. I was a little worried when I first read the comment that I hadn't done a good job of writing and really sharing my heart, but your comments proved otherwise. I can not say thanks enough... and I also have to admit that I cried when I read almost all of them! You, my online support group are amazing!! Thanks so much!

One of my dear friends in this journey wrote an entire post on her blog about this issue... and these sentences from her blog are AWESOME... I had to share them. Jessica said, " Lanetta said that maybe she should have chosen other words; what I think is that her words were just misinterpreted. I 100% think that what is happening through adoption is LOVE. It is unconditional love. It is a conscious plan and effort. It is the creation of a family. I believe it is how God works through certain people."

Wow... Great words Jessica... and you are EXACTLY right!!! Click here to see Jessica's blog.

I refuse to be upset or discouraged or think anymore about what someone wrote on my blog... if they want to think that I am uneducated and ignorant... go for it! I answer to a higher power and strive to hear him say one day, "Well DONE my good and faithful servant!"

I do not plan to address this issue again... :-)

ok... so I have to tell another couple of Brooklyn stories. My girls are so funny, they CRACK us up all the time.. We've been talking with the girls about their brother(s) for well over a year so they are really used to it... we talk about it all the time.. They both know that they are going to share Bailey's room when it gets closer to time to go to Kaz.. and we've talked in great detail about it.. hoping that the transition will happen smooth, etc.. Brooklyn had been playing in her room for a while and came out of her room to find me to ask me to come with her to her room to do something (I can't even remember what now!). We are walking towards her bedroom and she says, "Mama, I want to hold you!" AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHh.... melt your heart... she still says it incorrectly and when she stops I am going to be SO sad, but that's not the point! I am now carrying her ;-) and we get to her bedroom door... to be greeted by a MESS of toys all over her floor in her room. I stop in the doorway and teasingly ask her what in the world happened in here... She NEVER misses a beat or hesitates a second and says, "OH Mama, My bubbas have done this!!! You know this really is their room!" LOL!!!! I about died and immediatly start laughing. I finally get it together enough to ask her when they came home from Kaz... and she quickly explains last night.. they were tired of waiting on us!" Can you believe that?! It was precious!!! She's so ornery... and honestly I began to feel sorry for the bubba(s). BTW, the fact that she calls them "bubba(s)" is hilarious to me!!! It's because of her Daddy!

The 2nd funny Brooklyn story happened last night... We were at a restaurant and a family we know came in. They have a baby boy who just turned one. He's ad orable... dark complected and dark hair. He immediately toddles over to Bailey and wants her to pick him up. Bailey is thrilled and LOVES babies... so she's getting to hold him and we are talking with the family.. and yep, Brook has to go to the bathroom... so, she and I head to the bathroom. We've been in there a little while when she starts talking about this baby. She first says he's cute and he sure likes Bay, etc. etc.. Then she says, "Mama did they get him from Kazakhstan?" It was again so precious. I explain to her that No they didn't get him from Kazkhstan and attempt to explain that he was in his mama's tummy like she and Bailey were in mine.. and that our "Bubba(s)" will also grow in their Mama's tummy (in Kazakhstan)... but, they are growing in our hearts.... I wasn't really prepared for this to happen, but I want my kids to understand... She doesn't seem to really listen, but then says, "Mama did they have to wait a long time like we are?" (Talking again about the baby boy Bay is holding!) Again.. I about fell over.. wow!

I am sure that this is just he beginning of the questions.. and that's ok... It's hard if you are 3 years old to wait and wait and wait... Bailey does really well with it... she's so grown up in some ways (not all!) and she so loves the Lord... and hears us proclaiming the word over the adoption and our family.. and she just gets it!

I need to post some pictures soon.. My Dad gave the girls baby goats... yeah, you read it correctly, baby goats! I have some cute pictures of them with the goats and I need to post a couple. We are going to the Circus tomorrow with my Dad as well and the girls are VERY excited about that... so it will be a fun weekend!

Oh and the teacher luncheon today was AWESOME... we made a little over $100 profit!!!

Again, thanks for your support, prayers, and love!

Until next time... we are praying for ALL of you..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Night's post...

I just received the following comment concerning what I wrote last night (see previous post):
An anonymous comment was left:

I've been following your blog for some time and as a fellow Kaz family, I must tell you that your words "but we still have babies to rescue and save" are shocking. Our son from Kaz is a gift and a blessing but we in no way believe we was in in need of a rescue or saving. It was us, my husband and myself, that were in need of a child. Many in the adoptive community believe that the attitude of "saving" children will be harmful when you go through the process of discussing adoption with your child. Every child is a blessing and it he/she is going to be the one who eventually decides whether their adoption was a positive thing - we can only offer true answers about their adoption process and birth families.I wish you the best of luck with your adoption but encourage you to seek out information that will help support your understandings of the impact of adoption on children.

Ok.. so the first thing I want to say is yes I know this... I am not an idiot and do not plan to tell my child in anyway that we saved them... HELLO! Maybe using those terms here was not exactly the best choice of words, but I am not going to go back now and change what I said. Let me just say that when I said we were going to rescue and save... I did not mean rescue and save in the same sense that maybe this reader understood... Better wording would have been, "We still have babies/children to get to!" I probably should have worded it differently, but God spoke to our heart to do this... in a bold and amazing way... and KNOW beyond a doubt that God led us to Kazakhstan... if you'd like to know all those reasons.. just ask... I'd love to chat with you via e-mail. Those very reasons are what led me to say rescue and save...
Phil and I have talked at great length about how that this child/children are really saving us along with lots of other people.... (people whose lives have already been touched via our adoption story!)
I have to admit that my palms are sweating and my is stomach rolling.. just this comment alone is enough to make me think maybe I don't want to post my inner thoughts and feelings for all the world to see and know..
I'd also like to say this.. If I was going to say something like the above reader said to me... I wouldn't comment anonymous... I would put my name and be open to discussion...

I know that I shouldn't be upset about this... and that NONE of you really KNOW me at all.. but, the fact that this reader pointed out that I might be doing or saying something that would be "harmful" to any of my children.. breaks my heart! I guess I had just hoped that through my blog you (as readers) have been able to see my heart and realize that our children are our world (future babies included) and loving them, keeping them from harm, and helping them be like Jesus is our number one goal.

Please accept my apology if anyone is offended by the statement that the reader pointed out.. that was not my intention whatsoever... and I would never intentionally offend or hurt ANYONE.. ever...

Please let me know what you guys are thinking... I think I have more than one reader... but, maybe not..
please be honest... but, if you could not comment anonymously that would be nice.. I will do the same for you on your blog.. PROMISE!

I could go on and on.... but, I'll stop..

If you don't mind.. say a little prayer for me today.. cause this one reader has me upset..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newest Fundraiser... YOU can help!!!

Below is an e-mail update I sent out to all adoption contacts tonight... Please read below about our latest fundraiser....
Hello to everyone tonight!!!
We are very happy to update everyone on our adoption paperwork. Our dossier (large packet of adoption paperwork) has been successfully translated into Russian and was sent to the D.C. Consulate a couple of weeks ago. We are anxiously waiting to hear that it's successfully completed this step and it's in Kazakhstan. We are currently back to the exact point we were at last May.... so we are praying and ask that you join us in covering our paperwork in prayers.
Just a reminder that our blog is a great way to stay up to date with our adoption and our family... the website is:

We completed our fingerprinting again today at the Immigration office in OKC and things are rolling along!

We have about 15-20 cookbooks left.. (YEAH!!) so, if you need a few more.. let me know!! The cookbooks have been very successful and so far I've heard nothing but great things about them... Lots of compliments, and positive feedback. If you would like to purchase one, they are still available for free with a minimum dontaion of $10.00. :-) Check out the link on the right side of the blog, or e-mail me and I'll send you details. If you have some and are selling them, you can continue to sell or feel free to give any unsold books back to me... Thank you so much to everyone who bought a cookbook and helped to sell... You guys are all amazing and remember that Phil and I prayed over every family/person who would touch the cookbooks!

We have also been selling lollipops again.. and almost sold one case! Thanks to everyone who has helped us.

We are trying to have a teacher's luncheon every couple of weeks and those are very successful as well. We have one planned for this Friday...

I know it seems that we've been fund raising forever.. I totally agree.. and it's been well over a year, but we still have babies to rescue and save. God commands us to care for orphans... and then tells us to obey his word. God has blessed us to date with ________ dollars!!! Thank you Lord!!!! We have to have several MORE thousands when we travel.. so, we still need SEVERAL thousands of dollars!!! I know that it is an insane amount of money... and it makes NO sense as to why it would cost so much to take an orphan, but it does! The one who calls us is able.. and HE will PROVIDE!!!!

Our newest fundraiser is different and we aren't asking you to buy or purchase a THING!!! I know that's a huge relief!!!

We are kicking off a recycling fundraiser. I have looked into doing a fundraiser of this nature several times, but didn't "feel" it until today... ha ha!!
We are going to be collecting the following items:

Used cell phones
Ink Jet Cartridges
Laptop/Notebook Computers
Digital Cameras

They will pay for ANY of the above items, broken, cracked, or in perfect shape. I don't know about all of you, but in our house alone we have about 4 old cell phones and I can start saving ink cartridges. I just think this would be a good way to make some extra money for our adoption by ridding everyone of unwanted "stuff" you already have. Please dig out those old cell phones and above items and send them our way. I plan to make some drop boxes and place around, but I would be happy to pick up any of the above items from anyone. If everyone would donate 1 old item, and ask a friend or family member if they have an old phone they'd like to donate as well... I think we could make several thousand dollars while also doing our part to recycle. If all of you would ask you friends and family and even consider forwarding this message/e-mail to them, we would appreciate it SO much... Ask you employer if you can save ink cartridges for us.. etc.. The possibilities with this fundraiser are huge!!!
You can mail items to us if you'd like: Phillip and Lanetta Gobble
(e-mail me and I'll be happy to give you our address!)

There is NO ending date to this fundraiser, so if you use up an ink cartridge in 3 weeks, don't throw it away.. consider giving it to us.. or if you get a new cell phone... please, think of our kiddos in Kazakhstan!

I would love to send in a huge shipment of items by the middle of March!
(If you have questions about this or want more info.. please ask.. or check out the website:

I know that the response is going to be outstanding and thanks in advance for your sacrifices and unwavering support!!!
If you have items you can or will donate, please reply to this message and let me know... I would appreciate it SO much!!!

In closing I want to share an awesome quote that I recently heard at a revival... The Preacher was talking about how we all have born in us the desire to be great... or do something great.. He continued to say that in order to experience greatness you have to be inconvinced!!!! Wow.. I immediately knew that God was using that to remind us that GREAT things are happening here... and yes, we are daily and have been for over a year inconvenienced, but the GREATNESS (of experiencing God's will for us!) is yet to come!!! Isn't is awesome how God always encourages us when we need it the most?
He is such an AWESOME God!!!!
Please remember the boy(s) in your prayers along with all the other 145,000 million orphans who are alone tonight...
Thanks so much for sticking with us through this LONG AND TOUGH journey!!!

Please remember that Phil and I are praying for you... always!

Have a great day!
Lanetta Gobble

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My precious girls...

I just had to share a story that happened today...

I went to Brook's daycare to pick her up and her teacher quickly begins to tell me the sweetest story... She says that she randomly asks the kids various strange and fun thinking questions to just get their responses... (you know you never know what a classroom full of 3 year olds will say...) and so the teacher asks Brooklyn, "Brook, If you could go anywhere in the whole wide world, where would you go right now?" She said that my precious adorable 3 year old did not miss a beat and quickly said, "Ms. Jessica, I'd go to Kazakhstan wight now and get my bubbas!" Now, tell me that doesn't melt your heart... I started bawling! Seriously crying tears.. the teacher knew I would be touched, but I think was a little shocked I really cried. I can't even explain how awesome it is to see God shine through my girls. Phil and I have been amazed at how they "get" it.. They've heard us share the story over and over.. and they've heard us speak FAITH and how GOD has proven and called us to this journey... and because of that they are also developing such a heart and love for orphans.

I have to say that Bailey does and says things all the time that are truly remarkable as well.. both the girls pray daily for orphans all over the world and in Kazakhstan... Bay prays specific things like, "Lord it's cold tonight.. please don't let any babies be cold... and Lord, please give all the babies all over the world enough food and milk to drink!"
There is NOTHING better in this world than seeing Jesus shine through your kids...

What is really funny is that my girls honestly have NO idea what is in store for them with a couple of brothers... I can just see it all now!!! CAUTION: FUN TIMES AHEAD!!!!
I would love to know how far ahead....but, I know.. I know.. I know... the perfect timing will happen!!! :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our dossier is moving!!!

Great news today... despite a CRAZY, stressful, insane day otherwise.. we found out that our dossier was submitted to the consulate last week.... Please pray with us that our paperwork will find favor and move through the consulate this time...

We know it's all God's plan and timing, but when other families have submitted to the consulate since we were rejected and are planning to travel soon.. well, it's discouraging!
We are thrilled that our dossier is at the consulate.. and hoping for QUICK processing this time... Go Dossier Go.. and be blessed!!!

Thanks for you comments... just knowing that someone reads our blog and cares.. means the world...
Many blessings...

Friday, February 6, 2009


I don't if you guys have noticed, but I added a button on the side of my blog... the "Praying for Abby" button..

This is the blog of a family that I ran across.. I have NO idea how.. but, I know that it was for a purpose..

This family has adopted several being Abby... and she's battling cancer. She's VERY sick tonight and looks like she might not make it through the night...

PLEASE go visit their blog and say a prayer for this family... My heart breaks for them... and in spite of their pain and agony.. they are totally committed to God and is plan for their lives!!!

What a testimony of truly being, "Christ-like!"

Click here to visit their blog.. or the button of the right...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Check this out!!!!!

Hey everyone tonight...
I just have to post a YIPPEE for my good friends the Wright's.... .
Check out their blog for details....

They received possible travel dates today.... MONTHS before they ever expected it... just when you wonder if Kaz. is even moving.... things move SUPER fast for this family!! We are thrilled for them and I ask you to please add them to your prayer lists... they have quite a journey ahead of them and LOTS of things to get ready in the next few weeks!!

Brian, Cynthia, and Madalyn.... we are thrilled for you guys.... and please know that you are covered in prayers!!! Little baby (boy, I think!:-)) Wright... you're Mama, Daddy, and Sister are coming to bring you home forever!!!!

All our love...
Phil, Lanetta, and girls... :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We received a phone call today from the agency... it was the sinking feeling that all you PAP's know... hate and love all at the same time... you see the agency on the caller ID.. and are torn between ignoring the call... for fear of BAD news again.... but at the same time can hardly stand to get the phone answered to see if it could possibly for ONCE be good news!!!

Well, today was good news... (we think!)
It is a long story, but our agency overnighted our "new" dossier today to be translated.... they are expediting translation and said we should be submitted to the consulate by early-mid next week... I have to say that it was mixed with not so great news as well... the agency made sure to remind us that it is risky... and that there is a possibility that the consulate won't pass us on through due to our immigration forms that are a little over 6 months from expiring..... the flip side of that at is that if we wait to get it all updated and redone... we are looking at Aug. at the earliest before we can get the updated form!! URG!!!! It such a LONG complicated story... for anyone who would like the "whole" story I would be happy to share... e-mail me.. and I'll share it all with you...

so, we are VERY excited tonight... and realize that our paperwork is actually moving once again... yippee!! We know that we will travel and get to our boy(s) in God's timing.. not ours... so we are reminding ourselves that we can have peace in that!

Prayer request: Pray that all this will work out in God's perfect timing... and if we are supposed to get through the consulate this time around... we will!! Pray for favor on our documents and that God's peace will just pour off the pages when the officials are reviewing it... I just pray that the officials will feel God and know that our family is to move through! Please also remember to pray for our boy(s)... we have no idea the specifics... the ages or if there will be one or two, but I do know this.. that God has them/him in his hand... and we appreciate all of you remembering them in your prayers... we pray that they have excellent caregivers who they are bonding with and being loved by.... Hang tight boy(s) we are getting there as quick as we can!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support.... and know that all of you who ask and comment and share with me are such an encouragement...
Blessings... blessings.. blessings!!!
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

Visit our website...

Click here to visit our website to read about how our journey to international adoption began... and how God spoke to our hearts to open our lives and family to a child who otherwise might not ever know him.
God bless!

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