Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov. 29, 2010 - Update!

I had to include a couple of pics that Phil took of the girls (and Nana) while Skyping this past weekend. We miss them SO very much! I don't know how we'd have survived this without Skype. :) Thank you Lord for Skype!
Here's Bay... quite the poser! Bay we love you and miss you So much!! We're so proud of you. We've received so many emails about what a BRAVE and WONDERFUL big sister you are being to Brook... and how wonderful you've been in helping Nana. We love you babygirl.. and remember that Jesus picked YOU to have 3 little sisters... He knows exactly how special you are!!! :) AWE.... Look at that smile!! Brookie, Man o man... we sure miss you! I have to tell you that when I sing our song... "I love you SO much..." with Faith and Grace... I think of you too! ;) I can't wait till we are all in the recliner... rocking and hugging and singing it together! You'll have to teach the little sisters when their parts are... :) Only you know that part!! Daddy and I love you and miss you so much! Thanks for being so brave, sweet, and kind! We love you and can't wait to see you soon! We are so proud of you too! You are going to be a wonderful Big sister too!!! The girls were so excited to see what I had in the 'clothes' sack... however, Phil and I both had a BAD feeling about letting them try to clothes on today. We don't know the details, but one of the Dr's and Symbat had a LONG conversation when we picked the girls up... it was obvious that they were NOT happy about something. Symbat REFUSED to tell us.. :( She said they asked her to NOT tell us... Let me just tell you that this is all getting SO old... We are trying SO very hard to abide by their EVERY single rule and request... only to feel like we are the 'bad' guys... We miss home...Bay and Brook... we've been off without pay for weeks.... We need to be able to tell our jobs SOMETHING... we need to know SOMETHING! We are being told nothing... we still don't know a court date... They are still 'waiting' on the date from the judge... HUGE SIGH!!!
If you don't mind... PLEASE turn up the prayers a notch... thanks! :)
Oh... and I am NOT feeling well at all.. VERY sore throat and feverish.. achy all over. We had no electric AGAIN (for the 3rd time) for about 15 hours (all night Sat. night and all day yesterday)... Most of our food ruined... :(
...and one more downer... the little girl and boy mentioned in Saturday's post.. well, today it was obvious that they were SCOLDED badly about hugging me... they wouldn't look at us.. and it was SO obvious they got into trouble... BREAKS my heart straight into and makes me so FURIOUS at the same time that I could scream... :(
I keep telling Phil when things are frustrating that we are NOT in America... Maybe I need to remind myself as well...
Ok... enough negative stuff... Just know that in spite of all that... we KNOW God's timing is indeed EXACTLY perfect... we know we are still in his perfect will.. and continue to trust 150% in him!!!
... so the girls were VERY disappointed and sad about not getting to try on clothes... and pouted.. however, when Papa showed them their new tennis shoes.. they were thrilled. We really messed up on guessing their size by measuring them. Faith could wear a size 5 in these and Grace a 6! They were HUGE! They didn't mind.. they were thrilled.. and looked at them and touched their shoes the entire 2 hours.
Some pictures from today!
Grace fell off and went to play something else. Faith LOVED it!! It was SO funny when Papa made horse sounds!! ;)

I will post more if we receive any word about a court date this afternoon. It's 2:30 in the afternoon here... rainy and cloudy. I think that maybe I'm going to beat Phil at a game of Skip-Bo!!! :) Have a good Monday!
Love and prayers from Kazakhstan!


dnd82001 said...

The only thing I can think of is - are you changing the girls prior to going back after your visits from the new back to what they were wearing? Did you guys bring any boys clothes with you - if so make a bag of clothes and when you arrive let them know you want to donate some clothes to the babyhouse. Can't explain it but it seemed like they want you to supply the clothes to them or don't bring to change the girls. When we travelled our agency gave us lists & lists of things to bring and since you are going blind we brought all various sizes in both M/F & everything & I mean we brought alot with us I gave to the babyhouse - they needed it more. I never changed Nicholas from his baby house clothes as I didn't want anyone to think I thought badly about what they supplied (even when he had little girls clothes a few times). Maybe this will help.

Hoping you get your dates quickly!


Jennifer M said...

I am so sorry this babyhouse is being so negative and rotten towards you and the kids. It sounds so horribe. Thank goodness for a few really good caregivers, right?

Praying for a court date SOON for you guys.

Much love, and happy belated thanksgiving!

Trudi said...

I feel like a broken record too...your twins are more adorable every time I log on. What love does...what it does. My heart aches for the two little ones you described peeking around the corner. They deserve that love too. Sigh.

I don't know what to tell you about the bh attitude. Just suck it up and this too shall pass.
Your twins are worth it.

Hang in there, feel better and know that MANY prayers from everywhere are with you.

Jstar said...

It is so, so hard to keep taking it and taking it and taking it while in Kaz. We pray that the grace of our Lord Jesus rest on you and that you can accept all of the uncertainty and "judgment" with perseverance, just like he did.

Friends and Family said...

Love you guys!!!!!

PHIL, (BIG P) your back is prayed for often. With my back issues, I pray for yours when my aches as well. LOVE YOU MAN!Keep strong!

LANETTA, (LITTLE M) your hurts are my hurts. I can't tell you how often your issues are on my heart. I will not forget all those/these prayer requests that are asked.

I read this at work when I get the chance and want so badly to reply. But as you know I do not want to let all know when I on the job.

Continued and forever prayers brother and sister. Love you six, that's right "6".

In His name, Robert

Jessica and Chris said...

I'm so sorry that you guys are having this difficult time. It almost feels worse because you are missing home and so the negative things are intensified. It's funny because didn't the caregivers ask you to leave clothes for them? So, so frustrating to get all the mixed signals. I know I always felt this huge tension when we went to the babyhouse. Like you might breathe the wrong way. Especially as time went on. The kids change with all the attention and so it makes it more difficult for them to live in the babyhouse. Praying that each day is closer to court, closer to going home, and closer to being a family of 6!

Friends and Family said...

We are praying for all of you every single day and night. . .all SIX of you!! You are such a courageous couple who is faithful to our Lord and your family. . .a GREAT example for EVERYONE!! All of this will work out and all of these tough times will soon become mere memories when you have all of your babies at home in the recliner singing 'I love you SO much'!
My mom chose the footprints verse for her funeral before she passed away (talk about courage, right?) . . .Anyway, I often look back at it and remember that when I only see one set of footprints, it is not because I am walking along but because our God is carrying me!!
Keep your head up, you are doing a GREAT job. . .and keep on smiling at the babyhouse. . .it’s hard to dislike someone who always has a smile on their face ;)

LOVE from Arkansas/Missouri!!


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