Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010 - Update!

I feel like a broken record, but today was another good day with the twins. They were SO excited to try on the clothes and shoes! It was LOTS of fun helping them try them on. Aunt Linda even washed everything for us.... so it smelled SO good! The girls smelled them and the shirts were so soft. It was precious seeing their faces... and during the entire hour they kept saying... SO PRETTY!!! :) Everyday when we show up they have their hair fixed.. humm.. It sure seems the are getting extra attention.. however, we are not going to complain about that ONE bit! :) The clothing is size 3T and it's HUGE. The pants keep falling off. They can both most definitely wear 2T. The shoes were to big as well. These are size 8. Faith could wear a 6 and Grace a 7. They will grow quickly though!

We have walked past several outside vendors selling these little barking dogs for several days. We decided to ask about the price yesterday.... they were only $3.00. We decided to get a couple... (big surprise, huh?!) The girls LOVED them.. here was their first reactions! Look at their faces! (The dogs bark, wag their tails, and move forward and backward.)

Grace LOVED the puppies from the beginning.... as you can see here!

She was showing Symbat her puppy! :) Included this one so you could see their outfits... Aren't they cute?

We built a house for the puppies!

Faith and Papa!

LOL! I know it's sad to include this one, but I couldn't help myself. This is their reaction when Symbat told them that if they didn't stop and smile for a picture, that she was going to put the dogs up... LOL!! Poor pitiful babies... they can seriously pout with the best of them! ;)

Sure wish we could get them both smiling at the same time... once again you have Faith smiling....

...and then you have Grace smiling!

Hummm... how do these things work anyway?

Faith and Papa... notice what hands they are/coloring with! Papa is thrilled about this! :) The director made sure to tell us about Faith being left handed as well. (She noticed Phil signing papers with his left hand.)

...and guess what??? Grace is right handed... just like me! :)
Last night I was asking Phil if he noticed a certain little girl and a certain little boy in F and G's group. He noticed them both too. They both sneak peeks at us around the corners when the caregivers aren't looking and they are both SO adorable. I just KNOW that the little boy is the one we received the information about in July... (I just know it) and well.. the little girl... she has part of my heart already. I have just smiled at them and waved when I see them peeking at us with sheepish smiles. Today I was telling F and G bye.. Phil and Symbat had already turned to leave the room... and F and G were walking away toward the group. Next thing I know the little boy appears and RUNS straight to me into my arms. I of course hug him back and he HANGS onto me. The caregiver realizes what is happening about the time that the little girl does as well.. and she BLOWS past the caregiver and straight for me as well... the little boy minds the caregiver and kisses me right on the cheek and SMILES so big.. the little girl THROWS herself into my arms anyway and LATCHES on with EVERYTHING within her little body. The caregivers are telling her no.. and I try to tell them it's ok.. I don't mind... so they let her hug me... I held her for a couple of minutes... She is absolutely so precious... as is the little boy. Last night when Phil and I were going to sleep... lying in bed just talking... I asked him if he'd noticed these 2 children in particular... of course he has.. We both feel that this little boy is the one we've been praying for for months! This little girl and little boy will FOREVER be imprinted in my heart... the little girl was BEGGING me with her hug.. she was BEGGING me to love her... I could feel it.... (makes me bawl)... I don't even know if these kids are eligible for adoption and honestly can't even probably find out... BREAKS MY HEART! Dear Jesus... please watch over those babies... PLEASE! Please join us in praying for these kids.. please!
I have mentioned before that I am praying about several things.... ways that WE can help these kids.. and I am still praying. We have to do something... we have to!
I want you to join me in praying. PLEASE!
I am feeling a missions trip to do something incredible for the orphanage/baby house... just so you know how to pray!
God is so quickening Phil and my heart.. and we will never be the same... we can't see this and then just walk away.. there is NO way!

After the visit today... we decided to get out and walk a little. I most definitely needed it. We went to Krendal's for lunch... and then on a walk. We decided to walk down by the embankment and take some pictures. Here's a self portrait of us! :) YES, it's cold, but warmer than the last few days!

We were messing around with camera and took some panoramic views of the river! Look at that snow and ice!

They are in full swing getting ready for their biggest holiday of the year... New Years! Don't be fooled... this appears to be a Christmas tree...even has Santa's on it.. but, it's not.. it's a New Years tree! They are putting lights all over the park. We'll share more pics later. Right across the street behind the tree is an outdoor ice skating rink (they are just starting to put it up).... Looks like it's going to be lots of fun!
Notice the 'wet' look on the sidewalk/bricks.... BEWARE... it's a solid sheet of ice!!! The locals walk on it and we've yet to really see anyone sliding.. however, we look like idiots and slide all over the place! ;) Honestly, I've been just walking on the grass... LOL! I am not the most graceful person around... and really don't want to blow out a knee in Kazakhstan on the ice!!
It's 3:36 pm on Saturday here, and we still have not heard any news about a court date. :(
We are just staying positive and reminding ourselves that God has a plan... we can do anything he calls us to do.. and he knows best!!
We will post again if we hear anything, but we assume it will be Monday!
Have a great Saturday!


Friends and Family said...

Dave and I are in on the mission trip!!!!! Our hearts are still there too and we talk about going back and have ideas....
so many kids that need homes many...
and yes you want to take them all home....and there are so many less older kids adopted from Kichiry...the odds of them getting a home go way way down once they leave the baby house and as you saw they are still so tiny and sweet...our kids are still just so naive about life...just NO one on one time was given to them.., child should be raised in an institution!!!

The girls are so just precious Lanetta...I LOVE seeing their sweet smiles and piggy tails and oh my goodness those new outfits are precious!!!!!

Your box of goodies was amazing...what an amazing family you have!!!!


Truman Tribe =)

Joost & Caroline said...

Count us in for the mission trip, we think God has a vision for the Babyhouse, past weekend we had convention with Matt Sorger the anointhing was great, Caroline had a vision that the babyhouse in Pavlodar will become a christian babyhouse and there will be missiontrips to the babyhouse.
So that you know that we are praying as well because there is not a day that past that we dont think about it.

Its so great to here that God is preparing hearts for Pavlodar and the childrens that need Love and most of all they need Gods fatherheart.

So we are praying for a fast courtdate.

Love you guy's

The Adams family

minime0910 said...

Just popped in to catch up and say hello ~ I am praying you all get a court date soon so those little angels can come home!! They are as cute as ever and I know exactly how you feel about wanting to help the orphanage. I think we all come home feeling that way. Best, Erin and Hannah

dnd82001 said...

When you live this experience and see the children who are still waiting it breaks your heart. We had that life changing affect while adopting Nicholas. His caretakers would say to him your momma & poppa are here and once the little ones figured it out they would all come runing to us yelling momma, so broke our hearts. We often wonder what our son would be doing if he wasn't brought into our heart and yes so many of those kids are still in our little boy who was older - about 4 wasn't chosen by any in our group and as he would run then stop & walk by us during our visits he would stop and watch - I knew that he knew that he wasn't getting a momma & poppa this time - he would stop and just watch us with Nicholas - he was old enough to know he wasn't chosen - it really affected us in so many ways.


Friends and Family said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm crying my eyes out and hugging Makennlea. God is so good! I'm so happy for you! God Bless!
Lisa Dunbar

Jenkins Family said...

We had a similar experience with a little girl name Yulia that just haunted me after we left. We were told when we were there that she wasn't eligible for adoption because her parents came to visit. I followed families that traveled to Semey after us, and one that was just there told me that she thought Yulia was bonding with a family while they were there. The best you can do is sneak a picture of them, so you can ask the families that travel after. You really do never forget them.

Angie said...

Oh, Lanetta, I'd love to go on a mission trip there! I really think Julia might want to come with me too--she still will occasionally say she wants to go to Kichiry and tell the kids there about Jesus because no one ever told her while she was there. (Also tearing up as I write--gosh your blog is such a tear-jerker) ;) Things appear to slow way down there during Nov/Dec. We ran into that with Nicholas. I think waiting for the court date is the hardest part--once you're past court, you know you're on the downhill! Love the outfits! Angelica came from the babyhouse at 2 1/2 and she honestly wore a size 18 mo. (12 mo in some things) But they will grow fast once they have a mama to give them good healthy food! Blessings! :D

Kim said...

We'll join you on the mission trip too! I pray to go back one day. The children left behind are heartbreaking but what grace that you have probably seen the boy you have prayed for!
The girls are beautiful in their new clothes but what is even more beautiful is their loving smiles! They are blossoming! Oh and those icy sidewalks bring back the memories!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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