Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8th - Update!

The Internet seems to be working better this afternoon so I decided to post some of the pictures I have been meaning to post from the last few days.   sorry about the video in the last post... I have spent so much time trying to get these 2 videos on the blog that it's really crazy.  I have tried EVERY suggestion (program) that anyone has sent... and still had NO luck.   I was able to email them to a friend today (and they appeared to send...) so hopefully she will be able to upload them for me... we shall see though! :)

Here are some pictures from Jan. 6th that I wanted to share:
Here are the gifts that we have all ready to go for 'after' court.   I got them ALL ready to go on Jan. 5th... hoping we'd need to be handing them out of Jan. 6th!  They are still sitting on our table!

Here's a close up on the photo card I made and attached to each gift...  I wanted to leave a picture of my precious babies with everyone who helped us!   I'm so thrilled about how cute they turned out!  I just had to share! :)

Here we are trying on the NEW boots that Aunt Linda sent.   I took them home and we had to exchange them for 3 sizes smaller.   Grace wears a 6 and Faith wears a 5!   They were THRILLED and LOVED them!

I guess I was feeling brave after court.. but, I decided to take baby lotion and just put some on their little hands and faces.  Their cheeks are SO dry due to the cold weather.   They LOVED it.. they smelled and smelled and smelled it!   We so take so much for granted..
 As I mentioned before Svetlana (lawyer) invited us to her home last night for Christmas dinner with her family.  The meal was delicious as well as great company.  I can't even begin to explain how kind and wonderful she is.  We enjoy spending time with her so much and she truly makes you feel so at ease.  We are so blessed with such a wonderful in-country staff.   We had a GREAT was delicious... lots of wonderful food, desserts, music, and GREAT company!
From left to right:  Symbat (translator), Me, Phil, Alexander (Svetlana's husband)  and Svetlana.   (Her son was taking the picture!)

The delicious goose!   It was wonderful.  Svetlana cooked it with apples, pineapples, and oranges.  It was wonderful!

Here are some pictures from our visit to the babyhouse yesterday - Jan. 7th!
Phil discovered that you can turn the view finder on the camera around so that the girls can see themselves while we're videoing them...  This was Faith's reaction to seeing herself in the screen!  ;)

Isn't that precious?  
The girls are just as excited with clothes/shoes, etc.. as they are with toys..   They were SO excited to try on their new coats.   We even said, "Thanks Aunt Linda" on video!  :)    They weren't smiling here.. but, wanted to show you the cute coats ( and boots)!
It's really amazing... they'll be playing and notice they are wearing their 'new' boots and the excitement starts all over again!  

Grace... She LOVES these Dora glasses and wears them most of the time! (so so so cute!)..  It's amazing how much different they look with some cute piggy tails and hair bows! ;)   They want me to fix their hair everyday FIRST thing! ;)

Faith and I...  Doesn't she look different with her hair pulled back?   They are so precious! ;)

Grace had taken her hair out... and decided to put the book on her head!   SILLY girl!  ;)

Papa had an owie... Faith was taking care of him!  ;)
We didn't have as good of a day with the girls today... it was stressful (honestly).   There was another family in the room and when we are sharing the room the girls SHOW-OFF... or test us or something...  who knows... but, it causes us to stress...      The girls always want to play with the other family's toys.. and we are constantly trying to keep them on our side of the room.   Grace wasn't herself today....  honestly we are wondering what's going on with her.   They both look so tired and have dark circles under their little eyes.   Grace was so much more active today... and we had a difficult time getting her to settle down at all.. :(

I am going to be honest here today... I had to fight off a melt down today while at the babyhouse... I am just so tired... the past 3 years of fighting for my kiddos has proven to be exhausting...    I am just so ready to get them out of here and home and safe and loved.   I am so tired of wondering and being watched... and feeling guilty and afraid for things as simple as baby lotion on their hands.    It's truly incredible... and SO tiring.   
There are times when we get so tired... and just want to fast forward life a little to get through this yucky part.. :)
However, as we were eating lunch today and I was telling Phil...   I don't want to fast forward and possibly miss what God is trying to do...  I have no idea what that is... but, I've always known down deep that our journey/life/adoption was for a HIGHER purpose that what we knew of... I just know and feel that the Lord has a plan in all the delays... all the discouragement... all the 'stuff' that gets so old and tiring to our selfish fleshly minds.. 
I was telling Phil that I know that it will only be seconds until I'm looking/thinking back about this very time... and 5 years will have gone by...  I will be the BUSY, yet content happy Mother to 4 adorable, sweet, and wonderfully adjusted and bonded little girls!
We are trying so SO SO very hard to relax... enjoy the time... seek the Lord and continue to trust him that his ways and timing are PERFECT!

Let me just tell you though that there are times when I want to scream...  when other families (who have arrived LONG after us) are finished with court and taking their babies home.... I want to say... OK Lord...  HELLO!    BUT, as quickly as we have those selfish/fleshly thoughts... we are reminded of all the ways/times that the Lord has proven to us that he is doing something FAR greater than we know...

Faith and Grace.... your precious little lives are touching so many people...   I can't wait to see what awesome things God has planned for your little lives!   Wow!   Gives me chills!      I am honored to be your Mama!   :)    You bless my heart in ways that you don't even know...  

Have a wonderful Saturday and remember today to NOT take the little things for granted.... there are thousands of babies/children/kids/adults worldwide who don't have the little things...   

Just thought I'd share one my my favorite quotes... just a little something to think about today... What can YOU do to make a difference??
"Sometimes, I'd like to ask the Lord why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world, when He could do something about it... but, I'm afraid He might ask me the same question!"


Starr said...

The bags you made are awesome. What a great idea to attach a picture! Love the picture of Faith seeing herself in the screen. I remember Lauryn LOVED that when she was their age!!!

Kim said...

Great post! Love your honesty in this. It will be over soon and you will all be home together with an even greater appreciation for being together because of your long wait!

Svetlana is a sweetheart and that meal looked yummy! I'm glad to see that she is doing well. If you ever get the chance, I would love for you to show her a picture of Lindsay on our blog or facebook page. She always made us feel comfortable and assured during our adoption too.

Loved the girls pictures. Cute piggies & bows!

Kelly and Sne said...

First of all - what awesome photos. And I love the photo cards you made - they turned out SO well (I wish I would have thought of that!).

Second of all - vent away (you deserve to let off a little steam after what you've been through). It really does seem that God and Kazakhstan are putting you through the ultimate test to make sure that you absolutely want these girls. We had some pretty good obstacles bringing home our daughter as well so I can relate somewhat. In fact, our Irina looks so much like your girls you'd think she was the baby sister. Well, I hope you find the silver lining and can keep your spirits up in spite of the challenges for your own sanity's sake. Just think how much sweeter that homecoming will be!

p.s. Our Irina gets so hyperactive and unfocused when she is overtired - we attributed a lot of questionable orphanage behaviors to the inability to get a decent amount of sleep. Hoping you can get those girls home SOON where they belong!

dnd82001 said...

The only sentiment I can think to offer you - you who have waited what seems like forever is - all in good time, all in good time or maybe it's better if we keep believing it's all in GODS time.



PS - I will steal your idea on the thank you gifts = what a precious thank you gift that is!!

Friends and Family said...

You are so faithful!And just so you know,I didn't go through anything as difficult as you have for the twins, I had some very difficult times waiting to hear about Makennlea. There was even one time I had a serious melt down and told Stan I couldn't do this one more day and I wanted to just throw in the towel. (Because our dates kept getting pushed back to be matched) He was very understanding and told me to sleep on it before I did anything crazy. That night I woke up out of a sound sleep and swore I heard a baby crying Mama. I knew God was reminding me of what we had in store for us no matter how difficult. God was also reminding of how time on earth for us is not the same for him. God is doing a mighty work through you and Phil. Enjoy the ride! It is only the start of something really Big that is going to happen. God has chosen you two to open doors. And believe me you and Phil haven't just opened doors for Jesus, you've opened the flood gates. Watch out Kaz Jesus is comong to town!!! Love and hugs!! Lisa Dunbar

4texans said...

I enjoyed your post and the pictures. You did such a great and thoughtful job with the gifts. I just threw ours in gift bags with paper.

We always had a difficult time if there was another family in the room. Our son would wander over and call the dad, Papa and want to play with the baby's toys.

Nicholas medical papers diagnosed him hyperactive. I did chalk that up to orphanage living/survival/previous life experience. He is super hyper, but he has calmed down quite a bit. Some people think he might be mildly ADHD but I think time will tell. Like Kelly, I felt that they must have to survive and always be alert in orphanage living so I worked on getting Nicholas to sleep. We finally ended up giving him an herbal sleep supplement for about a year and we still give it to him occasionally like on vacations, holidays, etc. I found out about this after he was home about a month or 2. I wish I gave it to him from the beginning.

I think most of the kids in the orphanages have those eyes you describe...tired eyes with dark circles.

I hope this time passes quickly and court goes well. You are both wonderful parents!

Jstar said...

The gifts look simply beautiful, well done!

And way to mindfully search out what God is teaching you *right now*. That is so tough, we all just want to fast forward to the "easy" parts. But he is working in you now and his work is *always* good!!!

Karen, Glenn, Allie, Max, and Sam said...

Lanetta, we are praying so much that you will all be home soon. It's really so frustrating what you've all been through, and your perseverance is beyond amazing. So humbling. The girls are so beautiful, and so smart -- I can't believe how they remembered all of their English!! We are counting down the days with you until you have the official "YES" (SO CRAZY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE IT YET -- ARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!). We continue to shout our support!!!

Friends and Family said...

First of all, love that quote. Secondly, I think that any time you have doubts, you just need to watch that reunion video. When I saw it, my first thought was, "Wow,this is EXACTLY where these 4 people are meant to be right now." It's truly amazing that this crazy journey has led you and Phil to these 2 little girls who have waited so long (as have you.) It's because they were waiting for you, and you for them. How can you watch that video and have any doubt that this is not all (even the stinky parts) absolutely perfect??


Angie said...

Lanetta, I love that you're being honest about how all this feels. It does get tiring with all the regulations, etc. But you'll get through it! Loved the video--and I'm thinking that the increased hyperness and testing probably has something to do with you just getting back and will begin to settle down as you become part of their routine again. One thing I've noticed with both my girls is that they're under-equipped for their age to deal with emotions and changes. Soon (comparatively) it will all be a memory and you can put lotion on them all day long if you want to! :) And give them a drink or a snack! God is on your side--you're going to come through!

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