Friday, January 7, 2011

Jan. 7th post... and the VIDEO from Jan. 5th reunion! :)

Ok.... so here's the video... I was able to upload it to you tube (make it private).. then post it to the blog... whew!!! Just a warning... Pause the music at the bottom of the blog... and make sure your volume is NOT turned up high... the screams will be VERY loud!

... and I think it's safe to say they missed us as much as we missed them!  I never in a million years dreamed that Faith would SCREAM like that!!!  :)   It was PRECIOUS!    Grace was in shock... her mouth was wide, her eyes HUGE!! She was the one we'd have thought would SCREAM! It's amazing how they continue to surprise us!

We had another great visit this morning... We are having major Internet issues... so I'm not going to try to post pictures as well. Just know they are still adorable and enjoying the bows, glasses, and all the 'girlie' stuff that we brought to them. I took some baby lotion and we also put on lotion today. Something as simple as lotion is amazing to them. They continued to smell their hands and smile. It truly is precious! I can't wait to pamper them and show them how loved they truly are. :)

They continue to absorb English.. and we are working hard on simple body parts.   They already know and will say: nose, ear, eye...   I am telling you that they are amazing.  It's incredible what they already remember.    We feel like we discovered two precious jewels!!   We are so very blessed!! 

We are going to Svetlana's for dinner tonight at 6 pm. We are excited to see how her family celebrates their Christmas. I brought a box of brownies and I'm going to make those to take... they had NO idea what a brownie was when I asked. We'll post more after our dinner with them...
(if Internet will cooperate!)


dnd82001 said...

Happy Kaz Christmas!

Love and hugs!


Our Ukrainian Journey said...

We are so glad that court went well for you!! You will be home very soon with all four of your precious girls!!
(I was not able to view the video, it said it was private.)
Sending you lots of prayers!!
God Bless!

Starr said...

I don't think you can embed private videos. :( But I can imagine it and I know it's just delightful! Good luck with the brownies! :)

The Stone's said...

Please please give Svetlana huge hugs from us - we miss her so much!

We are over the moon for your whole family!!

The Stone's

Jennifer said...

Can't see the video because it's private. :-(

I can't wait to see it though and hear how the brownies went over.

Kari J said...

Praise God on a good day in court. Keeping prayers for success on the 11th.
Can't see the U-tube vidio- nothing plays- just a black screen

Kim said...

No video for me either. It says I have to accept your invitation to view it. So glad you had another great visit and that you get to spend Christmas with Svetlana & family. I'm sure they loved your brownies!

Kim said...

Actually the video screen says we have to accept your friend request b/c it's private. No worries, we know we'll get to enjoy it one of these days!

Angie said...

Yay for a good court! Boo for her not giving the verdict today. Also couldn't see the video :( I am so excited that things are finally moving again. Blessings!

Amy, Jeff, LM, & Ashton said...

Was following your first trip, and was happy to check for blog updates since the holidays and see you are back -- sorry re: all the court trips and will keep you in my prayers for 1/11/2011 to be YOUR day to become F&G's official mommy and daddy! glad all is going so well with teh visit!!

Friends and Family said...

Cannot seem to get the video going, but sending you tons of love. So glad the girls are doing well with you!

Jen Robinson

Friends and Family said...

Cannot seem to get the video going, but sending you tons of love. So glad the girls are doing well with you!

Jen Robinson

lisa said...

Sweetest video ever! What a precious and heart felt reunion! So so happy for you all! Happy 2011!
Lisa and Stella

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