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Jan. 16, 2010 - Update

I've had 3 different friends send me Psalms 37...  I think it's a sign that Psalms 37 is for us!   It's so true and has been such an encouragement to us today...
I am including a link to a church website that one of our dear adoption families attend.. they sent us the link and I wanted to share with you... 
I think it will encourage you as it did me today..
To see the sermon notes on Psalms 37 from Cornerstone Community Church's blog click here!  Get out your bible and read the scriptures... I just know that God has something for YOU in this passage as well!!

Here are some pictures from today:  
This is one of the girls FAVORITE things to do... blow raspberries on each others belly's!!  Fun times!!  They crack up and really laugh!!     Papa was telling Grace to get ready her turn is coming.. she was CRACKING up.. and quickly laid down for her 'tickles'!!!

Here we are looking at our tenge (money). Grace discovered one tenge (less than one penny) in my coat pocket on Sat. right before we left.  I let her put it in her little purse... you would have thought I'd given her a new toy.   As you guessed, Faith wanted one too... so they both put one tenge in their little purses and we left.   :)   They went straight to the bag of toys today.. found their purses and made sure they still had their money.  They played with the coins the ENTIRE time...  They ended up with 4 coins each (yeah.. we're softies).... Here we are just playing with our money... Telling girl secrets!  ;)  As you can see Grace is SO proud of her money!

I had to include this one.. cause this is the.. "I'm so stinking cute and sly... and I already know how to work these people look".. from Faith... my goodness she's SO ornery!

Here we're just all smiling... :)  We sat in this corner and whispered and played with those purses and those 8 coins for a LONG time! :)

HA HA HA... I still can't believe I am posting this and not deleting it immediately... hee hee!   This is how we feel sometimes...  WOW.. seriously..  we have 4 daughters... LOL!!!    Better not let that judge see this one... oh wait.. maybe she's to play in why we have those looks... ;)    Thought everyone would enjoy this... so I posted it...   see I have a sense of humor! ;)  

Ahhh... much better.. except that Faith had dropped one of her tenge..  you can't have everything right?!   You would crack up if you saw how many takes we have on this picture... I think this will be the story of my life.. will we ever all 6 look at the camera and smile together... I sure hope so.. but, I have my doubts!!  ;)    However, I'll take all 6 in front of the camera.. smiles, crying or screaming!!!  :)  (remind me later that I said this.. ha ha)
another one I just had to include...these are the same babies that back in Nov. did not even know how to hug.. they were LIFELESS and limp... do you see the hugs we get back now??  do you see their arms?  if you could feel them... and see the kisses and love..  oh man.. Thank you Lord for Faith and Grace... We are so blessed by them!

Another example of how far we've came..  back in Nov... there was NO way that we were going to all sit down together and attend to ANY task for more than about 10 seconds....    Now.. they will both attend to tasks with us for as long as we want them to... It's absolutely incredible.    My brain is AMAZED... my heart knew it all along.. but, my brain wondered....  You would never believe the difference between Nov. and NOW.. it's absolutely mind boggling... 
Here Papa is showing the girls how to spin their coins on the floor... such a simple thing.. but, we played together with those coins for over an hour!      Back in Nov... we CHASED them the entire time and pulled them down off the ceiling...  when we'd leave we were exhausted... but, as you can see... now Phil and I just lay around and play!  ;)     ha ha!!!

Well...  I guess that's it for today... 
Go check out that blog I linked at the top.. and study those scriptures... it sure blessed me!  I know it will you as well!!!
Have a wonderful Monday and Thanks over and over and over again for the love, support and prayers... only a few more days until F and G are officially ours... Thursday has to be the day!!!
Keep praying...  and praising our Jesus for what He has done!!! 


Kim said...

Love the funny bewildered looks on your faces in that pic of you all! Glad you included it. Their hair is growing! Love it! They are so attentive and loving now. Just know that if for no other reason, this extended time you have had with the girls has been so beneficial for them! They are going to have soooo much to process and experience once you do have them forever. I truly believe this hard wait with all its delays has a silver lining. They seem so well adjusted and attached to you and that is going to make everyone's lives so much easier in the real world! They are precious gifts and it really is all about them right now so keep up the sense of humor and faith! Love to you!

Friends and Family said...

LOVE these photos! There's nothing better than playing with 3 year olds!!! So glad you get to visit them regularly again! Blessings of peace while you wait, and still praying for that judge!!!
Kathy B

Dean and Janie said...

Morning Lanetta and Phil! Very nice post.
I wanted to share just a tad about how Livea was when we introduced changes in her life. Like...bringing her home....or taking her away from her very strict baby house routine...
Our sweet littl pea simply pulled away from us at times in a temper of defensiveness. Scooping her right up always put a quick end to the episode. I may have shared this before but now that we have had her home for almost five months, we can look back over the changes in her and see some things so clearly. Your post today on changes in the girls reminded me of it. We have been patient, firm, loving, and consistent every day with our sweet little one and she no longer has those short bouts of temper tamtrums we saw when she arrived home here in the U.S. When I think of the transition she had to make, my heart melts for her. But she is so happy now that I can't describe it in writing. She brings so much joy to this home and our family!!! And we are all growing so much with her being added to our family. We have never had two children in our home at the same time before that could fuss or argue. We are learning how to teach our two youngest how to make a habit of communicating in love and how to get along. They chase each other around the house and play and laugh. Can you tell we are having a really great time! Livea is smart and so teachable. It is amazing what a life in a loving family home does for these babies. I am so excited for F and G! For all of you.
Thanks for the link to the church sermon. Can't wait to listen.
Many blessings dear friends!

Friends and Family said...

So very glad to see the smiles on your faces! Hang in there sister and know that you are being held. We have staff dev today and there will be an empty chair at El Mex :) but I KNOW that you all will be home soon!
With love,
Lisa B

Friends and Family said...

Looking forward to seeing that family photo with all 6 in it soon!! Holding you all close in our hearts and prayers, rejoicing with you for all the amazing things God is doing through you.
Debbie S.

Susan said...

i LOVE that picture of you and your man looking exhausted. Cracked me up....and i love how real you are.
It is nothing short of miracalous how far these lil girls have come.It's so clear you were meant to be their parents.
Thanks for sharing your joy and faith-you are so inspiring. God love you and those sweet girls. :) Faith and Grace are perfect names!!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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