Wednesday, January 5, 2011

... and we're back!!!

I have so much to write and post about... but, wanted to start with the BEST part first...  after 19 days (79 hours of travel to get home.... 35 hours of travel to return.... TONS of love and hugs from Bay and Brook...  Christmas celebrations with the families.... as well as a COMPLETE redo and redecorate of Faith and Grace's room)... we are finally back in Pavlodar.  We arrived yesterday (Jan. 4th) @ around 11 am...  we immediatly found out we couldn't see F and G until today... we also had no internet until today... but, at 8:45 am on Jan. 5th....   we walked into the babyhouse after 19 days of MISSING them... and you can see below what their responses were:   :)
(Make sure you scroll to bottom of the blog to pause the music to hear the excitement and SCREAMS in the video!!! : ))

(OK... after trying to get this video to load for 2 hours... I am giving up.... I am SO sad that I can't get it to load..   I tried LOTS of things... using several recommendations of downsizing it.. etc...  and it still won't load... I'm assuming it's Kaz. internet... or the fact that I'm not techy... but, regardless... I am giving up... for now..  can anyone reading this email me some tips? )
(They screamed and ran and SCREAMED loud and jumped and threw themselves into our arms... they hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed us...over and over and over! )

YES!  You heard correctly...  Faith said to me... Mama, can we go home now?  ;)  yes... that's a tear jerker!!
After about 3 minutes... Grace put both her hands on both my cheeks... and after I kissed her said, "Mama, I LOVE YOU!"   (In English... as plain as day!)
They remembered us... and it was a GRAND day!   The Lord kept them... and I have NO doubt he was rocking them everynight for me!  :)

The caregivers said they have cried and waited on us... she used the word "cried!"    We had a GREAT day with them... as you can imagine.  
Here are a few pictures:

LOL!  Grace LOVED the sunglasses that we brought... and she LOVED it when I put on Faith's!!  :) 
This girl was SO excited to see us.. and just grinned HUGE the entire time!  :)

My precious Faith... :)   Goodness I sure love these babies...  My heart comletley melted into when she said to me... "Mama, Can we go home now?"   Awe..... 

Grace... This baby is incredible!  She did not forget ONE word of English... and was quick to say it all and show us that she knew it!!  :)   She continues to amaze me...  We are SO SO SO very blessed!

I just had to include this one... Grace.. You are such a CUTIE!  :)

An attempt at a family picture of all 4 of us...  an attempt!
WOW!   They were so excited with the new shoes, hair bow, and cute girl stuff that I brought!   It's amazing how excited they are at the smallest things...

Let me just tell you that while we were gone....  (and we weren't gone that long) Winter has definitly arrived.   It's colder than you can even imagine.. I mean COLD..  Right now it's -24 degrees F.  That's COLD!   I know we said before that we've never felt temps. so cold.. but, we continue to be amazed... they were correct when they said that it wasn't really cold yet... oh my goodness!   It's beyond cold! 
It physically hurts to breath the air in... your chest hurts after a few breaths....  IT'S COLD!

We have court in the morning (Jan. 6th) @ 11:00 am... so that will be Jan. 5th (Wed) night at 11 PM for most of you!
PLEASE say a prayer and think of us....  

I have so many things to post and tell all of you about....  finding the time and energy to type it all out... but, for now we have to focus on tomorrow....
we're praying that tomorrow will be it...  and that the judge will be so moved that she'll make a decision tomorrow and not make us have a 3rd court date of Jan. 11th.  The lawyer says this is definilty possible.   Please trust God with us that his will will be completed!
(and that somehow - someway there will be a HUGE miracle and she'll waive the waiting time after court... so we don't have to leave the girls here again and come back for them!)  
Thanks for the love, support, and prayers... maybe by this time tomorrow... we'll be officially the parents of 4 precious girls!!  Thank you Lord for you amazing favor tomorrow!!!
Night from Pavlodar!

(please email video posting tips... I'm so sad that it would load.. :( )


kitzkazventure said...

Tears, Tears!! What a joy to see you all re-united. Amazing! I so thought of you when we were in Norman for the day after excited that one of these days I will get to meet those little precious girls and your family! Praying for you! God is GOOD! :)

Friends and Family said...

Amazing!!! So happy that you are reunited with the girls and had a good Christmas, praying that God will pour his awesome favor on you tomorrow, that the whole courthouse will feel the presence of the Lord!!! ~ Love Terri

Friends and Family said...

Praying that all goes amazingly well in court. Thrilled for your reunion with the girls. You can just see the excitement on their faces. Terry L

Friends and Family said...

Extra Prayers have begun now!!

I had to take a peek this mornning.

Okay as I was typing this on my computer and it froze on me, never has done that before, for me. Satan will NOT win. I will send this and tell you that because of that little delay it just aloud more prayer time and tears of belief that this WILL be done and by GOD's power! He will lead the way and there is NO stopping now!

I love you two. Keep warm and healthy, another added prayer.

Love, Robert

Friends and Family said...

Praise God for internet!!! I usually don't say that, but it is amazing that you can let us know how things are from around the world!!! I'm just so excited that you can let us know specifically what to pray for and when (down to the minute). I'll be praying for court tonight nonstop. Hang in there, you'll know more soon!

Kathy B

Kim said...

Praying the Lord does give the judge wisdom to hurry the process along for the sake of your sweet girls. Loved the pictures. Your smiles say it all! So happy for you!

aultfamily said...

Amen! What an exciting and heart touching reunion! Praying for a miracle.


Jill (& Bob) said...

What a fabulous reunion! Praying for a kind heart for the judge tomorrow and that waiver of waiting period miracle!

Jstar said...

Hooray! So great to see those girls back in your arms, and we're praying for court tonight (tomorrow)that it will be swift and sweet and beautiful.

As for uploading the video, I'd go to an internet cafe to upload it. Just put the video file on a thumb drive and go to an internet cafe and upload it to blogspot. At least, that's what we did in Kaz with large files :)

Friends and Family said...

So precious! Prayers for court :)


Friends and Family said...

How awesome is GOD!!! We are praying love you guys. Cant wait to meet the beautiful girls!

Friends and Family said...

Yeah!! Love it, can't wait to see the video. Glad to hear all is going well...praying for tomorrow. -The Shropshire's

Friends and Family said...

Tears are streaming! down my face and I can bearly read this blog post!! I will be praying all day and specifically late tonight for the court meeting! Try to stay warm, I can NOT imagine being that cold. Shari

Friends and Family said...

So happy for you the girls look so happy we pray you dont have to have another court date prayers coming from CT

Friends and Family said...

Yipppeeeedoooodaaaaa!!! My heart is SO happy for you guys especially for Faith and Grace!!! I wish I could have seen their faces when you came back. Yay yay yay!!! It is so wonderful!!! I feel like giving people hugs but I am in the office by myself. Haa Haa!!! This is just AWESOME!!!! Much love to you guys!!! Suz

Joost & Caroline said...

So precious, thank you Lord for protecting them!!

We will pray that the judge will give here decision tommorow .

God bless you!!
Joost Caroline

Jessica and Chris said...

Lots of prayers for court! We never could download video either. I would try how Jamie said though b/c we only tried in our apartment with dial up. So happy for you guys!

Friends and Family said...

We are so happy beyond words! We are praying for you tomorrow...I mean, really praying,not just saying that :-). We were in Pavlodar from Jan. to April. Holy Cow...COLD is right! Our record was -46 I think. Ridiculous! Stay warm and have a great day tomorrow!
-Kari Letterneau

Friends and Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Friends and Family said...

So exciting! We are having a special prayer service at church tonight and we will definitely be praying for your time in court.

Ron & Cheri Cook

Trudi said...

Wow Wow Wow...just beautiful and I can envision the video! Every one of you looks beyond happy....and so connected to each other. This is just the best start to the new year. BIG prayers are with you....

Kari J said...

So so so happy for all of you and your wonderful reunion. I can't imagine those girls looking any happier or excited and I don't need the vidio to imagine the scream of joy that came from them!
Prayers, blessings and only good thoughts coming your way for a very successful day in court in about 3 hours!
Gods will be done!

Friends and Family said...

Yay!!! Couldn't wait to read this. Praying hard for a miraculous court date in a couple of hours :)

Friends and Family said...

Yay!!! Couldn't wait to read this. Praying hard for a miraculous court date in a couple of hours :)

Friends and Family said...

Phil & Lanetta,

We have been praying for your family. TEAM GOBBLE! I have to say when I saw the attempt at the family picture today all I could think was "Big Papa & Little Mama! Team Gobble United!" are amazing TEAM! We are so thrilled to be on this journey with all of you. We have been praying and will continue praying for all of your needs to be met. Just this morning on the way to school Zachariah prayed for your court date to be it's last and for the judge to wave your waiting period. We want you all home soon as one big family! Holding you up in prayer and holding you close in our hearts. Love you so very much!
Cherilyn, Nicholas, Zachariah, & Robert too :)

Tracy said...

congrats. you will be home with your girls soon!

McMary said...

What a great reunion--your girls are beautiful.
So happy for you and praying that you can bring them home soon.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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