Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 18, 2011 - Update

There's nothing really new to report or note today... it's VERY cold...   (big surprise, I know!)... I snowed a little (about an inch) overnight... and that has again left everything with a new coat of white.   I can't help but feel sorry for the street workers here though... they work for hours with shovels and remove the snow by hand... only for a couple days to go by and it snows again.. thus they start all over.    I know they are used to it.. but, I can't help but feel bad for them...and honestly for more reasons than that.    Just remember today to not take your freedoms for granted.    Take a moment and thank the Lord for the ability to even know him....  wow... we have so much to be thankful for..
Phil and I are trying to continue to cling to the word.... rest, relax and enjoy the last few days of this time here in Kazakhstan...   

We arrived at the BH today to find out that Grace had face planted the floor this morning while RUNNING to breakfast.   Notice her nose in the pictures... bloody, cut and bruised.... oh Grace!  ;)
Here are some pictures from this morning:

(Well.. after about an hour of attempting to upload these pics... I am giving up.. sorry!   Internet is still really acting strange...  can't access blogspot AT ALL via apartment internet... so I have walked to hotel lobby to upload these.. can't even get it to work here @ the hotel..  oh well!)

We had a good day with the twins...   Papa took his MP3 player and they LOVED sitting in his lap listening to Praise and worship music (;))      One of their favorite new things to do is to tell me they have sugars behind their ears and have me looks... which of course ends in LOTS of giggles and kisses as we make sure to get all the sugar off and from behind their ears. 
I know I say it everyday... but, they are so different...    They look at us differently... their smiles are different!
Faith threw a HUGE fit today and DID NOT want her Papa to leave her...  The caregiver finally PULLED her off him and held her...  ;(    so so so sad and hard to keep leaving them there.  

I keep thinking that soon I'll post about orphanage life and some of the things we've seen and witnessed...   however, everyday I can't bring myself to type it out.... you see... it's hard to keep leaving MY babies there...    Thank you Lord for protecting them...

I guess I'll sign-off... Please say a prayer tonight that our paperwork is almost here... expected arrival was Wed. (tomorrow).... and we're praying and trusting that there were/are NO delays.   
Court is Thursday @ 3 PM...  Jan. 20th...    (that's 3am Thursday morning for most of you...)
Thanks for the overwhelming prayers and support we've seen and felt...
We are so blessed by all of you...  

I decided to try one more time before posting this... and this one picture uploaded:
This is the Dr was has been F and G's Dr since they were 3 months old.   She has been very kind to us and was the one who testified for us so STRONGLY in court.   I asked her about taking a picture with the twins today.. and look at that.. they sit right down and smiled PERFECTLY!   humm...   why is it that when we want them to do this.... they go CRAZ?!  ;)
(Faith): I think that smile says:  "I sure like this music"...   :) 
Jammin' with Papa... life is GRAND! (notice Grace's nose... OUCH!)

Notice Grace... she just  relaxed as she listened and leaned on Papa... (it has to do with what they are listening too.. :))
Oh my.. this is a metaphor of life in the future with 4 girls!! ha ha!!!   Dishing out tenge (money)! Played again with it for a long time... so sweet!  They are now counting to 5 in English... thanks to counting and recounting the tenge!  :)
Faith with the ever so faithful cards from Bay, Brook, and Nana...  these cards are CHERISHED by both twins... and they play with them and read them and talk about them.... sure can't wait till our 4 girls and Nana meet in person!  ;)  What a grand day it will be!
Nothing more to say than: SUGAR!  Grace was cheering me on to get Faith's sugar... ;)
...and then Grace is QUICK to say that she's sure that she has some behind her ear as well... Faith's helping me look... YEP.. you guessed it.. she did!   Do you know how bad it is to leave sugar behind ears?  ...it's BAD... very bad!!!
...and we ended the time back in Papa's arm... listening to some sweet tunes with Papa!   Notice Phil's hair?  He's lost so much hair since Oct.. seriously.. he has!  Bless his heart!   


Susan said...

Lanetta..I have been following but haven't had a moment to comment. I LOVE seeing the difference in these girls since you have come into their lives. Your faith is so inspiring and I am one more who is praying that this nonsence will end soon so your girls can be home where they belong. Thank you for sharing your joy, pain, and faith with all of us. It's clear that God is working thru you my amazing friend.

ps. Poor Grace. Sean fell and scraped his nose the day before kindergarten graduation.

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta, so many prayers and thoughts for you and Phil. May His grace be adequate to sustain you all until that joyous day when you arive here in OK with Faith and Grace. Just think, so many of the things you have done and experienced in your life have been preparing you for just this purpose in your life. God's plan is so amazing...even though we usually don't understand it!
Much love and prayers,


Friends and Family said...

Laughing at how the girls smiled so wonderful sitting with the doctor! She probably told them to?! Right? All of our children do better for others than they do for us...just as I'd want it to be! May God continue to bless your JOURNEY!

Tracy Hill

HomeSchool Mommy said...

As an adoptive parent 'in process', I know that adoption is not about rescuing an orphan; however, posting about orphanage life may really speak to someone who may not be planning to adopt. I would love to read that post!

Friends and Family said...

We love that Dr. She was great to us too! Big prayers being sent up for your family each and every day. Your girls are beautiful!
- Kari Letterneau

Kari J said...

Thank-you for all the sweet pictures and time you spend posting. You may be tired, ok-exhausted; frustrated, angry,and so many other emotions, but the words you post, the scripture, and the love you both give and recieve touch my heart and help me almost daily to make it through some of the difficulty's I face. I know they pale in comparison but I wanted you to know you are an inspirtation to me and I am sure to so many others.
Hang in there and Gods grace will see you through and bring you home where this will fade into a memory!
Best wishes tomorrow in Court. I will be thinking about you and keeping you both up in prayer!

Jessica and Chris said...

I think that the change that everyone goes through when adopting and living in another country (poor country) for such a long amount of time is one that becomes a daily reminder. A reminder that we are so very fortunate here in the US. A reminder that we are so blessed to know God and be Christians. All of it from daily life there in Kaz to the orphanage life is almost too difficult to put into words. Or should I say words sometimes don't do it justice until you have truly experienced it. What I do know is that all this time you have spent with your girls will make the biggest difference in the world when you bring them home. They trust you, have bonded with you, and KNOW you. You will see the impact when you come home....which will be soon, I can feel it....
Lots of love,

aultfamily said...

So wonderful to see the pictures as always! :) Thanks for continuing to post even though at times it must be very difficult to do so. There are so many emotions. It is almost a form of therapy for both you and for the reader. Praying for your court tomorrow and that the judge's heart softens. Hugs!

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