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Jan 12, 2010 - update and pics - Part 1

Hello to everyone today... sorry for the bummer of a post yesterday.  :(    We are doing much better today and continue to know and trust that the Lord continues to know the best in all things... and His word DOES not return void. 
Thanks for the positive comments, thoughts, emails, FB comments, FB posts, FB messages and prayers....  we are so blessed and encouraged by the continued support and love we've received from all of you!  
PLEASE keep them coming.. and PLEASE keep praying!!!

You can so relate this situation to anything you might be facing in life... we are once again given a choice.... we have to decide what we are going to do... Are we going to fuss and complain and get mad and upset... or are we going to continue to walk in the FAITH that our Lord calls us to walk in... He says to have FAITH and HE will see things through to the end...  The bible is FILLED with scriptures to stand on... and that's why we have His word.. to claim, to remind ourselves....  and HIM...  in times like this...  
We also realize that we are not fighting against fleshly things here...but, there is a spiritual warfare going on... and we are claiming and rejoicing because our Lord already defeated that very enemy.... we just have to (as Christians) walk in the power that he's given us!     We are claiming the word and the promises that he's given ALL of us to stand on.... and are encouraging each other that HIS plan is far greater than ours!  :)

SO... I woke up this morning... with a smile and a song... and just KNOW that all things will work out for GOOD!    ;)  
I realized last night that tomorrow is Phil's mom's birthday...   She passed away 3 1/2 years ago.. and knew nothing of our adoption.    She would be HONORED that the girls became ours on her birthday!   She prayed for years for Granddaughters..... and I told Phil the night we met the twins that his Mother had a hand in this... ;) 

Here are some pictures from the last few days...
The girls are still sick.. but, seemed to be a little better today! 
Lots of lovin' happening... it's like they can sense our leaving them again soon...  mixed with our sadness, anxiety... and them both being sick...  it's like they LOVE the love.. and we LOVE giving it out! 

so.... I have been thinking and stating things I'm thankful for all day to Phil... and positive things that are happening.. etc..   This morning 'would' have been our last visit to F and G this trip... cause we were supposed to leave tomorrow...   so we get to see them at least a day or two more.. that's a plus! 
It snowed all day yesterday.... it was BITTER cold and blizzard like... you could only see a few feet in front of you etc....   BLOWING snow...  very very cold!    Phil and I are guessing it snowed probably 6 more inches total.   Keep in mind there was probably about 6-8 inches already on the ground.   You can imagine the snow now... and it's beautiful.   The sun is shining today... and glistening...  we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Krendal's and then walked back to the apartment... and I took the following pictures... and YES.. it's COLDER than it even looks... BRRRRR!!!!!    ... another thing I'm thankful for.. seeing God's amazing work and this beautiful winter in Kazakhstan!
One of the streets on the way back to the apartment...

A fun (COLD) self portrait while walking!!!   :)

The park up ahead... isn't it beautiful?
The park in the winter... BRRR!!!

Phil WAY up ahead...  ;)   Doesn't it look like we're in the middle of a forest somewhere?   Nope.. in the middle of Pavlodar in DEAD winter!!! 

Trees in the park!
Below is a picture of one of the ladies who works in the apartment building... There are 3-4 ladies and one man who work here... and months ago.. I quickly started earning smiles from EVERYONE of them.. except for this lady.   Phil and I talked about this lady... and how she DID not smile back... I told him then... that I would be her friend by the time we left this apartment for good!   I wanted her to see kindness and Jesus in us... she seems so cold and tired and sad...  I've smiled at her day after day after day.... and she's frowned and looked away and looked back at me with VERY angry mad faces LOTS of times.. I've silently prayed for her... and continued to smile... try to communicate simply with my NO Russian... and SMILE!   About 5 days ago... she sort of smiled back...   :)    3 days ago... she really smiled back...  2 days ago... I talked with her and showed her pictures of Bailey and Brooklyn... ;)    This morning as we were waiting on the driver... I had the chance to talk to her through Symbat (translator)... I told her thanks for her kindness to us and for being so helpful... she was full of smiles and SO surprised that I'd want to talk to her at all...  We talked (through Symbat) until the taxi came.. and as I walked out into the BITTER cold... I once again KNEW God was in this... :) 
When we came back from eating at Krendals and walking back... I asked her to take a picture with me... and she happily agreed!!   She then wanted to take one with Phil... in front of the fir tree!  ;)   
Thank you Lord for the opportunity to show her Jesus.. through kindness and smiles... you know that Jesus shines through any language barrier... any problem and any situation!

Below is a picture I took from the window of our apartment... Isn't it beautiful?  

We are going to the village in a couple of hours to visit Symbat's family.  I am really excited about getting to go to the village and meet her family.    I will go ahead and post this... and add those pictures.. stories after we get home later... :)  
Paka for now...  
I know you know and are praying.. but, court tomorrow is at 11 am our time.. so Wed. night 11 pm your time...  it'll be here SOON!  Less than 24 hours!   Thank you Lord for favor, amazing grace and your presence that is around that judge right now as well as in the court room tomorrow!!!


Friends and Family said...

I am simply in awe of your spirit and faith. Truly. If God is demonstrating His awesome presence anywhere right now, it is IN and THROUGH YOU! Seriously, I know you don't often think of yourself as evidence of His Presence, but at least for me, You are. Truly. I have to keep faith if you can, so here I go. Praying for you and the girls constantly. CONSTANTLY.

Jennifer Robinson

dnd82001 said...

I am heart is breaking for you and the girls and am so so sorry that this is happening.....some things we will never ever understand.

Prayers hugs and prayers are sent your way!

Please dear Lord let this family come together once and for all!

Amen and God Bless these wonderful people!!


Friends and Family said...

The only thing I can think of right now is that God is in control of your situation. Nobody can stop the plan he has for you and your family. Hang in there and know that He is with you.

Jan Thigpen

Friends and Family said...

so glad that your girls are feeling a bit better. You guys are amazing and inspiring! Can't wait for tomorrow to come!
Kari Letterneau

Friends and Family said...

The pictures are amazing..the snow is beautiful on the trees, we will probably never see a winter like that here in Oklahoma! Keep up the positive thinking. Still praying and claiming the Lord's awesome favor over you guys for court tomorrow/tonight! Love you..Terri

Kim said...

Love your positive faithful spirit! You have encouraged us all to have that same spirit in our lives despite circumstances! What a beautiful Kaz winter indeed! Praying again! Loved your pictures as always. Hope the girls are feeling better soon.

aultfamily said...

I cannot believe all the "drama" surrounding this judge. It certainly hasn't been easy, but He is stronger and will fight on your behalf. Praying for a big "DA" in court tomorrow!

Dean and Janie said...


And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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