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Jan. 12, 2010 - Part 2 - Trip to the Village!

We went to the village at around 4 pm this evening...  We had a GREAT time! 
Here are some pictures:
This is Symbat's daugher Lenar... She's a doll and I was thrilled to get to meet her!
 Symbat has been teasing us for months... saying that we HAVE to try horse meat while we are here... it's Kazak's national meat.. etc..   Phil finally caved and told her we'd have a CELEBRATION dinner on the night we got a positive verdict for court.. and he'd order and try horse!    Guess what... Symbat's mom pulled out all the stops in 'impressing' us and made a traditional Kazak meal of Horse meat and noodles...  YES...  Symbat was dying laughing... but, we were happy to try it!  
Here is the horse dish!

Here we are at their table.   From left to right:   Symbat's mom, Symbat's ex-Mother-in-law, Phil, Me, Gernadi and Symbat.

I took this picture as we were arriving at the village.

The outside of their home.

Playing with Lenar...Symbat's daughter.

Symbat and Lenar...   She's so CUTE!

Symbat snapped this as I'm trying my first BITE of horse... she thought it was SO funny... she's such a goofball!   It wasn't as bad as I suspected... however, it's more of a mental thing... knowing you are eating horse!  yummy!  ;(
I included this picture... because it shows more of the 'real' time we had.  Everyone is smiling and laughing... we had a wonderful time!
Symbat's family was so kind and opened their home to us.... we felt so welcome and they shared with us about their family as well as their beliefs as well.    We feel very honored that we were welcomed into their home... and feel like we now have a family here in Kazakhstan!  

We did find out a bit of good news tonight as well...
There is a non-published flight tomorrow evening to Almaty.... so WHEN the judge gives us the positive verdict tomorrow... we will still be able to catch all our flights as our original itinerary states.   This is good news...  We will not have to pay the fees for changing, etc... and we will be able to make it to Bay's games on Saturday..... (if we have NO delays or cancellations on the way home!)...

This brings up another point... I hesitate in even posting this... but, I've had several people ask what they can do to help us... what do we need?      I have had a couple of CLOSE friends tell me that I MUST post about our jobs etc.... so... I am going to post about this.
I have been off work with NO pay since we left on Oct. 21st.... I had 3 personal days that I used for the first 3 days, but, since then I have not received ANY pay in ANYWAY... in fact I've also had to pay for my medical insurance... so in addition to receiving NO pay... we've had to pay for medical insurance.

Phil had 2 weeks of vacation that he had saved for this year.    He was able to use those... so the first 2 weeks of this journey were paid vacation for him.    He then also switched over to "unpaid leave" from his job.     We have also had to pay his medical insurance while receiving no pay.  
Now... I just want to say that we are BOTH so very blessed to have been able to take off - take leaves like we have been with our jobs.   Our employers have both been exceptionally wonderful with all the unknowns and ups and downs that we've faced. 
We were home for 13 days in Dec... and Phil worked EVERYDAY he could while we were home (he was able to work 4 days).   Unfortunately we were out of school while I was home.. so again I still did not return to work.    We came back on Jan. 2nd...   Phil earned an additional 2 weeks vacation at the first of the year.. and his employment was kind enough to allow him to use that 2 weeks immediately.... so 2 weeks of this trip he has been paid. 

I just want to say that given all the above... we are doing very well.   God has provided EVERY penny we've needed so far.. and we know HE will continue to do so! 
It's truly amazing when you look back at where we started and what God has provided.    He is so so so FAITHFUL and we KNOW He has a plan and He knows the exact answer to all the ?'s.... finances to the judge to EVERYTHING!    
I've had some people ask and I just wanted to let anyone who was wondering know that Lifesong (tax deductable) is still accepting donations on our behalf and will until we bring the girls home.  
We continue to trust God and watch as he provides for our little family!
We are honored to be at this place.... in his will... and humbled by his AWESOME sovereign plan for us as well as his PRECIOUS children! 

I better sign-off and get to packing... so sad to leave Faith and Grace tomorrow... but, also ready to KNOW they are ours...  Court in exacltly 12 hours... 
Please keep the prayers coming...     we are so humbled by the comments, emails, love and support... we feel it... THOUSANDS of miles away... thank you SO SO SO very much!!! 
The One who calls you is FAITHFUL and HE WILL DO IT!!!!!   1 Thes 5:24


Friends and Family said...

You and Phil are amazing! Sending all my love and prayers to you,Phil, and all Four of the Gobble girls!!!!
Lisa Dunbar

Friends and Family said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we cannot wait to hear that the girls are finally yours although they have been from the very first day that you met them all we need is for the judge to say DA such a short simple word but will change 2 little girls lives for ever!!!!
Amanda adopted from Semey 2010

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta, we will be on our knees for you this evening shortly before 11:00. We are declaring with you that this battle is won. These girls are yours today. May the Holy Spirit guide you and direct your words, thoughts, and actions as you are in court. There is no judge on earth who can stand in the way of what The Judge wills for His children's lives. He will complete this part of the work He began in you over three years ago, and you will soon move on to the next part of this fabulous journey! Love and blessing, in the name of our precious saviour, Jesus,


Jessica and Chris said...

I loved the snow pictures! And it looks like you had a wonderful time in the village. You guys are getting to meet so many people and do such wonderful things. We are continuing to pray for you guys. Tomorrow (Thursday) is a good day. I just feel it. We love you guys...Paka paka

Friends and Family said... glad to hear about the flight. Horse Meat...hmmmm... interesting. The pics were wonderful!! Praying for court and quick and safe trip home. -The Shropshire's

Friends and Family said...

Already praying and will devote my evening to pray for this specific circumstance. My devotional reading today Psalm 10:16-18 The Lord is King forever and forever. Those who follow other gods shall be swept from his land. Lord, you know the hopes of humble people. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort their hearts by helping them. You will be with the orphans and all who are oppressed, so that mere earthly man will terrify them no longer. Living Bible. I know he is with the orphans and claim that they will NOT be orphans any longer! Thanks for sharing about you jobs, Wade and I have discussed it and wondered. You have been so open and willing and blessed those around you here and there...we will SEE the fruits from the fertile soil you are!!!!! Paka! :) Shari

Baby Kaz Moore said...

You are in my prayers. Warmest wishes, Susan

Dean and Janie said...

Will be praying for you tonight Lanetta. May God bless your court day with a quick and decisive yes. Love you both!

George and Debbie said...

Phil and Lanetta we are continually praying for you

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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