Thursday, January 6, 2011

Court Session number 2!

Well.. I will just start at the beginning.   The driver and staff picked us up at 10:30.   We then picked up the van full of people again and headed to the courthouse.   We all walked in together and met the BH director as well as another lady who spoke for us outside the courtroom.   We all hung out together in the hallway... and the ladies were all very kind to us.    We visited about lots of things like the weather and how the trip home was, etc...  we talked about their New Year's with their families and told them about our Christmas at home with Bay and Brook.   
After about 15 minutes they call our names and into the courtroom we go.   The room is much smaller than before... and the room we used on Jan. 14th was small.  This room was about 20 X 20 max.. and there were about 14 people crammed in it.     The judge started by having everyone introduce themselves.   She then asked if anyone had anything they wanted to say.   The BH Director spoke up and stated that her Dr's needed to speak first if that was ok.. cause they needed to leave.  She agreed to this and the head of the Dr's for the BH went first (we'd never seen her before).   She spoke of the twins medical history from Birth until now... and spoke for a LONG time.    The BH Dr. then spoke as well and confirmed all the things that the Director said as well.     As I sat there listening to the list of things the girls have been through and faced....  my heart just broke... as I knew they had been alone their entire little lives while facing so many challenges.   I quickly thought that I never wanted them to face another Dr's apt... or issue and not KNOW that their Mama and Papa are there with them always and forever.  

 However, I quickly remembered what the Lord spoke to me about 2 1/2 years ago... and that was that he had my babies in the palm of his hand.   I KNOW that he has held F and G gently in his hand from the time they were conceived in their Mothers womb... and for this I am SO very grateful!   
The Judge questioned the BH Dr. VERY extensively.    I am still amazed at the things she asked her.   She was very forceful and asked her if she was 100% sure that we could provide all that the twins need, etc... she just kept asking and really questioned her.   The Dr. was so very kind and continued to reassure the judge that she had NO doubt that we were the perfect parents for the twins. 

After that ?ing ended... she then asked which of us planned to speak first...  I of course drew the short straw between Phil and I... and gave my speech first.    I covered most everything imaginable... and reassured her (yes.. with HUGE tears) that we just felt and knew the girls were our daughters.   I only left out a small portion of my speech.... and overall remembered everything I wanted to say.   I felt that it went good... and most importantly I didn't BAWL uncontrollably... I got chocked up a couple times.. but, held it in and think the judge could genuinely see and feel that we loved the girls so much already.  

She then asked me questions and drilled me... I answered honestly and to the best of my ability.   She then said she had no further ?'s... and it was Phil's turn.    He gave his short speech... she drilled him...  He got chocked up.... all the women in the room were smiling and VERY touched.  :)   I think they are just in awe of the fact that he wants and is willing to be the Papa to 4 daughters! :)     He answered well..and he sat down.    Svetlana then told the judge that we had some video's of our time with the girls if she'd like to view them... and we shared pictures of the newly re-decorated room for F and G.  The judge wanted to see the videos... so I sat up the computer and played the video from yesterday for the judge and the entire court.   The ladies who wanted to view it crowded in behind me and the judge.. behind her seat.  (very NOT American... )     This is the video that I want to share with all of you... but, can't get to upload... anyway the ladies as well as the judge were ALL smiles... you CAN NOT watch this without a smile and see and feel the love... and at the end of it... Faith says in Russian to me...  "Mama, can we just go home now?"    They all heard this and the judge just looks at me and smiles!  I knew then that she has a heart!!!! :)     I then showed them a portion of another video from back in Nov... during bonding.  
The director of child services then spoke and she literally made me BAWL.   She said that in all her years as a professional.. doing this job.. she's never seen such progress in 2 children during a bonding time.   She also went on to say that she was so very impressed with our bonding... and how we played so appropriately with the girls.   We incorporated learning into the environment and she had never seen such a wonderful environment made for children to learn.  She said it was truly a 'teacher environment' and that you could see the love in both our eyes as we look at those girls.  She said she's honestly never seen such a strong bond and that she whole HEARTEDLY  supports our  adoption of these twins.   :)  

The director then speaks and agrees with her and says that it's truly obvious that my being an SLP is such a positive thing.   She also brags and says she's seen such HUGE gains in both girls, etc...  

I just had to smile inside.. as I watched and heard the Lord's favor!    It's truly amazing that the Lord has orchestrated this very day from the time that he led me to be and SLP.   Everything in our lives truly points to this point and we are SO very thankful for the Lord's amazing mercies and grace! 
At one point the Dr even said... that these girls need a FULL-TIME Speech-Language Pathologist!   :)   LOL!!!  Doesn't get much better than that! ;) 

At this point we've been in the courtroom for about 1 1/2 hours... it was a LONG time... 
They judge asks us some more ?'s... basically the same things over again..    

Everyone felt very good about the entire session and you could just feel the peace in the courtroom.   I just KNEW she was going to give her decision today... then next thing I know she is saying that our next session will be towards the end of the month... YES.. the END of Jan!    The revolt in the room again begins.... and the ladies FIGHT for us again.   She then changes her mind and says that she can work us into her schedule on the 11th at 2:00 pm.      

The ladies again are SO upset that she didn't give her verdict today... and say that she has NO reason to not give a YES!    They were saying.. that she already knows she's planning to say yes... and it's so silly to drag it out another few days.... but, it's ok.     We feel good about it.... and just continue to know that the Lord has a plan... and that plan is perfect!!!  ;) 
Svetlana says the 11th should be VERY simple.   Gather in the courtroom.. she'll ask if anyone has any changes or wants to add anything....  then she'll recess.. and come back in and give her positive verdict! 

We then came back to the apt. and made some lunch... whew... it was a morning! 
We went to visit F and G tonight from 4 - 6 and had another GREAT visit...  
Here are some pictures of the fun:   
(well.. forget the pics..  after another 45 mins. trying to load these... I'm giving up..  Svetlana was even saying tonight that the internet is really acted strange in this part of the city...   who knows why, but it is..  I've had fits just staying connected to get this typed out...)

so..  we have our last court session on Jan. 11th...  
Tomorrow is Christmas here in Kazakhstan... so nothing is open... the director said that we could go ahead and visit F and G tomorrow...but, made sure we all realized she was making a special privilege allowing us to... we're so thankful for that! :)

Svetlana has invited us to her home for Christmas dinner with her family tomorrow... we are honored and very excited to experience that....    We'll post pics (hopefully) and details soon! 
Thanks for the love, support, and prayers....
We are so very blessed by all of you!

and.. we are so thrilled that we are one step closer to having the girls home forever!! 


kitzkazventure said...

Wow, what a ride! Praying for the 11th....short and sweet!

Kim said...

Wow it is amazing to hear the positive things that were said in court! Your family is such a perfect match for the girls! God is sooo good! The 11th will be here soon. How wonderful that you get to experience Kaz Christmas with Svetlana's family. I honestly had wondered if that might happen since she is so warm and friendly. Enjoy and soak up the culture. Maybe you can find some Kaz traditions to incorporate in your future Christmas celebrations with all four of your girls!

Jstar said...

Court sounds *amazing* - not easy, for sure, but amazing. Congrats for each step forward you guys!

Jennifer said...

Wow, what an intense court process! It sounded pretty amazing though. I can see why you had to fight not to bawl! :-) 5 more days!

Friends and Family said...

Oh Lanetta....just hold on, I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to hold on just a bit longer, it is almost complete! Love love love you guys! Praying always. ~Terri

Friends and Family said... all I can say!! How exciting to know you are 1 step closer and that this 1 is under your belt, but urgh! Hang in there and just think in a short time you will be home as a family. Keeping you all in our prayers!! -The Shropshire's

Trudi said...

Good heavens what a ride is right. For whatever is just bizarre. However, you ARE a BIG step closer, and that is something to celebrate.

Friends and Family said...

THREE court dates? BEYOND appalling. You should NEVER have to go through all of that - nor should those poor girls. I hear you that God has a plan and all of that - I really do. I'm with you on it. But I cannot help but be outraged by the inhumanity of this process. In any case, it sounds like it was an unbelievable experience and you two are phenomenal human beings, and parents - already. Goodness. The process has changed so much since we were there. I'll pray that all goes well and those beauties go home withyou SOON and FOREVER.

Jennifer Robinson

dnd82001 said...

Well no surprises as everyone already knows and feels the love you both have for your girls!

Glad it went well. So nice you get to spend Christmas in Kaz. I am thinking you are staying until the 11th? What happens then - how many more days will you need to stay and then I'm thinking you finally get to go home with the girls correct?

Happy Kaz Christmas - oh what beautiful gifts you received!


Kelly and Sne said...

So happy that you have taken a step forward but that is SO crazy that you need another court hearing! I'm sure there is a silver lining in there - more time with your girls and the opportunity to experience Kaz Christmas. Congrats and hoping for a fast and smooth follow up!

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