Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Video

This is the 2nd video from Jan. 5th...  After the reunion video the caregiver had the girls run to the bathroom before leaving with us (to go play)...  this is the video of them returning to our arms after that... ;)   Listen closely... Grace says, "I love you" with NO promting with her little hands on my cheeks!!!!!   AAAAHHHH.... the sweetness of our heavenly father keeping these babies for us...  We are so blessed!!!


Our Ukrainian Journey said...

Oh, my goodness!!! Loved the video, it brings back so many memories that seen so looong ago!
praying for you all!!

Kim said...

Sweet reunion!

Friends and Family said...

Tears!!! Smiles!!! More Tears!! Showed Wade, Jennifer and SaVannah. Jennifer and SaVannah can NOT believe that F&G are still not in OK for us to meet in person. We've tried to explain the process and I think they understand it even less than we do. Even at their age, they can't believe that a great Dad and Mom have to go through so much to bring two darling girls to a loving Godly home. Praying and believing....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video....hearing their voices and seeing their reactions. Wow, how affectionate, cudly, everything you've taught them in such a short amount of total time spent. Wait until they get hugs, kisses and love 24/7.....

aultfamily said...

I simply love all the commotion and excitement and love in these 2 videos. One of my favorite moments was when one of them pulled off Phil's glasses to possibly make really sure that it was him under there?!!! :)

Dean and Janie said...

Hi Lanetta and Phil,

I have a new computer and it actually is fast enough (I guess) to let me get all of your blog to view at once. Not sure why, but I can actually see the comments button on this one.
The videos are beautiful, precious, exciting, so meaningful! I am thrilled you have put videos on here. I can't wait to show Livea tomorrow when she awakes. We play russian music, lullabies, stories, and/or videos for her everyday. Today we heard her talk about her coat in Russian. I think she will enjoy watching your reunion videos and hearing other little girls speaking her language. :)
We think of your family every day. Much love and prayers dear friends.

Janie and Dean

Kari J said...

So sweet and precious and rambunctious and wild! Love it!
Thank-you for all your efforts and finally success in posting.
A terrific start to my day.

Friends and Family said...

How very precious!!!! It was so wonderful to hear their voices! I can't imagine the emotions you must have been feeling. So happy for you guys. We'll keep keep posting! We love you!!!!!

Bobby and Beverly

Friends and Family said...

Wow wow wow. What a sweet moment. Praying for tomorrow!!!!
-Kari Letterneau

Friends and Family said...

We love it!! The kids thought they were so cute and kept asking if they speak english. Bay and Moriah thought it was so cute they were fascinated with the video camera. Thanks for sharing!! So sweet and exciting!! Love- The Shropshire's

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