Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec. 6, 2010 - more Lanetta Ramblings.. BEWARE!!!

Ok... so here's the REAL scoop with my thoughts/feelings/emotions!! Read ahead with caution... cause I'm not leaving anything out!

First about our health... umm... Last Sunday (7 days ago) I woke up with a BAD sore throat and running a temp. I fought it for days and was MISERABLE. Finally Phil convinced me to start the round of antibiotics that we brought for such a situation! (I was saving them for if I 'really' might need them... hummm... Phil thinks 5 days with a temp is ENOUGH!) So, I started taking them last Friday.. and on Sat. morning woke up MUCH better! Sore throat gone by Sun. AM... only for Phil to begin to get a sore throat yesterday... (YES, he's already taking his prescription of antibiotics.. lol! Smart guy, huh?!)... so I wake up Sunday morning totally and completely so congested and stopped up that I can't hardly breath. Continues to be that way today... so stopped up that people noticed... urg!! The translator thinks it's because it's COLD in our apartment... well, I doubt that.. but, if they could make it warmer that would be GREAT!!!

Anyway... prayers for our continued health would be VERY appreciated!

So... we sort of silently gave ourselves a deadline of last Friday to receive our court date.... We thought sure we'd hear by then... and then when our lawyer was going to meet with the judge on Friday.. so we thought OH YEAH!! We thought sure we were about to hear something... The entire weekend went by and we heard NOTHING... This morning Symbat says the judge needed an additional paper from Svetlana... she's taking that to her (the judge is a woman) today (Monday)... and we should hear something soon.... "should and soon" don't really mean much... keep this in mind... BIG SIGH!!!

Ok... so over the weekend... we went back and forth between requesting an apt. with the lawyer nicely... throwing it all to the wind and giving them ALL a piece of our mind.... or just continuing to sit here silently....

See... it's really hard to sit here silently... we've been here LONGER than we thought....than THEY told us we would be... we are bored...we miss home... we miss Bay and Brook... everyday that goes by is another day here.. costing money and another one that we are both off with no pay... hummmm...

The situation we are in "FEELS" wrong... It "feels" unfair and completely makes the FLESH mad!!!! Why do they make it SO hard to give 2 babies a forever home?!?! WHY does it have to be like this.....
The list of ?'s and emotions and feelings and fleshly things WANT to rear their heads.... BUT, when any of us are in a situation like this... a situation that seems to not be going the way that WE feel or think it should be or that we think or feel would be best.... we are ALL faced with a choice...
You have a choice in whatever situation you are facing TODAY... right now.... and we have a choice... right now today..
We can allow the enemy to come against us... (cause that's exactly what is happening)...we can feel sorry for ourselves, gripe someone out, or just pout...
OR we can CHOOSE to TRUST our God, Lord, our Savior....
Have you thought about the fact that HE died for you... and me...
If it would have just been YOU... he would have still died... He gave his life... HIS LIFE for us.... for you!!!
Why would we even question trusting him in a situation that is really as simple as this one we face.... or the one you face.
You see when we are facing these situations and 'choices' God already KNOWS the outcome... He has already written the ending....
and we just have the SIMPLE job of CHOOSING to trust him!!!! :)
Simple... isn't it?! I challenge you today.... REGARDLESS of what you are facing... regardless of how BAD or IMPOSSIBLE it seems to you... or through the natural eye...
Just choose...
make a choice... trust him!!
Tell him.. cry out to him and trust him!!
HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!! I can promise you that!!!!

So... we did NOT request to meet with the lawyer... we came back to the apartment with smiles and made some lunch! We choose to trust the Lord that he has a plan and we will go to court and come home FOREVER at the EXACT second he has planned!!

We received a FB message from a dear saint yesterday who said that while she was praying for us... God spoke the following to her. As you can imagine we continue to be in AWE of God's amazing plan... and as you can see in what she wrote to us... God is asking us to continue to TRUST HIM!!!
Here's what she wrote to us:
"You are so precious to me! Fear not, fear not, fear not...for I am the Lord God Almighty. I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am meeting your every need. I know your every thought before you think it. I have numbered your steps. He says, my word does not go out and come back void. I hold the world in my hands. Trust me, trust me, trust me. I have things in store for you that you cannot even imagine! Lean not on your own understanding, just believe! I'm holding your hands! "

As you can imagine the TEARS ROLLED while reading this over and over and over! We are so thankful for the Lord using others to continue to encourage us! Thank you Lord for all you've done and are doing!
...and on that note... my babies are PRECIOUS!!! Those little rags are theirs that the caregiver let them bring today... no idea why.. but, we were hiding from Papa while snuggling!! :) I know you can't see them... they were REALLY hiding! ;)

Grace fell this morning before we arrived and REALLY hurt her eye.... There is a close up below... I would NEVER want one of my girls to get hurt, but this injured eye was a GREAT bonding time for she and I. She was running wild and acted fine when we arrived... but, as the caregivers told us about it and I showed her attention and love and made sure she was ok... she started whimpering... and whimpered the entire way to the PE room... :) YEAH for Grace!!
Getting more attention from Mama for her hurt eye!

She has a sore on her chin from falling as well... :(

The girls both had to go to the bathroom. This is becoming a daily adventure. Mama takes them back up to their room and they go potty... They are LIKING this a lot. :) I got BUNCHES of hugs while the girls were going to the bathroom from the little girl I mentioned before... SO precious!
Symbat snapped this picture while I was coming back down the hall... they are jealous of each other and attention and both BEGGED me to carry them... :) There is NO way.. I would say no!

Here we are coming back into the PE room! (I really doubt they even had to go to the bathroom... ;) )
We had been rocking the babydolls and I said... I sure wish I had one of my babies to rock... and Grace (yes Grace) came running!!! Faith went to Papa and it was a GREAT moment!!! :)

Grace's eye... isn't it awful? I bet it turns black... nice!

YES, you are seeing correctly... that is Grace during our daily cuddle - singing time!!! Notice how much more she's curving into my body... Thank you JESUS!!! :)

I am telling you that hurt eye was great for us with bonding... she is seeing that Mama and Papa really do love her and I think realizing that we are going to keep coming back.... (Lord, I trust that if we have to come home without them... YOU HAVE A PLAN!)
...and Faith eats up snuggles from either of us. She will play for a while and then come to one of us for HUGS... she just curves into us and absorbs EVERY SECOND!

Tomorrow is going to be warmer... so we are excited! We have plans to go to the outside market tomorrow. We've not ate out ONE time in a week... and been really being good... so we are THRILLED to get out. We need to find some more "Kazak" souvenirs for the girls! :)
Just remember today... to TRUST in our Lord!! He will NEVER fail you... leave you ... or forsake you.. he is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIGHT!!!


Friends and Family said...

I am so proud of how strong you guys are. It is not often that we meet such devout people as your family. I keep you all in my heart daily and pray that you don't have to leave and come back, that somehow you can take the girls home soon. It breaks my heart that they may have to wait without you. Your story is so wonderful and it gives us hope. Hope that the good guys prevail. Hugs and Love,
Suzy Marshall

Friends and Family said...

Thanks, Lanetta & Phil!! Poor baby...Give those boo-boo's kisses from all of us.

Love Ya!!

Jessica and Chris said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel with your frustration. We had the SAME feeling. But when we look back we are so grateful for all the bonding time that we spent with the kids. Our transition to home was WAY better. WAY better than many countries who just hand over the child and expect the bond to take place. It works exactly how God intends it to!

4texans said...

Beautiful post about your bonding! They look so relaxed when you are holding and cuddling!

Friends and Family said...

Long story, but hang with me -- "Finding John Christmas" is one of my favorite movies on the Hallmark channel at Christmastime. It's such a tear-jerker. I'm such a softie that sometimes it's hard for me to watch these "people" go through such hardtimes. (It's just a movie, right?) In this movie, Peter Falk plays an angel named Max who shows up as a fictious character to interact with each person in the movie and bring them all together in the end. I had a revelation while watching, and thought to myself "Ah, I can watch this movie without worrying because I know it will all turn out OK. Max will make sure it's OK." Your post today is so right about trust. It is so free-ing to rest in that knowledge. God will make sure it's OK.
Kathy Boshart

Friends and Family said...

Continued love and prayers from Michigan to you as you wait and trust God for his best. Cheri Cook

Corinne said...

Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you. I DO understand how those feelings you are having are real and how it just makes one so crazy when they make it so hard !! Praying for your sweet girls at home too. You ARE getting closer to coming home. Hang in there and remember God IS faithful and will carry you through.hugs

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