Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec. 10, 2010 - Update!

Received the following comment on yesterdays post and wanted to share:
On the way home, I was thinking and praying about you guys, "Doesn't God know that things are moving slow down here?" "Doesn't He know that time lines and deadlines are getting tight?" "What if...? Doesn't He know......? What if...?" (Yes, I know, where is my faith?) Then I turned to my right, and guess what, the most beautiful sunset!!! It was a light blue sky, with brilliant white clouds trimmed in gold, a golden sun just above the horizon, and silhouettes of houses and barns. BEAUTIFUL!!! And God said "Yeah, I know." (Just as calm and collected as can be.) "I have a plan. And you won't believe the ending!!!"

I BAWLED when reading this... BAWLED!   (Thank you so much Kathy for sending this to us!)
There is not much left to say after reading  that...  thank you Lord for continuing to remind us...because heaven help us.. we need the reminders!  
Here are some pictures from today:
We brought headbands that Aunt Linda sent today.  They were thrilled and LOVED wearing them.  I tried to fix their hair (even with is being SO short).    I love how relaxed they look just lounging on Papa, and their arms around each other.. so precious!
Here Faith is writing something VERY important, and Grace had spent some time folding the baby blankets very neatly!  (I can't wait to have her help folding wash clothes at home! :))
This is one of their favorite games.   They go to Papa and raise their shirts up asking him to 'blow' on their belly.   It's so precious!   We are now blowing raspberries on each other.    Let me just tell you that we Gobbles figure out a way to have a good time... regardless of how many hours we are stuck in a room with the SAME toys!  :)   

We won't be going back to the babyhouse for two days...   We won't have another visit until Monday.   I hate that we are not going to see them for 2 days... but, we are continuing to trust God and know he has them in his hands!  
We have the entire weekend looming before us...   my o my... what to do?!
Thanks for the continued prayers!

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Friends and Family said...

Oh girl, I thought the sunset was cool. But you should have seen the sunrise this morning!!! Brilliant and bright and pink and orange all over. GEORGOUS!!! There hasn't been any color to a sunrise in two months, and then we get this one. I just knew this day was special!!! I'm so happy for your court date. Wow, Tuesday? Really? I may have to wake up at 4am and start praying for you guys! Actually, I'll start now by praying for compassion in your judge. I pray that she sees how perfect you are for the girls, and that it needs to start right away!
Kathy Boshart

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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