Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poinsetta Fundraiser!

Here is an update/email I sent out today regarding our Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser. I know this only applies to people who live locally, but I wanted to share!

Happy December from COLD and SNOWY Pavlodar! I just wanted to take a minute and send some info to you regarding our annual Poinsettia Fundriaser.
As most of you know... we are FINALLY in Kazakhstan. We are eagerly awaiting a court date to officially adopt twin girls. I have attached a picture from our visit from yesterday. These girls have grown and changed SO much before our eyes... God is truly awesome and we continue to be in awe of his provisions and amazing peace as we continue through this journey!
If you would like to read more... I've been posting everyday to our blog.. lots of pics and our thoughts and happenings... if you'd like that log-in info. just email me back. :)

We have been in Kazakhstan for 6 weeks now... and still waiting on a court date. The amount of money required continues to increase as the days go by. There is a HUGE chance that we will be required to come home at the end of Dec. (when our VISAS expire) and then return a few weeks later to pick up the girls. This will be an additional $5,000 in airline fees. We have seen God provide and know that he holds this entire journey in his hands. We KNOW he has all things figured out.. but, you can imagine how excited we were when we received word from our dear friends The Perry's ... that they were going to hold the Poinsettia fundraiser FOR US and give us ALL THE PROCEEDS!

I am just asking you to please consider buying your plants from Canterbury Gardens this year... if you do you will be helping to bring two precious babydolls home to their forever family! (see picture from yesterday attached below!) If you would like to spread the word and sell to family, friends, your employers, church, etc... that would be great!!!
We are SO thankful for ALL of you!!!!
Here are the details... You can email me (and I will forward it all to Anne Perry).. or her infomation is below!
Thanks and God Bless!!!!

Hello, my name is Anne Perry. I am the Occupational Therapist for the Perkins-Tryon school district and am a friend of the Gobble family. My husband and I own Canterbury Gardens Greenhouse and Nursery in Oklahoma City . It is our poinsettias, pansies and spring bedding plants that you may have seen in past fund raisers concerning the Gobble family adoption project. This year in Lanetta’s absence (as you know she and Phillip are out of the country working diligently on adoption proceedings for twin girls) I am holding the fund raiser on their behalf. For all of you receiving this email here are the particulars:

Red Poinsettia's

Plants are in 6” pots, have 3 to 5 large beautiful stems and are full florist quality plants.

This year’s price is $2.00 less than last year and ALL money paid will go directly to the Gobble Family Adoption Fund

To order : Please email me at
or call (405)326-2787

Or contact Kim Helton at the Perkins Intermediate Library

Poinsettias will be delivered on Thurs., Dec.9th
and can be picked up at Perkins Elementary School

Payment can be made when plants are delivered!


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