Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Court - or Interview Round 1 - Dec. 14, 2010

I don't even know where to start...
ok.. after the bh visit this morning (which was another great visit!)... we came back to apt... ate a few bites of lunch... (not much.. we were SICK!).... and prepared for court or our 1st interview process.   The driver and translator picked us up at 3:30pm... we then picked up lawyer, the rep. from the DOE, and the Director of Guardianship at their offices.   We had a VAN full!   They were all so kind and assured us even in the vehicle to not be nervous.. that all would be ok!  :)

We arrived at the courthouse @ 3:55...   We quickly saw the BH director and sat with her.   We waited for about10 minutes and then went into a VERY small room... we could not all fit in it.. so we moved to a larger room.    It was not anything like the courtrooms in America....    There was a large desk (for the judge),  and then smaller desks for lawyers and the court reporter.    We sat directly behind Svetlana (Lawyer) and the BH director.    The judge entered the room.   Everyone stood.   She proceeded to ask questions...   and everyone identified themselves.     She then looked through our paperwork and asked LOTS of ?'s to us as well as Svetlana.    Last night when preparing our speeches we found an error on our financial sheet.   My annual salary was incorrect (a typo) thus making the entire form INACCURATE... we were devastated and struggled with what to do.   We decided to tell Svetlana and confess and hope for the best.    Svetlana explained this error and that we only realized/saw it last night.... and the judge was fine with us just correcting the info... (WHEW!!!  Thank you LORD... this potentially could have meant NO court until our social worker redos this form and sends it to us here!)...
so... she proceeds.... she had been looking through the papers for a LONG time before ever even looking at us... I found that VERY interesting.    We were asked everything imaginable...  from financial questions, to questions about Bay and Brook, etc...   I honestly can't think of one thing that they don't know about us.. that they could have asked us.    LOTS of questions. 
This lasted until about 5 pm.    At one point the BH director was asked ?'s about F and G... their medical diagnosis and development info... she then was VERY complimentary of us... and spoke of the amazing changes she's seen in the girls.  :)
Honestly, it went VERY well..  we felt confident and good with our answers.   The judge seemed to like our answers and even smiled a few times at me.  :)   (I knew I could get a smile.. ;))    All seemed VERY good!  
The judge then says she is VERY pleased.. and will set up our official court date.    Keep in mind that we NEVER gave our prepared and memorized speeches... :)   urg!  

She begins shuffling papers and then says.... 
The official court date will be January 11th! 
 That's when the entire room GASPED!   I am not kidding you.   The director, Svetlana, the ladies from the DOE... all started talking.  They explained to her that this wasn't best for F and G... that we'd have to return to America without them.   We'd be devastated... they'd be devastated.    They ALL (I mean all of them) spoke at different times (and sometimes at the same time :))  and shared their own views about how this was NOT best for our family or the girls.   The judge argued and stood firm that she ONLY has 4 working days left in Dec. to work.    Svetlana and the other ladies in the room seriously drilled her for over 15 minutes.    They continued to FIGHT for us and F and G... it was truly incredible!     (The 16 and 17th of Dec. are Holidays here..  Kazak Independence Day)... The judge must be off days the next week... we don't know the details.  

I was fighting back tears by the time it all died down.... the women in the room where smiling so kindly at us and KNEW we were so disappointed and devastated.   They were TOO!    As we were walking out of the room they were all telling us they were SO very sorry... and it's so wrong that the officials don't care more about the children than this.... (They said this!)..  We all get into the van and they are RAVING!   They are so upset... and saying things like... it's SO stupid... why couldn't TODAYS time slot have been court instead of her ridiculous "interview"!    They all said that they have NO idea what she'll even ask us in court... cause it was all covered today.   What is the deal? 
Svetlana is just sick... she was teary eyed with me.    She suggested we go get some coffee to talk.   Svetlana, Symbat, Garnadi (driver and Svetlana's dad) all went to Krendal's.    Svetlana says it's NOT over yet...  she's called a friend who can pull some strings.    We should know more tomorrow.  (Thurs and Fri. are holidays here.)
She  says she is hope full.. but, doesn't know if anything can be done.   She is trying.. and we are hoping and praying that we'll hear good news tomorrow.

Ok... so we walked away without really learning anything...
except that we now know that this entire group of officials 150% approves us adopting G and F.    We felt very good about the judge...   We know it will be granted.  
While setting at Krendal's we felt led to share with the staff about our desire to come back here (aka Mission's trip) and do something BIG for this BH as well as Kichary.    Svetlana and Symbat were very excited.   Svetlana said she was IN 100%...   she could arrange things on this end and that would be an incredibly wonderful thing to be a part of!   We are excited...  we are laying the ground work for HUGE things... and it's all God's plan.

Yes... we are VERY disappointed that court wasn't decided and we still don't know..
the thought of leaving F and G and possibly having to come back 2X's is overwhelming...(for many reasons from the girls to finances!)
 but, we saw in the midst of this INSANE crazy mess of a journey.... God's hand!       I have to wonder how many of those women today.... who were fighting for us will be involved in the mission trip.... God has a plan.   This is just the beginning!     Maybe those ladies need to be around us more.... maybe someway they are seeing Jesus in us...  If one person here sees Jesus in us..we can be delayed... It's ALL for him and about him anyway... right?!   YES... most definitely!

We have been so encouraged and uplifted by the incredible amount of love and support we've felt from around the world.    We are so so so TRULY blessed!
Please keep praying.... wouldn't it be awesome if they call.. and we have COURT tomorrow?   God could do that...   :)  
or if that isnt' his will....  we'll be coming back after the new year for court!
We are yours God.... Faith, Grace, Bay and Brook are yours!     We will rejoice and give you all the praise and glory when we are all 6 together forever!
Thank you Lord for continuing to provide, strengthen, and be exactly what we need you to be!
God has a plan... and WE TRUST HIM!


Jennifer M said...

I am so relieved to hear that the "interview" went so well. And yes, if anyone could get the judge to smile, I'm sure it is YOU! :-) Like you said, you know you will (eventually) be approved. Given the state of Kaz adoptions that is HUGE!

I love your perspective of how maybe your team just needs to see you a little bit more to finally make that decision. Without being too worldly about it, that gives you two prizes to keep your eyes on so to speak- the first is obviously getting F&G home, but the second is making the biggest impact you can right where you are. Both are incredibly exciting and worthy.

Kim said...

Isn't it amazing that they can be so unsure and critical at first and then so encouraging at court? We had similar experiences.
The timing of it all is going to work out just as it is supposed too. "He who began a good work in you will complete it!" He will be FAITHFUL to COMPLETE IT!

The Lord has protected Faith & Grace for this long and He will keep them in His arms when your arms are back home.

You should feel so good about the judge and how final court will go!
Continuing to pray for another miracle but trusting His will with you! Love to you!

Jill (& Bob) said...

Just amazed at you faith and trust in the Lord. We are still praying for all of you -- and just maybe for an earlier court date! Hugs to all of you!

Kari J said...

Wow, what an interesting and amazing court day. I can just picture it( all the court rooms in Kaz must look the same because the court room in Ust is just as you descibed the one you were in). I hope you feel peace knowing that no-one disapproves of your adoption.
Praying for incredible good news tomorrow.

Friends and Family said...

Jody and I are both thinking about and praying for you!! We have been so anxious to read the update to see how court went. We were both devastated when we heard the January 11 date. . .when I looked at him with tears in my eyes, he assured me that he BELIEVES. . .he KNOWS this will all work out and even if you have to wait, there is definitely a reason for it. Even though it's so easy to lose hope, you CANNOT!! We are hoping, praying, and believing!!
Summer and Jody

Friends and Family said...

Continued prayers here . . .

Christy M.

Friends and Family said...

Still praying!!! Becky

Friends and Family said...

Oh my goodness. Big hugs to you guys. We are sorry that court is so far off but I will praying all day that somehow you are moved to an earlier date.
_Kari Letterneau

Kelly and Sne said...

Wow - what a good news/bad news post! I am happy to hear that it went well but I can't imagine how let down you must be with another possible delay. No one can ever accuse adopted children of being unwanted - we seem to have to go through hell and high water to bring them home. I hope that someone can pull some strings for you and give you better news about a date. All the best.

Angie said...

We're praying here for a miracle! :)

Kim said...

I LOVE your attitude although I know it is so hard for you at the same time! Seriously a few more weeks is all it boils down to. Maybe you can plan to come home for Christmas and go back for court and just stay until you bring the girls home?

It really could be much worse. What if the judge was unsure at pre-court and not as nice as she was? What if there had been other paperwork delays? It is all going to be just fine in the long run! Please Lord help them hang on and keep trusting your plan!

Jessica and Chris said...

Sending lots of love and prayers your way.....Go Hokies :)

Friends and Family said...

In all the setbacks God has shown his favor and his glory. He continues to turn a not so great situation into something great for his Glory. I am so happy the interview went so well. That is awesome that you have good connections to start a mission trip! Praise God. We are still praying for all of you. What an inspiration your journey has been for so many.

Angela H.

Friends and Family said...

I love seeing the possibilities! It's never what we think, but so much more. I'm so dissapointed that it wasn't option A or option B, but what's behind Door C could be pretty amazing. Count me in for a mission trip to Kaz. I'm so ready!
Kathy B

Starr said...

I love what the earlier commenter said about no one being able to say adopted children are unwanted! Wow. What a story this will be for F and G to hear one day. Love you.

Trudi said...

I don't know what to say except go with the flow. I hope the judge rethinks the schedule...for goodness' sakes what more could you say on a court day. Hang in there.

Friends and Family said...

Praying for good news tomorrow. God is in control!!!!!

Lisa D.

Stephanie and Gary said...

Lanetta, despite the ups and downs and the disappointment that the Jan. 11th date brought you today, I felt tears in my eyes the whole time reading this. There is something so powerful in here, beyond what my mere words can describe. I know that no matter the outcome, there is a plan. Thinking of you!!!

Jstar said...

We had such a nervewracking pre-court experience as well (and we didn't get any smiles until after court!) but what a blessing that the judge will admit your paperwork and that the whole staff is fighting so hard for your babies. It's wonderful to see people going out on a ledge for children in need.

Friends and Family said...

I so wish I could be there to dole out hugs!!!! Praying that the judge can see the importance of allowing the girls to come home by setting a quick court date. Isn't it amazing how our American minds can see the injustice? We are a very lucky country in that we put people in high regard. Hugs Galore Lanetta!!!!!! Love, Suzy

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