Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec. 4, 2010 - One month ago today....

I can't help but think about one month ago today... WOW! It's been one month since we walked through the halls below... and into the arms of our daughters. Daughters that the Lord knew were destined to be OURS when he formed them in their Mother's womb... Thank you Lord for Nov. 4, 2010.. and the past month we've had with these precious angels. How can anyone be sad about no court date... just think back and the sadness is QUICKLY replaced with the Lord's awesome presence!
This is taken directly inside the front door of the orphanage. The door leads into the directors office.

Wall decoration right inside the door. Symbat was standing in front of it, and said she'd smile her American smile!
Another big board on the wall right inside the door. There are no pictures of F and G.. however, we did find the little boy we were shown at Kichary. (We will always pray for him.)

This is the first LONG hallway that you walk down. I took advantage of today being Saturday and took LOTS of pictures. There is hardly anyone around on Saturdays... and Symbat said it would be fine to snap some pictures when people aren't around. To get to the kids rooms, etc... you go all the way to the end of this hallway.. and turn right. F and G's group is up the stairs on the right.

I took a video when F and G appeared from behind these doors today... :) It was precious! It wasn't long until ALL the kids appeared as well. The caregiver today was not a regular and it was obvious that the kids KNEW it and they were running all over her. I quickly snapped this picture. The little boy and girl in the middle are the ones I mentioned before. I just have to tell you that when we brought the girls back to the room today... this little girl (the one with the dark hair and curls)... again came running... and SLAMMED into me again... and held on for DEAR life. If we ever leave here (:)) part of my heart will be staying behind with this babygirl. There is a lady behind us with AWAA preparing to travel to Pavlodar as well.. and I just hope and pray that this little girl is available... and that somehow I can keep up with her. Dear Lord.. PLEASE keep her in your hands. She is BEGGING to be loved... it just radiates out of her... more so than any of the other kids... ;(

I kept my camera out while heading to the PE room with the girls... Papa and Grace turned around at the bottom to smile at Faith and I! :) These are the stairs leading to their door.
They are taking FULL advantage of us carrying them.... :) (especially Faith!) My prediction is this... in the future.. Bailey will be carrying Faith and I'll have one hand on Grace and one on Brook! :)

Long hallway headed to the PE room.
Those doors on the left are the Dr's offices... and nurses rooms.

Turning the corner down the hallway. The PE room is on the right.

Pictures of the 'famous' PE room!

Guess what they played with first... YES, the cards from their sisters! We are just amazed at how much they love these cards. Amazing... we can't help but wonder if they might sort of understand... but, then who knows!
Grace with her card!

Faith showing Bailey and Brooklyn that she has Molly and Jack! :)
I had to include this one... Papa showed Grace how to twirl both the necklaces tied together.. ;) oh Papa... It was SO much fun though.. and she worked SO hard trying to do it! It was GREAT bonding time and working together to figure it out... She shook her WHOLE body trying to get it to spin... hilarious! Everyone was cracking up!

Sometimes I have the brightest ideas... hee hee! I decided to put Jack on my head and SNEEZE him off.... The girls thought this was HILARIOUS!!!!
Phil just laughs at me and says... how do you think of that stuff.. LOL! No idea... Here Grace was sneezing him off.. and check out Faith's sneeze! ha ha!
The simplest things are so much fun with them. They just love the attention and love to play!
I just continue to be amazed by their progress and how much they are still changing. I can't wait to have them 24/7 for the rest of their lives! :)

There is simply NOTHING sweeter than little girls laughing and being loved by their Papa! Their giggles are louder and deeper... and it's just a joy for me to watch the 3 of them! We are so so so very blessed! Wow.. giggles and fun times 4! Thank you Lord for trusting US with 4 of your precious angels!!

Dear Lord we pledge to YOU this day... on our ONE MONTH anniversary... to raise these girls to know nothing but your love and kindness! Lord, we pledge to teach them to live for you... love you and above all serve you in everything they do!
Thank you Lord... so very much for your amazing BLESSINGS on our family!


Kim said...

Glad you could take alot of pics of the babyhouse. All the babyhouses there are so much alike! Brings back all the sweet memories. The first video we took of Lindsay was when she laughed at me letting her toy dog fall off my head! Great mom minds think alike! Your girl's smiles grow larger with every new post!

Friends and Family said...

How precious these bonding times are. It is a good reminder to all of us to slow down and take the time to love on those God has put in our lives. :) We are so glad that God brought us together at ME team weekend -- it has been amazing to share in your experience. Ron & Cheri Cook

Friends and Family said...

They CAN smile at the same time in front of the camera! Great FAMILY picture, just need Bay and Brook and it would be the perfect Gobble Family picture.
They look like they need a great big hug, from me! They are so adoreable!
Thank you for all the pictures. But I do need to remind you that fire fighters can not cry at work, it's just not allowed:)
Love you guys and stay warm.


PTL for Phil's back
SOON TO COME: PTL for Lanetta's throat

Kari J said...

Is that BOTH girls smiling at the same time?!!! The love and caring you both are showering on them is responsible! You are blessed, they are blessed. God can certainly do amazing work!
I am so enjoying all of your pics and posts. They bring back such memories of our trip to Ust in 2009.

aultfamily said...

You are really going to love having all the pictures of the orphanage for their life books! Maybe if you are there on another weekend you can get some pictures of the room they sleep in - or perhaps they'd allow your translator to take some.

It is bittersweet to see photos of the 2 children you have mentioned previously. They are all such adorable children, just waiting to be loved on!

minime0910 said...

Those pics of the orphanage bring back so many memories. You will look back at those pics a 1000 times. Thanks for your email and congrats again and again (since it's twins, lol). God is GREAT!!! xoxo ~Erin

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