Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec. 16, 2010 - Update!

I haven't posted pics from the last 3 days... so I thought I'd post a few!
Here are a couple of my favorites from yesterday! 

Doesn't get much sweeter than this... :) 

When we arrived yesterday for our visit the children in their group were just changing out of their costumes for the New Years production.    The caregivers put G and F's back on them so I could take a picture!   Despite the look on Grace's face... she was VERY excited to put it back on for a picture! (honestly!)

I just love this picture.  I hope they realize how much we LOVE them!
This is from today.   We decided to 'break' a rule and put on some chap stick.   They were SO excited!  

Here I told them to show Papa how pretty we are...   Grace is such a hoot!  :)

NO explanation needed... isn't that precious?! 
We did some shopping today... It was a busy day!   We found a couple of animals to leave with the girls.   Svetlana is going to go and visit them on New Years and take them a present from us.    The caregivers/director said that we can also put some pictures on their beds tomorrow. 
I am so happy that we'll be able to do that.
I had a melt down in the middle of the visit today... and just started BAWLING!    Both girls were SO sweet... however, Faith wiped away one of my tears... kissed my cheek and said very softly and kindly, "I love you Mama!"    (with NO prompting or anyone saying anything....)   MELTED my heart! Grace was so sweet as well.. and brought over a book and wanted to read with me.. (cause I always read to them ; ))
We talked to them about us leaving, etc.. through Symbat today... we aren't sure how much they really understand. 
Despite the pain and agony that we feel... we know that this is evidently God's plan... (for us to leave them)... so we know he will take perfect care of them.
He spoke to my heart YEARS ago... that, "he had them in the palm of his hand... and honestly that was a better place that with us!"    so.... we are resting in that.
Busy day tomorrow... our last day here.

oh...  and as we were taking the girls back to their room today...  (I was carrying Faith)  Faith touches my cheek and turns my face towards hers and says to me.. " Mama... Violetta Mama Machina (car) go... PLEASE?!"    She repeated this three times in the most pitiful, sad face...
she was asking to go with us in the car... begging me... she said "please" in English...  
Thank you Lord for the strength I know you are going to give us...  cause I know you will be carrying me when I walk out of that babyhouse tomorrow..
Lord, We trust you!   


Friends and Family said...

The pictures are so cute. You can tell they feel the love you all are giving them. Our family is praying for you. David, Tammie, Jessica & Kayla

aultfamily said...

This is so hard. This is not how you (or any of us) would have liked things to play out. His will be done. In His timing. That is how it will happen. You are right in saying He will be carrying you. My prayer is that He gives you peace.

The exciting news in all of this is that you'll get to be reunited with your girls waiting for you at home. May the time pass by quickly until you see the twins in January!


Friends and Family said...

holding back tears, a lump in my throat, . . . See you this weekend. Continue prayers . . . love you both.
Christy Mills

Friends and Family said...

I'm so sorry this is happening this way, but I am certain that it is part of God's plan. A part we cannot understand, but that does have a purpose. At least you will have a chance to have your home 100% ready, and will all be together soon. We will pray the girls do not lose hope and understand, but when they do see you again, they will know you were always coming back for them. God bless and keep you, Courtney Huseman

Friends and Family said...


I cheated and read the blog at work today w/out the boys. I have to say my heart feels your pain. I wish I could wrap my arms around you right now dear friend & hold you and remind you that God not only holds your girls in the palm of his hand but you as well. I am praying over you to have the strength that you need as you are with the girls tomorrow and more importantly as you leave the BH. You are so precious to me and my heart is hurting as a mama w/ you today. I love you so very much dear friend. Hold tight, be strong, and lean on the Lord...very soon we will celebrate the WHOLE Gobble family being together.

Love you,

Friends and Family said...

I'm emotional just reading about this! I'm not sure how you're doing it, but know the Gillis girls are praying for the Gobble girls (and Phil too)!!

Friends and Family said...

My stomach is in knots. It is in God's hands and there is a reason. The girls look adorable in their costumes, too CUTE!! We are praying for you all and especially the girls. Just remember in a little over a month this part of his plan will be "done" and the rest that lies ahead can only be...well we will have to wait and see. :)

Love you!!
The Shropshire's

Friends and Family said...

It's heartbreaking and there is no other way to describe it. However we excited that you will be spending Christmas with your other two sweeties! We are praying that God gives them, and you, peace that passes all understanding.
_Kari Letterneau

Friends and Family said...

Lanetta & Phil,

Just read the blog w/ the boys. Your post touched their hearts and mine again. Nicholas hugged me as we read the part about Faith wiping the tear from your face...they both said "Ohhhh" as we read the part about wanting to go with you. We are all covering you in prayers tonight. We are praying for God to give you peace as you leave the BH and head back home. We are thankful that you will at least get to spend Christmas w/ Bay and Brooke but wish all four of your girls could be with you. Praying for all the Gobbles tonight and every day.

Much love from Tulsa,
Cherilyn, Nicholas, & Zachariah (Robert too but he's at the station)

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