Friday, December 3, 2010

Dec. 3, 2010 - It's COLD!!!

Greetings from our chilly apartment. I don't know if you remember, but I mentioned the other day that it was the coldest temperature we thought we'd ever felt... well, I have to say that today was MUCH colder! The temperature/weather gadget on the side of my blog says it's -6F... The locals say it's -25-30 C today.... BRRRRRRR!!!!!!

It is VERY cold! We didn't get out today (except for the BH visit this morning) and just stayed in the apartment. My mom sent some chili mix/seasoning in the box yesterday so we were thrilled to make some chili that tasted like home. It was ok... but, still didn't taste the same. :( We were a little disappointed, but not at all surprised. It's very chilly in the apartment today. You can feel the cold air coming in around the windows, etc... and you can hardly feel any heat. We are ok... but, just chilly... not cold. (that's good!)...

We have most definitely experienced some cabin fever/homesickness today. We have came back to the apartment and cooked our meals here verses going out to lunch for the last several days. Going out is such a nice break and honestly much needed.. but, we are trying to be conservative as well as eat some of the wonderful things we've been sent. :)

Svetlana rode with us this morning to the bh and told us she had an appointment with our judge today and should have some info... it's 4:40 pm and we've not heard back from her. Thank you Lord for YOUR PERFECT TIMING! (that's all I'm saying about that! ;) ) Lord, We trust you!! :)

Bailey and Brooklyn (and Nana) went shopping and sent F and G gifts in the box we received yesterday. I was so excited to tell them... and they were SO thrilled to find out that Bay and Brook had sent them surprises.
Bay and Brook: the girls were THRILLED.... wait till you see the pictures! :) They already love you both so much... and they don't even know it!!! :)

Here we are giving them their purses with cards, jewelry, and animals. They were sitting in my lap waiting and SO excited! Symbat told them that we had a surprise for them... and that Bay, Brook, and Nana had sent them a special surprise in the mail!

OK... we were shocked by this... They LOVED the cards! They wanted us to read them OVER and OVER and OVER! They kept saying, "Bay and Brook... I love you!" I have to tell you that I cried while reading the cards to them... Bailey wrote them out and Brooklyn drew all kinds of pretty flowers, etc... They were the sweetest cards I've ever seen. They told F and G how much they love them, how excited they are for them to come home, how cute they are... and with lots of OXOXOXOXOXOX's at the bottom! Awe... pull at my heartstrings! Let me just tell you that F and G could feel the love... they were attached to these cards like you wouldn't believe! SO PRECIOUS! (Notice their faces... awe.. so sweet!)
15 minutes later... still reading and rereading their cards from their sisters... :)
30 minutes later... still reading and rereading them... and saying.. "Bay and Brook... I love you!"

They sat down at the same time.. :) and we snapped this picture... yep.. look what they are holding. Please keep in mind that they have the same HUGE bag of toys to select from today... but, NO WAY... our sisters and Nana sent us some mail!! Nothing sweeter than that!! :) They do have on their jewelry from Bay and Brook as well.
Grace took a picture of Faith and I... :)
Notice the card in her hand?! Grace was giving Bay, Brook, Nana, and Cody kisses.... and saying I love you.. and thanks for the stuff! :) She's pointing at their favorite picture in the book of Bailey. Bay is being Bay and was being silly and CHEESED really big. F and G point at that picture and say.. CHEESE BAY BAY! They love it!! :)

...and here Grace is touching Brook... awe.. I love you Brookie! :) Thanks for the stuff you sent me! I can't wait to play with you!
One hour and 30 minutes later.... STILL have the cards, purses, and animals... Notice Faith's legs... ;)

My Mom knows me well.. and she saw these toy little stuffed animals and one is a puppet. She and the girls sent a horse and then a cow that is a puppet. Nana knew we could have fun with a puppet... well, here is my attempt at a puppet show! ha ha! Papa was supposed to hold them in his lap... yeah.. great job Papa!!
We did have a GREAT time however hiding the horse (Jack - named for our pet donkey at home) and cow (Molly - named after Bailey's cow)! We hid our eyes and then took turns hiding Jack and Molly.. then we'd say... Jack, Molly... where are you? LOTS of laughter and GOOD English!!
...and 5 minutes until time to leave... there is poor Jack abandoned on the floor (top left of picture) and Molly (right by Grace's shoe).. and the cards win out again! Here's Grace...
... and here's Faith.. asking me once again to read it to her! :)
The puppy was 'getting' us! GREAT snuggling time!
I had to include this one.... look at all 3 of our faces! LOL!
I will end with this one... there is nothing sweeter than little girl smiles and giggles while playing with Papa!

P.S. I keep forgetting to answer ?'s about Phil's back and my throat. He has NO pain it's completely better! PTL and thanks for the prayers. I am still not feeling well. Throat is still scratchy/sore, but hanging in there. ;)


dnd82001 said...

They seem to really be in awe of receiving the cards.....I want to surmise it is a first for them but it amazes me that they are so intrigued by them - it is like they know so much more then we would expect at this age and based on their earlier lives......yes it is so clear that your love is amazing and doing so so much for them...and just to think this is really just the begining - you haven't really even begun as you are so so limited at the BH & such short amount of time to spend with them but yet it is all happening so beautifully - I am in awe!


aultfamily said...

I just love that Grace & Faith are "bonding" with Brook & Bay through simple things like cards and pictures! I can't help but try to imagine the first time the four of them meet! It is going to be spectacular!!

Praying for your health Lanetta! (Well that and court to come soon!)

Kim said...

Praying you feel better too! Ask Symbat if she can get you some antibiotic if you need it. I think they give it out pretty freely at the drugstores there don't they? Not free but without prescription? Couldn't hurt to ask. I know our translator stopped a few times and picked up lots of medicines for our babyhouse. Just a thought.
Love the pictures as always! Sure hope Svetlana has news for you soon!

Jessica and Chris said...

I love it! Love how they are so attached to those cards. I bet they are going to LOVE books. A and A's favorite thing in the whole world is to be read to. Great pictures - I love seeing them so happy :)

Friends and Family said...

What an amazing blessing those girls are. You and Phil are very special.Once you get home with all your girls you won't remember what it was like without the twins!God is good!

Kelly and Sne said...

Wow - so cool that they can bond with their sisters in spite of the distance. Hoping for good news any day now!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name, welcomes me!” Matt 18:5

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