Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec. 9, 2010 - update about nothing!

There is nothing to update... except about the twins. We requested a meeting with our lawyer for tomorrow... only to be told that she is out of town. Hummm.... guess we won't be hearing about a court date... :(

Trusting, Trusting, Trusting the Lord!!!

Today's visit was once again good...

Here are some pictures:
Oh.. remember yesterday how I said that I sure hoped they didn't cut their hair off again.. well, they did. Go figure.. Oh well.. it will grow!

Here is Faith riding on her personal "horse" She was saying, "Mama watch... Stella (Grace) ride!"

Grace and I were talking about Bay, Brook, Nana and Cody when Faith started yelling...
...and she's off to ride the horse!

Only to stumble and fall in pure "Grace" fashion.
...however, she quickly begins to moan and even said, "Mama" while fake moaning and crying. She came to me and cuddled into me... :) It was AWESOME!

It's truly amazing how quickly the worst moaning and painful experience is OVER...and you are fine! ;) Goodness... I've never loved so much drama! I'm telling you it's bonding like you read about in all those adoption books! I couldn't be more pleased with their progress! :)

Here they are... however, it's much more fun to FALL OFF the horse than actually ride for any length of time!

Symbat let Grace wear her headband and Faith wear her watch. They were tickled... and LOVED every second.

Last night was interesting at the classes. We are going back tonight to speak at 2 more. We were asked LOTS of ?'s... from why were we here, do we like Obama, to what was our favorite thing about Oklahoma, can we country dance. It was very interesting to hear the different ?'s.. and we were allowed to ask them ?'s as well. We had a great time, and look forward to going back. They asked us to not talk normal, but talk to each other in our 'southern' accents! LOL! We tried to explain that we were.. but, don't know that they ever understood! ;)


minime0910 said...

Lanetta ~ I can't imagine how frustrating it is to be in this holding pattern of waiting for court. Adoption is nothing if not a test of patience and FAITH and you are both showing so much GRACE in the face of difficulty. I am praying for you and your sweet cutie patooties now more than ever. XOXO Erin

Wil and Jen said...

Lanetta, I remember feeling the exact way you do, and having to trust in God, and turning everything over to Him, even though all I wanted was some control of something! And we felt like we couldn't really complain to anyone, because the court held ALL the cards, and are not exactly sympathetic. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and I understand exactly your frustration, and that we are praying for you guys everyday! Erin's right, it is a true test of patience and faith, but I have no doubt everything will be okay, once you get those precious girls home, all the frustration and worry will be quickly forgotten!
Peace, and hang in there,
Jen Thompson (Mom to Matthew)

Friends and Family said...

You guys are doing great. Hang in there. I can imagine how frustrated you must be. The girls look great. They are so beautiful and look so happy!

Friends and Family said...

No worries about the hair cut . . . I know Kim will work her magic and just as Bay & Brook come out looking gorgeous . . . so will Faith & Grace, oh yeah you will probably be do for one too :-). Keeping the possitive notes in mind . . . one day down and on to the next. Went out last night shopping and got Phillip his x-mas present . . . Cody picked out the color. In God's hands and one day closer . . . see you soon :-D
Christy Mills

Friends and Family said...

This must be so hard to deal with. You are in our prays. Love you all for your trust and testamony.

Angie said...

Oh, Lanetta, I remember that feeling--the endless waiting for things that seem so simple! I'm so sorry, my friend! We will keep praying for you guys! I saw your pictures of Gennadi--my kids still talk about him. He was so kind, even though we couldn't really communicate with him. Faith and Grace are doing so well, and that's one thing to be thankful for--they're getting a lot more used to you and trusting of you than I would have believed! It will be easier to bring them home now--language and attachment-wise than it would have been if everything had sped through. (Easier to see the bright side from this side of the Atlantic. :)) Blessings! Angie

Friends and Family said...

On the way home, I was thinking and praying about you guys, "Doesn't God know that things are moving slow down here?" "Doesn't He know that timelines and deadlines are getting tight?" "What if...? Doesn't He know......? What if...?" (Yes, I know, where is my faith?) Then I turned to my right, and guess what, the most beautiful sunset!!! It was a light blue sky, with brilliant white clouds trimmed in gold, a golden sun just above the horizon, and sillouettes of houses and barns. BEAUTIFUL!!! And God said "Yeah, I know." (Just as calm and collected as can be.) "I have a plan. And you won't believe the ending!!!"
Kathy Boshart

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