Friday, December 17, 2010

Dec. 17, 2010 - Our last visit for a while...

We went to the BH @ 4 pm today...   When we arrived the caregiver quickly begin telling us that when we didn't arrive this morning at our 'normal' time...  the girls were very sad... and then as the day progressed and we didn't come... they got MAD.   The caregiver said they were distraught and upset ALL DAY.     :( 
Symbat explained to her that we were leaving... that the judge decided on our court date of Jan 11th... and we have to go back to America due to expiring Visas, and that this would be our last visit until close to Jan 11th. She was SHOCKED about the court date as well... and said that we had been here in Kazak. visiting the girls for a LONG time.... what was the deal?!

That is every ones response. :) Smile and remember that God has a plan!

Ok... so we asked first about putting pics on the girls beds... They allowed us to tape 2 pictures up on each girls bed.
The girls were VERY excited. As we started to go into the room where they sleep.. Phil grabbed the camera... and guess what... it won't turn on. (batteries are ALL dead... we guess!)... Symbat had her camera and took the pictures... I borrowed her camera and downloaded them... however, you can't see much of the room. (but, it's better than nothing)
Here they are:

This is Faith's bed.  There were 13 beds in this small room.   I knew what the room would look like... but, it was heartbreaking at the same time!   I KNOW that the Lord's presence will surround that bed in the center back... as well as the one in the front against the wall! 

Still working on Faith's bed.... they were SO excited about putting the pictures on their beds.  :)

Here we are working on Stella's bed.   Yes... those are tears in my eyes.   I know it's God's plan, but let me just say it hurts.. and it hurts DEEP. 
 I as well as Symbat explained to the girls that when they are laying down to sleep they will remember and KNOW that Mama and Papa LOVE THEM VERY MUCH and that we are coming back!    We aren't sure how much they understand... Symbat agrees that they don't/didn't seem to understand. 
As we came out of the bedroom... I was BAWLING.    One of the caregivers saw me and smiled SO sweetly... I asked Symbat (while BAWLING - with the caregiver watching me) to PLEASE tell them that we love them and that we are coming back.    The caregiver was so sweet.. and said she will tell them every time she works.    She told Symbat that F and G have been waiting a LONG time on us.. their Mama and Papa.. and they will NOT forget us.    She was so least I know ONE caregiver will talk to them about us.   The bummer is that they rotate so much... it goes days before they have the same caregiver again.... urg..   
We wouldn't be leaving tomorrow if it wasn't God's plan.. this has to be the best thing for all of us...  We keep telling ourselves this. 
We are leaving these babies in the Lord's hand...  He will take really good care of them.

We left a gift and cards for them... Svetlana is going to give the cards to the director.  (we wrote on the front what days to give them to the girls)    Symbat translated it all in Russian... so the caregivers can read the cards to them.    Svetlana hopes that since we are giving them to the director that she will for sure get them to F and G on the correct days.    We left New Year's Day presents for them with Svetlana as well.  She is going to go see them and give them the presents as well as watch their New Year's production.   We are so thankful for this.   She said she would try to send us some pics via email!  

Prayer request:   We realized that our I-171H form expires about one week before we will most likely be bringing the girls home...  (meaning we'll have to have a home study update.. and pay oh about $1000 total again for this immigration letter from the US government as well as a HS update.)  
This is crucial and could delay us even longer if we have to redo it...    We pointed it out to Svetlana tonight and she was JUST sick...
She is going to go visit the lawyer on Monday and explain the situation again.    If the judge would waive the 15 day waiting period after court... problem would be solved!   We need to gain one week somehow/someway... or we're delayed due to this form.. yet again..  
PLEASE pray that Svetlana will receive good news with the judge on Monday... and that when we book tickets to come back.. the prices will be SO inexpensive that we'll be shocked!!!   Lord, we KNOW you have ALL things under control....  and as I've said everyday for weeks.... We choose to TRUST you!

Here's the travel itinerary:
Leave Pavlodar apartment @ 7:30 am on Saturday morning.
Flight to Almaty @ 9:20 am  (2 hour flight)
Wait in Almaty for 15 hours.   :(
4:20 am Sunday morning - fly to Frankfort
Frankfort to Chicago
Chicago to OKC - supposed to arrive in OKC at 2:08 pm Sunday afternoon (OK time)
2:15 ish - GRAB Bay and Brook and melt into an emotional pile!   :)  
Go eat some REALLY good Oklahoma food!!!   Texas Roadhouse?   YUM!!!  
Sunday evening... Christmas Caroling via trailer (hayride)... back to church for hot chocolate and yummy goodies.     
Life resumes at home....  (on the outside... on the inside.. 1/2 my heart is in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan!)


Friends and Family said...

Hugs from Nebraska. I can't imagine how hard this is, but my mom-heart breaks with yours. Safe travels, and give hugs to Bay and Brook for me! They will be so excited to see you guys! Praying for you guys endlessly.
Kathy B

Jennifer M said...

This whole post is just making me cry.

Safe travels my friend, safe travels.

Friends and Family said...

Crying!!!! I feel your sadness! It's a good thing God feels it too and has this whole situation under control!

Jill (& Bob) said...

This post made me cry for you all too. So sad for you to have to leave your twins behind. So happy for you to get home to Bay and Brook for Christmas. Praying for a miracle on waiving the waiting period...Please let us know what else we can do to help. Safe travels. Love and hugs from Houston!

Friends and Family said...

All mighty Lord, Creator of the Universe . . . He has shown many miracles through out this journey and more will continue to come for He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

With tears and a lump in my throat.

I am all over finding the closes Texas Roadhouse . . .

Christy Mills

Thad and Ann said...

I am just so sad for you, I can't imagine how hard this is. Safe travels home. ((hugs))

Corinne said...

We had our 171H expire 3 days before we were to travel home with the kids. We had to come home get a RUSH home study update and contact uscis regarding our situation to put a rush on things. USCIS was great and turn around was 72 hours. That big stress all because our judge in Russia would not schedule a second court hearing the day BEFORE a holiday knowing we would have to come home and do an update. I remember feeling so frustrated but, God is and was faithful.We had our homestudy agency and placement agengy write a letter with our update to USCIS and we also called them and they did do it as an urgent case so, I am sure they willhelp you too.I know it was all for a reason and now we are beginning to just look at the whole experience knowing Gods hand in bringing our children home. Safe travels and happy runion with your your girls.God WILL keep your F And G in his hands.

Jessica and Chris said...

I'm so glad you got to leave the pictures and the gifts/cards. I know this is the hardest thing you probably have had to do. Lots and lots of love to our Hokies.

Friends and Family said...

I just wanted to leave a quick note. I really think God may be sending you home for Bay and Brook. They may need one more Christmas with you alone. It will be great to talk about the twins and be so excited for next Christmas. Bay and Brooke may be needing you more than you realize. (they are soft american kids). Faith and Grace are tough Kaz kids and they will get through it! It will truly only be a short time and you will all be together forever!!!
May God continue to give you strength during this journey!

minime0910 said...

Another beautiful post, I so admire your strength, optimism, and honesty. I know this is a hard time, but lean on your faith, family, and friends. And enjoy that first bite of American food upon your return. Nothing ever tastes better (for me it was Outback Steakhouse!). happy holidays as well! xoxo Erin

Friends and Family said...

I saw another awesome sunset. Blue sky, white clouds drenched in gold. It's a little early in the day for a sunset, but maybe I needed to be reminded that He is here, He is in Pavlodar, He is everywhere. Save and swift travels!
Kathy B

Friends and Family said...

Love you and praying for you all!! We will see you in about 9 days!! Love you!!
The Shropshire's

Friends and Family said...

I'm praying for you 24/7. I'm crying just knowing how hard it was for you to come home without the twins. God Bless and enjoy the holidays with Bay and Brook!
Lisa Dunbar

Trudi said...

my heart is with you, and split in two just like yours. I do believe you are meant to be with Bay and Brooke last xmas as a foursome before the chaos hits! But I can imagine your heartbreak in leaving the twins behind. Big sigh. This too shall be a memory soon.

aultfamily said...

Love you guys and my heart actually hurts for you. You WILL get through this. Eye on the prize, hun, eye on the prize! He held the girls for you until you could get there to meet them and He will watch over them until you return.

I am so thankful that they let you put pictures up on their beds and you know they will treasure the cards!! Praying for safe flights and tight hugs upon arrival!

Starr said...

Crying in Lubbock. Can't wait for the first blog post of all six of you on Oklahoma soil!

Dean and Janie said...

Thinking of you tonight Lanetta. and your family. Love all of you,


Kim said...

So sorry you had to leave them. I totally agree with the above comment that said Bay & brook probably need you more than you realize. It is an adjustment for them too. It's all going to work out for everyone's good! I've heard that the turnaround can be fast for the updated form you need. An updated homestudy is easy to do and the Lord will provide just as He already has shown Himself faithful to do. Hope you do have the energy to go out to eat and caroling the same day you get back home. I was in such a fog when we returned. Bet you're adrenaline will surge when you see your girls though so that'll get you through!

Friends and Family said...

Oh girlfriend.....I so hate this for you! As I was reading this, I looked at the Pavlodar time and realized that you are leaving your babies as I read....I burst into tears (in the activity room of my job) and prayed for you and Phil. I can't stop crying because I know how much you are hurting. Be still and know that He is God. Rest in His strong arms and let him cradle you. Bobby and I love you guys so much and we are praying for you. I'll call you in a few days

Friends and Family said...

Wow. Like many others I was brought to tears by this blog. By now you are back in America with your US girls. But remember, your Kaz girls were in God's hands before you ever met them & they are still in God's hands even though they aren't in yours. I can't imagine what you are feeling & can't imagine the purpose in all the waiting but I was completely amazed at your faith and trust and the amazing testimony you are building every day! I am lifting you, and all your children, in prayer! One other thing, reading this I was reminded of the day we got to see Andrey's bed & how excited it seemed to make him to show us his bed (he was only 1 at the time).

Trusting in Him for you all,
Heather Cooper

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